Player Retired

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2014 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Sex Story: A service man returns home. He rights some wrongs, makes a life for himself and finds love.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   Hispanic Female   .

Once again I have to thank my editor "wires" for his assistance. This time he went above and beyond the call of duty in his assistance. I could not believe how much better this story was when he returned it to me. I am a typical author though and I made some changes after he returned it. As always, the errors are mine. Thank you wires.

Dave Stebbins came home from school Thursday afternoon like he always did. He was tired and bored, anxious to get home and do something fun for a change. Like the great majority of young men from households in the U.S., he tolerated school. He had the potential of being a good student but school, learning, and the way the teachers presented the subject matter did not excite him. As a result he did the bare minimum to get by. His parents were of hardworking stock, but both his father and mother had stopped their education when they graduated high school. His mother worked in a local diner as she had since her high school days. His father had gone into the Army right out of high school and been trained as a diesel engine mechanic. After he got out he got a good job working at a car dealership and he had been there ever since.

Dave's grandparents had been farmers all their lives. Their house and farm was on the edge of a small town about eight miles from the larger town he and his parents lived in. Dave had spent many happy visits with them in his younger years. In fact, he still spent a lot of his days during the summer on what remained of the old family farm. His grandfather was 68 now so only did a small amount of work on the land—more as a hobby to keep away boredom than for a living.

When Dave drove his old, beat up, F150 down the street his house was on he saw several cars and vans parked in front of his home. He was forced to park his truck almost at the end of the block because of all the vehicles. He angrily walked the half block home and into his house. When he got there he saw many of his relatives standing around talking quietly and drinking everything from coffee or ice tea through beer and up to the hard stuff. His grandmother was sitting in the chair she usually used when she came to visit. She was bent slightly forward and her shoulders were shaking as she cried quietly. Her skin was pale and her eyes were red.

Dave's mother looked up when she heard the door open. She set her glass of wine down and moved to Dave. He had just opened his mouth to ask what was going on when she said, "Dave, Honey, grandfather Ben passed away this morning. He was sitting in the coffee shop with his friends like he normally does in the morning and just keeled over from a massive heart attack. Why don't you put your books in your room and come back down to be with the rest of the family."

Dave felt like the world had just slammed him in the face. His stomach clenched up tightly. He just stood there for a moment, unable to comprehend the enormity of his mother's statement. Gramps was gone? How could that be? He talked to him just yesterday and he was fine. They were best friends. They hunted and fished together. They were going fishing this weekend and now he was gone. They would never fish together again, never look at a beautiful woman and make ribald comments to each other again.

The next week went by slowly as family members arrived in town. Finally the funeral was held and life slowly went on. Grandma moved into Dave's home with him and his parents because his father didn't want her living alone in her grief. He felt it would be much too easy for her to slip into deadly depression. Two weeks later Gramps will was read. He willed his old house and twenty acres to Dave. The rest of the land went to Dave's father. Dave's grandmother, Millie, got what was called Dowry Rights to the house and land. That meant she was allowed to live in the house and receive all the income from the land until she also passed away. If she left the house before she died she could receive any rental income it generated.

Dave graduated high school that May and found a job for the car dealer where his father worked. He was what was called a lot boy. He ran errands, washed and detailed cars, and performed other duties as required. The owner of the dealership always tried to help out the children of his employees and Dave was no exception.

Dave didn't have any great desire to learn any type of trade. He was like many young people and had no idea what type of work he wanted to do now that he was out of school. Dave's only real passion in life was to hang around with his friends, chase pussy and party. His job at the dealership generated enough money for that. Since many of his friends were furthering their education, he also decided to try and go to college, at least until he found out what he wanted to do with his life. Neither he nor his parents could afford tuition, room, and board at a four year University so he did what many of his peers did. He went to the local community college, a two year institution where he could obtain a two year Associates Degree. It would be easier for him to try several different career possibilities at the community college compared to a full university. Any credits he earned could be transferred to a full university when or if he decided to take that path and obtain a bachelor's degree.

Just before Christmas Millie died. It wasn't unexpected as she wasn't in the best of health and, despite living with Dave and his parents she missed Ben and was terribly lonely. In February of the next year his father and mother decided to sell their share of the farm and their house in town and move to sunny Florida. Dave was not invited to accompany them. It was just assumed he was now an adult and on his own. He moved into his grandparent's old home, now his home. He worked part time while he attended college.

Finances were tight for Dave. He scrimped and saved but he was rapidly running out of money. He and some of his friends were complaining about finances one day when one of them looked at Dave and asked a question that started Dave on the road to financial security. "Dave I know several guys who are renting rooms or small apartments from people while they go to college. You have that huge house in Titusville and only use part of the downstairs. Why don't you rent rooms to people or even turn the rest of the building into apartments and rent them? Hell, I pay $435 a month for a little efficiency apartment now. You could make at least four apartments out of your old house and still keep the entire downstairs for yourself. That would be a cool $1740 a month income for you. Man, you'd be on easy street."

Dave sat and stared at his friend. "I never thought of something like that. Don't guess it matters though. I don't have the money to do it."

One of his other friends spoke up. He said, "Hell, man, just rent some bedrooms to people until you get some money ahead then convert one apartment. Rent it and use that money to do another one and so forth. It might take you a while but you could do it. Heck, my dad is a contractor and I used to help him. I learned a lot about the building trade. Let me stay with you for free and I'll help with the work. Man, you can't lose."

Dave and his friend, Pete Thurgood, began work the next week. Pete and Dave had gone to school together since 7th grade and were best buddies. Pete moved into one of the rooms on the first floor of the old house with Dave. Dave decided to keep the whole downstairs first floor for himself. They rented the bedrooms in the third floor to other people they knew in college and to a couple of Hispanics working in the packing plants in the nearby large city. Before the summer was over they had two nice two bedroom apartments on the second floor. To Dave's surprise he rented them to married college students for $450 per month each. He was in the money!

The next room they completed was a small efficiency apartment in what used to be the attic. It only rented for $300 per month but that was almost like found money for Dave. He had not even planned to use that space until Pete talked him into it.

By the time the next summer rolled around Dave had converted all the rooms to apartments. He now had 4 one bedroom apartments and the small one in the attic plus the whole downstairs in which he lived. He was taking in $2100 per month on his house. Life was good.

Dave finished his two year degree at the local community college and was at a loss as to what he wanted to do with his life now. He didn't have enough education for a good white collar job. His advisor at the junior college tried to get him to declare a major and take his few optional classes in a specific field but Dave just had no serious interests in any particular area. Finally he obtained his AA degree in General Studies. As many of you know a degree in General Studies is worthless as tits on a boar hog but he did obtain his two year degree. Dave had no training for skilled work such as being a mechanic, computer repair, or so forth, so ended up once again in the job market with very minimal marketable skills. He had no training at all That would get him a decent job, as he found out. He really didn't want to move to the city and continue with his college education, either. Like many young men and women he hung out with his peers in local arcades, pool halls, and other teen hang outs when he wasn't working at the car lot. He came into contact with an Army Recruiter and fell for his sales pitch. Before he knew it, Dave was in the Army and headed for Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Just before he left home Dave signed a contract hiring Pete to be his representative and manage his home rental for him while he was gone. His pay was to be 10% of the income for the place plus personal use of Dave's downstairs apartment. The contract specifically stated that upon Dave's return it would be automatically cancelled unless both parties agreed otherwise. Pete was to be due payment for the full month of Dave's return and nothing thereafter. The contract could be terminated at other times with thirty days written notice by either party.

Like clockwork Dave received his rental money from Pete. He rapidly quit thinking about his home in Titusville and turned all his attention to his Army Duties. After Basic Training he was selected to be trained as a Mechanic. He found he had a natural aptitude for the work and excelled in his studies. After he finished his Advanced Individual Training Dave was sent to his first unit and shortly thereafter to his first overseas deployment in Iraq. The next three years flew by. Dave gained skill as a mechanic and learned many things about himself and life in general. He learned he did not want to be a soldier all his life and that he did not get the same enjoyment from working on engines that his father had even though the work came easy for him.

After his four year enlistment was over Dave mustered out of the Army as a Sergeant E5 and returned home to Titusville. He still had his old truck and decided to take his time driving home in it. After he had a good start on his trip and had a good idea of when he should get home, he e-mailed his friend Pete to let him know he was coming. In his e-mail he told him his estimated arrival date and that he would be moving back into his home and would once again take over the management of the rentals. He told Pete he would want to move back into his apartment immediately. He also told Pete he could stay there until he found something for himself. He got no reply.

Dave tried to call Pete several times and still could not manage to connect with him. He left messages on his phone. Still no reply. Late on a Friday evening Dave pulled into Titusville. He slowly drove down the main drag looking over his old home town. Things had changed slightly yet they seemed the same. There was still a group of kids hanging around the pool hall and drive in laughing and talking too loud, sneaking to their cars for an illicit drink of liquor or beer. Dave smiled to himself and wondered if they thought they were fooling people like he and his friends had when he was their age.

When Dave came to the end of the block he made a U turn and returned to the drive in. He pulled up in front of it and walked inside. The smell made his mouth water. He wondered if their burgers were as good as they had been four years ago. He moved to a table and when the waitress came bouncing up he ordered a burger, onion rings and large coke.

While his supper was cooking Dave leaned back and looked around. He didn't recognize any of the people there, but he wasn't surprised. Most of them were in junior high or high school when he left home. Dave heard someone walk up to his table and saw them set his meal in front of him. He was starting to look up and thank them when he heard, "Dave? I didn't know you were back. It's good to see you. How have you been?"

Dave knew that voice. He smiled and jumped to his feet. He stood up, and grabbed the gray haired lady in a tight hug. He stepped back and said, "Mrs. Thurgood! How are you? It's great to see you. I just drove into town a few minutes ago. This is my first stop."

"Why are you working here, though? How are Max and Pete? I told Pete I was coming home. I can't believe he didn't tell you."

The woman looked upset and lowered her gaze. She said, "Max and I got a divorce a couple years ago, Dave. I don't see Pete much since you let him turn your house into ... NO! I won't go there. It's your property and your decision, but I just can't believe you would do something like that. Your grandparent's must be rolling over in their graves."

"What do you mean, Mrs. Thurgood? What's wrong with renting apartments to people? It makes me some good money and provides them with a reasonably priced place to live. I'm going to move back into my apartment in the house now that I'm back. I e-mailed Pete and told him he could stay there until he found a place though. Do you know where he is? I'm really tired and when I finish supper I need to get home and catch some Z's."

Mrs. Thurgood looked at Dave sharply and frowned. "Dave, you, Dave, how do you think you can live in that little office?"

Dave sat down and looked up at the older woman. "I don't intend to live in my office. I'll move back into the apartment and bedroom I had before I went into the army. Why are you looking so strange?"

"Dave, I think there's something going on you don't know about. You didn't know Pete turned your house into a Cantina and Mexican Restaurant did you? Most of us in town think some of the young ladies running around your old place aren't--=" Mrs. Thurgood blushed slightly, then continued, "I mean, some of the men go there for things other than a beer or meals."

Dave sat there in shock. He didn't want to believe what he just heard but it must be true. Not only did Mrs. Thurgood have no reason to lie, but she knew all he had to do was go to his home and see for himself. If she was lying he could see it immediately. Without thinking about what he was doing Dave began eating his meal. It smelled wonderful but he really didn't taste it. His mind was occupied with what he had just been told. He never even saw Mrs. Thurgood walk off. If she was right Dave didn't have anywhere to sleep. Also, if she was right what was he going to do about it? This was probably why Pete never returned his e-mail or phone calls.

After Dave finished his supper he paid his bill and returned to his truck. He drove the remaining distance to his house slowly. He stopped in what was once his front yard, but was now a parking lot. There were lights on the porch and beer signs in the front windows. He heard loud Hispanic music coming from the building. There were loud raucous conversations going on inside and several groups of men and a few women standing around outside drinking and laughing. Some of the women were allowing the men to be very friendly with them.

Dave sat in his truck for a moment then got out and walked slowly toward his house. As he approached the porch those talking on it stopped and watched him. He moved in a bubble of silence as he progressed toward the building. Dave was a stranger and his presence made them wonder. Almost everyone was Hispanic, but there were a few whites in the crowd also.

Dave walked onto the porch, opened the front door, and stepped into what was once his living room. The bubble of silence followed him. There were tables everywhere in what had been the living room and dining room and was now one large room. There was a small bar to one side. Dave's mouth watered from the smells of cooking wafting in from the kitchen in spite of just finishing a burger ten minutes earlier.

Dave looked around. His small office was still being used as an office. There were signs there offering to cash checks and to wire money anywhere in the world. He walked into the office. A large Hispanic man looked up and watched him for a moment. Dave stopped and looked around, saying nothing. Finally the man said, "May I help you, Senor?"

Dave looked at him again and said, "Maybe. I'm looking for Pete Thurgood."

The man's face took on a blank expression. He said, "Senor Thurgood is not here. He lives in Valdosta, Senor, and only spends a few nights a month here. How may I help you? I own this place."

Dave smiled and said, "No, Sir, you do not. I own this place and I want to know what the hell is going on here! I'm Dave Stebbins and Pete was supposed to be managing the rentals of my apartments. I gave him permission to live here in my downstairs apartment while I was in the Army as partial pay for him taking care of my place. I came back home planning to move back into my apartment in my house and find it is turned into a bar and café. I want to know what the HELL is going on and I want to know NOW.""

The man's eyes got large and he fell backwards in his chair. His face paled somewhat. His glance flicked past Dave. Just as Dave noticed the change in focus he heard movement behind him. He quickly stepped to the side and placed his back to the wall. He saw two men moving through the door. They looked large for Hispanics and tough, competent. The man who came in the door first spoke. He said, "Is there a problem here, Senor Morales?"

The man and Dave were quiet for a moment. Finally Senor Morales said, "I do not know, Pedro. This gentleman is Senor Dave Stebbins. He says he has come back from the Army and intends to live here in this house once more. Please stay while we work out some accommodation if you will."

Dave and Senor Morales sat and talked for over an hour. Dave discovered that about nine months after he left town Pete had taken up with a Hispanic woman who lived in one of the apartments. He still stayed with her and her sister when he was in town.

The woman, Maria, had convinced Pete to allow her to prepare meals and serve them to some of the other boarders. This had grown into the bar and restaurant. More and more Hispanics began to congregate at the old house after work. She even had a pretty good breakfast and lunch trade. Senor Morales rented the office to transact his business in. He became sort of a banker for the Hispanic community and provided other services from time to time. Dave got the impression his other services were of a personal nature dealing with some of the young women wandering around.

Senor Morales informed Dave that Pete soon became tired of trying to sleep in the bedroom because of the noise from the Cantina and Restaurant. He finished converting the downstairs into the configuration it was now in and moved out. He was charging the base rent for the downstairs as if it was two apartments PLUS he demanded 10% of the profits from the business transacted on the property.

Now Dave became even angrier at his friend. He was only sending him the agreed upon rent for the top floors and the attic less the agreed upon 10% management fee. Senor Morales estimated Pete's take for the ground floor was $1900 to $2200 per month.

During their conversation Dave came to respect Senor Morales somewhat. Assuming what he told him was true he and the woman running the Cantina and Restaurant had done nothing wrong. They merely rented space from the man they thought was authorized to do so and had then opened their businesses. Senor Morales showed Dave the rental agreement he and Pete signed to back up his statement. Dave was not even sure courts would side with him about the way Pete had turned the downstairs over to the renters. After all, he did have an agreement to manage the building and to use the downstairs apartment for his own use. That, of course, was the sticking point. He was not personally using the downstairs. Dave decided to call it a night and get some rest. He would decide what to do tomorrow.

Dave walked back out of the building that had once been his home and got into his truck. He started to return to town and find a motel for the night then decided screw it. He owned this land and all the buildings on it. He had slept on the ground before and he could do it again. Dave drove his truck past the house toward the out buildings. There was a small stream running through his place about 500 feet from the house. If it was not too grown up he knew of a nice clearing beside a deep hole in which he used to swim. He would pitch his tent there and spend the night.

Apparently, there had been much discussion going on during the night while Dave slept. About 7 a.m. the next morning a very beautiful Hispanic, or at least part Hispanic, woman walked slowly, tentatively, into his campsite carrying two large Styrofoam boxes and a carafe of coffee. She jumped and almost dropped the items she was carrying when Dave jumped from his sleeping bag. He had heard her moving around and his immediate thought was one of danger or robbery. He came from his tent carrying his Ruger Blackhawk in .357 Caliber.

When he saw the woman he relaxed somewhat and said, "You startled me, Senorita. I thought perhaps I was facing robbers. I am sorry for scaring you."

The young woman gave him a nervous smile and spoke to him with downcast eyes. "I have brought you breakfast, Senor. Also, I need to talk with you about the cantina and restaurant. My Mother, sister, and I operate it and depend on it to earn our living. Emma, Senor Morale's daughter, also helps and works as a waitress for us. We heard you and Senor Morales talking last night. Please, Senor, this is all we have and we barely make enough to live on after Senor Thurgood takes his share. If you make us leave we will have nothing and will have no place to stay. I would like to make an arrangement with you for permission to continue operating our business in your building. My sister and I will give ourselves to you as we agreed to do for Senor Thurgood and we will pay you the amounts we agreed to give him if you let us remain.

The woman carefully placed the items she was carrying on the hood of Dave's truck. She looked at him and blushed, then began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Dave stood in shock while he watched her undo her buttons and pull the blouse from her skirt. She looked him in the face and shrugged it off her shoulders.

Still looking Dave in the eyes she placed her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt. She began to slowly push it down while looking Dave in the face. Dave stood for a moment trying to wrap his mind around what the woman had said. It sounded as if she was telling him Pete demanded sexual favors from her and her sister in addition to raping them financially for the privilege of operating their business in his house. He felt a surge of anger when that thought settled in his brain. Finally, Dave found his voice and was able to move once more. He lurched toward the woman and reached for her. He stopped when she flinched away from him. "Stop! What are you doing? You don't have to do that", Dave said.

The woman looked at him and slowly stood straighter once more. As she straightened up she pulled her skirt up until it was in its original position. She stood with her hands clasped in front of her, her beautiful firm breasts standing proudly from her chest. Her nipples were rock hard points surrounded by her light tan areolas.

Dave walked to where the woman had dropped her blouse, bent and picked it up. He stepped to her and held the blouse out for her to take. "Please, put this back on. I haven't decided what I will do about this mess. I thought Pete was my friend. I trusted him to rent and manage the apartments we built into my grandparents home while I was away. I thought he was a better man than it appears he is.

"Now, why don't we eat that wonderful smelling breakfast you have brought me while I think about this situation?"

"Oh, no, Senor. This is all for you. If you don't want to, uh, make love with me I need to get back to my business. We have much business for the men going to work of a morning and I need to clean up from that and begin to prepare the lunch meal." She began to walk away then turned back to face Dave once more. She said, "When you are ready for Marisa and me to fulfill our duty let us know. We will make ourselves available as you require."

Dave stood a moment then yelled at the retreating woman, "What is your name? You never said."

She stopped and turned to face him once more before speaking. "Maria, Senor." The woman turned and trudged back toward the house. Dave could not help but watch as one of the most beautiful derrieres he had ever seen twitched and wiggled away from him. He stared with a blank look while he remembered those beautiful tits, also. Finally, Dave moved to the hood of his truck. He opened the boxes of food and poured himself a cup of coffee and began eating what turned out to be one of the best breakfasts he could remember ever eating. While he ate he thought about the situation and what he wanted to do now.

About the only decision he made that morning was to cut off the gravy train for his ex-friend Pete. He was back now and could manage his own property. He would decide what to charge for rent and who he would allow to remain in the building. He had been looking forward to living in the old house again, but somehow, now that he had seen what it had become, he couldn't see doing that. When Pete allowed it to be used as it is now he had ruined it for Dave. It didn't feel like home any longer. Oh, he still loved his little farm, but the house just didn't feel right to him anymore.

Dave also decided there was no reason to rush into a decision about work, either. Even if he reduced the rent on the house he would have more than enough income to live on while he decided what to do with the remainder of his life.

After he finished his breakfast Dave got into his truck and drove back to the house. He stopped behind the building and walked into the kitchen carrying the boxes and coffee carafe. He stopped just inside the door and watched as two beautiful women scurried about working on the next meal they planned on serving. When Maria saw Dave standing there she stopped working and turned to him. She quickly walked to him and took the items from him. She placed them on the counter behind her and turned back to Dave.

Maria looked at Dave a moment and then said, "Marisa, come and meet Senor Stebbins."

Maria turned back to Dave and continued speaking, "Do you need one of us now, Senor? We are very busy, but it is your right if you need one of us for a while. Please, though, could you let one of us remain and continue working?"

Dave said, "NO. That's not why I'm here, Maria. I only came to return your carafe. I still need to make some decisions and then everyone who rents from me and I need to have a meeting. I will let you all know what I have decided."

Dave turned and walked from the room. He got into his truck and went into Valdosta. When he got there he found a phone book and called some attorney's to make an appointment to discuss his situation. The attorney he decided to use couldn't see him until the next day so Dave made a few purchases and drove the eight miles back to his home. He spent the rest of the day inspecting his property.

His little farm had almost thirteen acres planted in large pecan trees. They had been let go while he was away and some of the nuts they dropped had come up. There was quite a lot of brush growing around them too. The two large buildings that had been used to store machinery and to sort, crack, and bag the nuts were getting a little dilapidated but still seemed to be structurally sound. The equipment was still in the machine shed. He would have to see what needed to be done to it if he decided he wanted to use it. Even if he didn't want to use it he needed to get it in good shape so he could sell it for a higher price.

Dave found an old chair his grandfather kept in the barn. He moved the chair out into the sales room and sat with his feet up on one of the display tables. He looked over the nearly two pages of notes he had taken during his inspection and began prioritizing his work. The shadows were getting long and the noise from the cantina was becoming louder while Dave worked. He first heard a noise then saw a long shadow moving across the ground toward him. He turned his head slightly and looked up.

Maria was once again standing beside him carrying food for his evening meal. She had another carafe of coffee with her. This time Marisa was with her. She had three bottles of beer in a small cooler. The women set everything on the built-in table originally used to display bagged pecans for sale. "We have brought your supper, Senor Stebbins. Marisa and I will return after we have closed the restaurant if that is ok? We have help evenings in the cantina so we can spend more time with you after we close the restaurant."

"NO! That is not ok." Dave stopped when he saw the stricken look on both women's faces.

Marisa began unbuttoning her blouse and said, "Do you want us here or must we go to our room upstairs, Senor? May Maria please go back to the kitchen before we start so she can turn the stove off? We cannot afford to let the food burn and we need to tell the waitresses we will be longer than we thought we would. Please?"

Dave mentally shook himself and said, "STOP! That is not what I meant. I meant, no, I don't want you that way. You don't need to do that with me. DAMMIT, we need to talk but I have to get some more work done today and I know you do too. Come back here or to my camp this evening after you have your work done and we will talk about this mess. If I'm not still here I will be down by the stream at my camp again."

After he finished his meal Dave decided to go back to his camp. He had just got there when it began to rain. He saw no reason to sleep in the rain even if he was in a small tent. He rapidly threw his camp chair and sleeping bag into his truck. Dave drove back to the barn and took his sleeping gear into the store. He laid his ground cloth in a dark corner then put his air mattress on it. He unrolled his sleeping bag on the air mattress and moved his chair out under the porch roof where he sat drinking the last beer the women had brought and watching it rain.

After it was fully dark Dave moved his chair back inside and sat going over his notes of the day once more. As he read he made plans and wrote some of them down.

It was almost 9 p.m. before the women came walking into Dave's view again. It looked like they had taken a shower before they came down. The hair at the nape of their necks was wet. They were both carrying a large umbrella to keep the light mist that was still falling off their heads. When they walked up near him Dave thought they smelled wonderful. They had a freshly washed look and smell. He could not detect even a hint of kitchen smell on them.

Dave was sitting in the same chair he had used earlier in the day. He had pulled it inside after it got dark. When the women came into the light Dave marveled once again at their beauty. They walked over to him and knelt at his feet. They leaned back and arched their backs thrusting their breasts toward him. Dave looked at the beautiful women before him and felt his cock stirring. He could tell neither of them wore a bra. Their nipples were hard and tenting out their thin tops. Their breasts wobbled enticingly as they moved and assumed the position they were in.

"What are you doing? Why are you kneeling in front of me? Get up and take a seat so we can talk", Dave said.

Maria and Marisa looked up at Dave and slowly, sensuously, rose from their submissive positions. They quietly walked a couple of steps each and took seats on the chairs he had previously placed for them to use.

Dave looked at the beauties for a moment before he started talking. "First", he said, "I need to know why you are acting like you are. Did I ever say or do anything to make you believe I would demand sex from you so you could continue renting from me?"

Maria said, "No, Senor, you didn't, but that has been a part of our agreement with Senor Pete. We agreed to pay you the same thing we were paying him for the privilege of operating our business in your building. That is part of our agreement. We are to give him pussy whenever he wants it as well as the money he demands."

Marisa broke in with a comment, "Besides, Senor, you are a very handsome and kind man. Our pussies are drooling for your cock. We both think you would be a much better, more considerate lover than Senor Pete is. I think we would actually like to be with you even if you did not have a right to our bodies by this agreement."

Dave sat there in shock for a moment. He wondered how he could get out of this mess. He admitted to himself that if the circumstances were different he would love to bed either or both of the sisters. Finally he made his decision.

"Ladies, in principle I have no problem taking either or both of you to bed. You are both beautiful and no better than I know you I can honestly say I like you. I do not do business the way Pete seems to, however. Business is business and sex is sex. I do not expect and do not want your pussy as part of my payment for your rent. When I decide, IF I decide, I would like to have sex with you I will let you know. If we have sex it will be because we both want it, NOT because you think you owe it to me. The sex will have nothing to do with our business. You will be able to decide if you wish to make love to me. If you do not then we will not make love. If you would do me a favor I would appreciate it. When you go back to the main building please let everyone who is renting from me know I want to speak with them in the dining room tomorrow at 8 p.m. I want to discuss MY rules and review the rents that are being paid for use of the building."

Maria and Marisa sat as if stunned for a moment. They started to rise and leave then Maria paled considerably. She turned to Dave and asked, "Senor, you aren't going to make us pay more money for the rent are you? That is why Marisa began fucking Pete. We couldn't afford to pay more. We barely get by now."

"No, Maria. I will not raise your rent. I need to talk with all of you and find out just what Pete has been charging and what is going on here. I will want to see everyone's rental agreement also."

Dave sat staring out into the parking lot after the women left. He wondered just what he would find during the meeting. He had a sinking feeling Pete raised everyone's rent and kept sending him the amount he had been getting when he left less the ten per cent management fee.

The next morning Dave spent a few minutes visiting with people in the building and wandered around the buildings before leaving for his appointment with the attorney. He took his agreement with Pete with him as well as a copy of the e-mail he sent terminating the agreement.

During the consultation the attorney told Dave he could see no significant problem with Dave taking over his business operation once again. He did point out that it would be a very wise thing to send Pete a certified letter, including a letter signed by Dave terminating the agreement. If Pete did not sign for the documents they would hire a process server to locate him and personally deliver the letter to Pete so they could document the termination of the agreement should Pete decide to contest Dave's actions. The attorney stressed Dave should make sure Pete got his entire expected take for the current month per the existing contract. Dave was not too happy about the advice given but agreed to do as the attorney advised. It would be at least one more month before he could completely take over his business once again, but at least doing it the way the attorney advised would be legal.

That evening Dave wandered over to the building about seven fifteen. He sat in the cantina and drank two Dos Equis before moving to the dining room for the meeting with his renters. There were eight couples who rented the four remaining apartments; there was Senor Morales and Maria and Marisa plus one older, but still very beautiful, Hispanic woman. All seemed nervous and subservient to Dave.

Dave started the meeting by introducing himself. He informed the people present that he was the owner of the building and that Pete had been managing it for him while he was away in the Army. He said, "I am taking back the day to day operation of the rentals. I plan to live here for the rest of my life. I have yet to decide what I will do with the rest of the land I own here but I have some ideas. Now, before we begin our official meeting I would like to see your rental agreements."

All of the people present came forward with their agreements. The four for the larger apartments were the same ones Dave had signed before he left but he did not recognize the faces of the people. All he could do was assume they were the same people. He thought about asking for ID and decided he would not do that right then. He read the agreements one by one and was puzzled by the girls and Senor Morales'. They each stated a monthly rent for the room they occupied and had an addendum stating the cash rent referred to in the main agreement was in addition to other value that would be paid as agreed on the date the addendum was signed.

When Dave asked the women what the other value was they both looked guilty and would not look him or the other people in the face. Marisa almost whispered, "You know the other, Senor Dave."

Dave felt bad for the women and said, "Oh, yes, I see." He turned to Senor Morales and asked him the same question.

Senor Morales looked around and dropped his head. He said, I must give him ten percent of my gross income like Marisa and Maria and," He choked a bit and couldn't continue. He looked around the room in embarrassment. He turned back to Dave and opened his mouth then closed it. Finally he almost whispered, "Please, Senor, I cannot say here. Please could we go to my office?"

Dave looked at Senor Morales for a moment and stood. "OK. If you need to go somewhere private, I understand." Dave looked at the other people in the meeting and said, "Please wait for me here. I'll try not to be gone too long."

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