A Day of Pleasure at the Spa

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2014 by mysteria27

Erotic Sex Story: Welcome to Elegant Pleasures Day Spa. A woman goes to a very interesting spa.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Lesbian sex story.

Recently I was reading a magazine about a full service salon that catered to women. The review said it was nothing like its kind. In fact, it was kind of on the pricey side. A full day of pleasure ran about one thousand dollars. It was an upscale spa for sure.

I was eager to check things out and booked an appointment for myself. I arranged to have the package called "The Works." The services that would be provided to me were a whirlpool bath, custom comfort massage, which typically tailored to your needs, eighty minute ultimate facial, pedicure and manicure.

The spa was in Beverly Hills, but it was tucked away in an out of the way spot. You wouldn't even know it was there. They really didn't advertise too much. In fact, I only saw it in this magazine. But, they did say that it was an experience you would never forget. I really couldn't imagine what they meant by that. What could be so exciting about massages and other spa services? I was really excited to find out what that meant exactly.

My appointment was at nine o'clock today. I got ready and drove over to the spa. It was about a forty-five minute trip to get there. It was a very large building. I hurried out of my car and walked inside to the spa. It was a very relaxing and peaceful room, where you needed to check in.

"Welcome to Elegant Pleasures Day Spa. My name is Holly. Your name please."

"Hi Holly, my name is Emma Davis. I have an appointment for nine o'clock."

"I see you in my computer. Now you realize this is all about pleasure, I need you to sign this waiver and let you know you will be experiencing all kinds of pleasure today."

I took the waiver form, but I still was not sure what she meant about the term pleasure. I mean facials, massages, manicures and pedicures are certainly heavenly, but I wouldn't say it is the ultimate pleasure. I just smiled and took a seat.

I did notice, while I was waiting in the room, I was the only person there. There was nobody else, but me. I really thought that was kind of odd. But, I slowly forgot about it and read a magazine.

Next thing I know, this gorgeous man who had long, dark, black hair, in a pony-tail entered the room. He was tan and wearing a shiny, orange G-string. He was muscular and had the greatest smile, I'd ever seen.

"Emma Davis, please come with me. My Name is Salvatore."

I got up and followed him. He had such tight buttocks. I was really excited to follow him. He really didn't say too much and took me to a changing room.

"You can take all your clothes off and put on the slippers and the white terry robe that has been left out for you. Then, I shall take you to your whirlpool bath."

I got undressed and put the pink slippers on my feet. I then put the terry cloth robe on and tied the belt around my waist. When I was finished, I went and sat on a chair and a few minutes later Salvatore came and got me.

"Walk with me and I will take you to the whirlpools."

Once we got to the tubs, Salvatore threw some lavender bath salts into the water and told me to enjoy the soothing waters. He then helped me off with my robe and I slipped into the bath.

Salvatore just stood there a minute, then he pulled his G-string off and also stepped into my whirlpool. He then said, he would bathe me, if that was okay with me. I was shocked that this gorgeous man would join me in the whirlpool. Salvatore got in and we sat in the whirlpool together. I now was thinking that this was going to be the most amazing day I'd ever had.

While we were in the whirlpool, two other gorgeous men came into the room. They too were very muscular, all with dark, long hair held back in pony-tails. They also were wearing G-strings. They too removed them and got into the whirlpool. I was now in the whirlpool with three men. Salvatore introduced them as Joseph and Vincent.

I was feeling a little nervous, but excited too. Each man then gave me a deep and passionate kiss. I was so excited to be in their company. Joseph and Vincent started to cup and massage my large breasts. Salvatore was stroking at my bald pussy. Now, I was realizing that this was going to be a very exciting day. The jets felt so good on my skin, while these gorgeous men were giving me pleasure. I have never been pleasured by so many men at once. It was really quite an experience.

"Please get out of the tub, Miss. It's time for your massage."

The men helped me out and then I put my robe back on and the trio then took me to the next room. The room was dark and lit with candles. There was a large massage table that they asked me to lay on. There was soothing music playing. Salvatore and the other two men were also in the room.

I got on the table and Salvatore stood at the head of the massage table. Joseph and Vincent stood by each of my legs. They poured warm oil onto their hands and then all their hands were rubbing my body. Salvatore was rubbing his hands all over my neck. His hands were so strong and very deep, as he kneaded the knots out of my neck.

Joseph and Vincent were rubbing each of my legs. Their hands were also very strong. The music was soothing. I closed my eyes to enjoy all of the pleasure. Then as I was relaxing, I felt hands rubbing and massaging my buttocks. It felt so good. My body felt like butter, while their hands were rubbing at my aching body. I had no idea, how much time had passed.

"Emma please turn over now."

I turned over and Salvatore poured oil over my neck and breasts. Joseph and Vincent poured oil over my legs and feet. Salvatore was rubbing the oil all over my collarbone and my beautiful breasts. His hands were cupping and massaging my firm and perky breasts. Joseph and Vincent were working their hands up and down my legs and thighs. Then they spread my legs and poured oil over my pussy.

That is when it became a little odd. Joseph started to massage my pussy. His fingers were rubbing my pussy lips. His finger tip was rubbing at my clitoris. I was moaning. Salvatore was kneading my firm breasts. Vincent spread my thighs and was licking and adoring my dripping pussy. His tongue danced around the folds of my vagina. Joseph was fingering my pussy and making her drip, while Vincent was drinking my juices.

Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. I was moaning and groaning and really losing it. My legs began to shake, while Joseph was fingering me really fast. I began to jerk on the table. My pussy juices began gushing out of my cunt. I was having a mega orgasm. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Their tongues were enjoying the sweet juices flowing from my cunt.

"Miss Davis, it's time for your facial now. Let us take you there."

Again, they helped me off the table and put my robe on and took me to the next room. There seemed to be nobody in this spa except me. It was the oddest thing. I was certainly enjoying all the attention being given to me.

We arrived at the next room. Again, I was to lay on another sort of table. This time all the men left the room and then three women came in. They introduced themselves.

"Hello Miss Davis. We'll be giving you your facial. My name is Pia. Elsie and Dawn will assist me."

Pia then asked me a series of questions and then she wrapped my brown hair into a towel. She then cleansed my face with a solution with cotton balls. After that, she looked at my skin under some kind of magnifying glass to determine the kind of skin type that I had. My face was a little dry, she had said.

Then Pia put some kind of a steam machine all around my face. She said it would open my pores and help soften any of the blackheads and whiteheads that I may have. After that process, she would extract them.

Then she poured on some chemical exfoliation cream. It kind of was gritty. She scrubbed my face with it. She was still using the steam machine in coordination with the exfoliation process. After that, she started to squeeze the white heads and black heads. It wasn't painful or anything. It felt really good.

Now as Pia was doing all of this to my face, Elsie and Dawn had spread my thighs. They were taking turns with licking my creamy pussy. I was in shear heaven as these two beautiful women were exploring my folds of my vagina. Their little tongues were licking my pussy like kittens, who were in need for their milk. I was enjoying all of the pleasure I was receiving.

Pia then started to massage my face. It was very relaxing as she worked her fingers around my cheeks and skin. The other two were busy licking and adoring my now wet cunt. Now they took turns fingering my pussy, while the other one licked and loved my sweet pussy. Pia worked her hands all around my face and neck.

After the wonderful massage, Pia then put a warming mask over my face. She then gave me a scalp massage and neck massage. Elsie and Dawn were now licking me into another amazing orgasm. My pussy was exploding from all this heavenly pleasure.

Pia then joined the other two and she also began to lick my pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. I was bucking and grinding onto her face.

"Oh God, I'm fucking coming. I'm having an orgasm. Oh God!"

Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy.

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