The Seduction of My Power

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotic Sex Story: A tale of reaching one's potential. Note: No characters were infected with an STI before, during, or after this story.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   CrossDressing   Shemale   Fiction   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Revenge   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   .

I was born Simon Owen Drake, IV, and I am the King of my home.

Before I continue telling my story, I feel like I need to give some background. I am an only child of a beautiful woman and a domineering father. My mother was like an angel put here to make the world better. My father (never 'dad') was here to run it. All in all there was little remarkable in my childhood, other than when I was about ten and my father caught me wearing some of mother's clothes. His reaction, after yelling at mother for coddling me, was to spend more time with me, teaching me what it meant to be a man. And I learned. In business, he was ruthless but always stayed within the law. It was almost a game to him. In family matters, he ran the house like a dictator. He loved us the way he could; he provided for us a nice place to live, food to eat, and a top quality education. However, his word was the final word. It made our family run efficiently.

After I got my MBA, I embarked on my own career in business starting small, but with the plan to take me to my fullest potential. Then I met Emily. She was a very independent woman when I met her, but realizing that I needed a wife – like her – for my plans to be properly executed. As a bonus, I fell in love with her fully and deeply. Since my role model was my own father, I assumed control of the relationship, and Emily went along, despite her independent streak. I knew that if I handled her poorly, she would turn against me, but I soon had her in line with my thinking. I can be subtly persuasive when I need to be.

As of my telling this story, we have been married five years. As a matter of fact, we just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last month (on January 1). And I would say it has been a terrific five years; I believe she would agree.

To me, there are two secrets of our success: first, we agreed early on that one of us would rule the house to eliminate any arguing over petty things. Now, I am not some evil dictator ruling through fear; I see myself more as a benevolent king, which is a departure from my father's style. My rule is absolute, but I listen to my wife, letting her feel apart of the process. It really works for us. Second, I am amazing in bed. It's not bragging; it really is the truth. My wife is satisfied every time we make love (or have sex or fuck, depending on the mood of the moment). There are times when my ego has gotten the better of me, and I considered making a go of it in adult films, but I knew that it was a tough business in which to make money, so my sensible side kept me working the job which provided stability and happiness to my wife and to me, as well as helped me work to fulfill my goals.

For our first three years of marriage, our sex life was excellent. Despite my absolute rule, I never forced sex on my wife. I would manipulate her into it, sure, and straight out seduction was completely valid as well. But I never forced myself on her.

We started out making love twice a week on average in the first year, to once a week in the second year, to probably twice a month by the third. As a guy, as long as I was getting off with the woman I loved, I was good. When I was in the mood and she wasn't, I would masturbate, and that kept me from taking my skills elsewhere and kept my stamina up for our marathon sexcapades. As I have read is typical of a married couple, my libido usually ran a lot hotter than hers, so by the third year, I masturbated more than I fucked my wife. But that was okay, because in the end we both knew that I was head of the household, and she was my woman. Yes, I know, that makes me sound like a neanderthal, but we were and are both comfortable with my position of being in charge.

But I am getting ahead of myself. This is the story of how over the last two years the spark came back into our bedroom and how I was able to maintain my relationship with my wife, Emily.

So far after three years, we were falling into two patterns. The first pattern was sticking to the "sex in marriage" adage that if you put a penny in a jar every time you have sex during the first year and take a penny out every time you have sex after that, the jar will never be empty. We were on track for that. The second pattern was that the sex was becoming routine. Still very enjoyable for both of us, but predicable to some extent. She had had very limited sexual experience when we met, so I hesitated about pushing her too soon. I had it planned out so that when I wanted to try something new, I had a system about introducing it into the routine. This process got her to accept my going down on her, and how I eventually got her to go down on me. I even successfully employed my plan when I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

When I ran short on ideas, I would watch some porn videos, and when I found things I liked, I brought them into the bedroom. I knew my body well, so when I watched porn videos, I would look out for the signs that what I was watching should be something to try. The first sign was that I felt my cock twitch. Then if after a few moments I found myself rubbing my cock through my pants, it would be something to consider more. If I would unzip my pants and very slowly build up my erection, savoring the moment, I knew it should be something to bring to the marriage bedroom. This was how I got the idea to introduce our more athletic moves, such as we would see how many Kama Sutra positions we could get in without my ever taking my cock out of her cunt.

The speed with which I would introduce something new varied, depending on how I believed her to be accepting of the new position or practice. Yes, I could have ordered her to do something new, but I would rather her think it was her idea. I could be subtle, but I always got my way, eventually. The shortest implementation when she was hesitant at first was an hour. The longest implementation was a few years.

Occasionally, not very often, she would bring up an idea for me to consider. If I didn't like it, we didn't try it, and if I did like, we tried it. I knew that she was about to suggest something when she would start off saying, "Honey" or "Dear", instead of "Simon". She was accepting of my decision, because ultimately I would satisfy her every time. [Note to self: do I follow through on this]

Things brings my story to about a month after our third anniversary – almost two years ago to the day of this telling. On this night, she started by calling me "Honey" and then pointing out that when I eat her pussy, she is usually either on her back and my face is buried in between her legs or she is sitting on the edge of the bed and my face is buried between her legs. Other than the few times she was upside down, this was true. She suggested a new position for when I eat her. Of course, I was listening. She proposed that we try it with me on my back and her sitting on my face. I thought about it and figured, correctly, that this would bring her cunt much tighter on my face, allowing me to enjoy her more; I really love the smell and taste of her pussy.

As a bonus, allowing her this would let her feel like she mattered, and she did and does, in this house. (This is why I consider myself a benevolent king.)

We started out as usual, lying side by side naked, kissing passionately, while our hands explored each other. My fingers were laying the ground work by rubbing her clit, penetrating her labia, and fingering her until she was very wet. While I doing this for her, she would grab my cock gently and stroke me until I was good and hard. But before I ran my hard cock into her wet pussy, I lay on my back. She lay on top of me, grinding her pussy into my cock, letting it know that she was wet and waiting for it. My cock stirred in anticipation. Then she dragged herself forward, rubbing her wet pussy against my body, leaving a small trail of her juice on my abdomen and chest. Soon, her muff was an inch from my face. She knelt with her legs on my arms preventing me from moving easily, which was also a turn on, but knowing that I was strong enough to throw her off when the time came.

I moved my head forward extending my tongue. The tip could just barely reach her labia. I looked up and saw her smiling as she teased me. But she was as anxious as I, and she held out only a few more seconds before sliding forward that last little bit, plunging her wet pussy onto my waiting mouth. When she landed, my tongue penetrated deeper than ever before, and her clit pressed against my nose. Occasionally, I had to tilt my head to catch a breath, but this experience was heaven to me. I tongued her up and down, taking in as much as I could, moving my head expertly to have my nose and sometimes my tongue flitting across her clit. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and moaned as I performed. After about fifteen minutes of this, she dismounted, not having cum, and lay on her back, indicating that I should go down on her from this position to finish her off. I think she could tell from the expression on my face that I wish I had been able to bring her to climax when she was on me, but I knew that I could bring her off now, so I went down, tongued her until she orgasmed. I then positioned my ready cock between her legs and pushed it deep inside her. After a few minutes of animated fucking, I shot my load deep in her. When I was done, I looked at her, and she had the look of contentment which I was used to seeing. And this began the journey which "emptied the jar".

A week later, she seemed to be in the mood, so we we started out as usual, making out in bed and fondling each other. When it was time, I started to lie on my back, but she indicated that she wasn't in the mood for that, and she wanted me the "regular" way. I listened and felt that I was okay with what she wanted, this time, but I think she could tell from my look that wanted another go at bringing her to cum when I have a very close view of her pussy. We had a few "regular" ways, so I fingered her until she was near cumming. I then got on top of her, pushed my hard cock deep in her pussy and pumped in and out. While doing this, I fingered her clit so she could feel the two great sensations simultaneously. She writhed under the pleasure, and I enjoyed watching her be pleased. It made me feel powerful, which is an incredible aphrodisiac. My timing was impeccable, as I shot my load at the same time she climaxed. She had such a look of peace on her face as I withdrew and rolled beside her. She snuggled next to me, making me feel like she needed me. We slept very well that night.

The following week she was in the mood again. I was surprised given the pattern over the past year, but I understood. She said that she had been thinking about what we tried two weeks earlier and wanted to try again. It sounded good to me, so after the usual preliminaries, I was on my back, and she was on my face. My tongue and lips worked harder than usual on her, working to get her to cum. She moaned louder than before, and after twenty minutes of her writhing in ecstasy she dismounted and got on her back. I happily obliged, and soon she came. I then put my cock inside her and pumped really hard, feeling like I had all this energy I needed to burn off. I must admit, I was a little distracted while I fucked her, because I was thinking about what I was doing wrong when she was on me. So it took me longer than usual, but that's okay, since the look on her face told me that she appreciated my incredible stamina.

Whether she came or not when she sat on my mouth did not seem to bother her, because our having sex once a week became a new routine. We seemed to alternate between her mounting my face and the "regular" way. On about the seventh week of our weekly sessions, I was feeling my rhythm. My mind and body were in sync as I tongued her pussy on top of my face. I saw a different look on her visage, a look which showed her in pure bliss. My stamina was top notch that night and after thirty minutes, she could hold back no longer. I am surprised the neighbors didn't hear her moans as loud as they were. Her whole body quaked with pleasure, and I felt triumphant. My cock was so hard. After her breathing became more regular, I lifted her up with my arms, and pushed her to the side. She squealed with delight as she hit the mattress. She landed on her side and rolled onto her back. I then put myself between her legs and shoved my hard cock into her very wet cunt. After a minute of rapid fucking, I shot my load a few times. I withdrew and fell on my back beside her. We slept very well that night.

Her sitting on my face was still an every other week experience, although I was ready to try it far more often, just to show that the previous time was not a fluke. But she was not as enthusiastic. She did tell me that she worried that I couldn't breathe. I told her that I appreciated her concern, but assured her that I could still breathe, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. But I had already established the precedence that the position when I go down on her was up to her. I felt I was playing a delicate political game. If I pushed too hard, then she might stop all together. And let's face it, if she is not willing then she won't press her cunt onto my mouth quite as hard, and that is not anywhere near as fun.

So I dropped hints and started my process to make this of our normal experience. My planned worked, because after another two months, her sitting on me as I brought her to orgasm became "regular". It was great for me, because she has the best tasting pussy. So it was a win-win situation for us.

Over the next five weeks, we made love seven times. When we both would get home from work, I immediately started to feel my cock swell in anticipation. I knew that more often than not, I would be masturbating in the bathroom, but I was still loving the pleasure I gave her, as well as taste of her pussy's ambrosia

It was now early July, and one day when she got home from work, she smiled in that way she does when she is horny. I went over to her, took her hand and led her into the bedroom. I helped her strip and she helped me. When she dropped my pants, my already swelling cock popped out. She smiled, kissed it, even sucked on the tip for a moment before finishing helping me strip. I must admit that I was anticipating our new "regular", so I absentmindedly skipped over our usual foreplay, and I went straight onto my back. I figured that it made me look like I was in charge of what we would do next, instead of being absentminded.

She seemed to delight in my taking charge, so she got on the bed. I guess she wanted to have her fun, so instead of sitting with her breasts and face over mine, she faced the other way. I know she hadn't told me already, but she was excited, and perhaps she was absentminded. This new position put her clit at the bottom of my mouth, which actually made it easier for me. I only had to move my bottom jaw to get my tongue onto her clit.

Her new position on me gave her a new perspective. She apparently saw a view she had not seen before. As I was licking her pussy, licking up as much of her nectar as I could, she leaned over. It kept her pussy from grinding my face as much, but made breathing easier and gave me more maneuverability. I took advantage of this, and so did she. Shortly after she leaned over, I felt her taking my cock into her mouth. I had been performing for her for ten minutes already, so she was very horny. She hungrily took my cock into her mouth and sucked like she was in a race. Her mouth felt really good around my cock, and as my cock grew in her mouth, I tongued her faster and faster. When I felt like I was about to blow, I had to stop eating her cunt. She kept right on sucking and tonguing me, and soon I shot a huge load into her mouth. As she swallowed my cum, her body started to twitch. She swallowed just in time; she climaxed and needed to breathe badly. I hadn't even had enough time to eat her out again, but I had already laid the ground work. She moved off me and lay down beside me. I put my arm around her, and she snuggled against my shoulder.

I have always enjoyed when she would suck me off. She has a very talented mouth.

A few days later, we were getting ready to fuck (to make love? No, to fuck), and I was trying to figure out what this experience would hold. I was hoping we would 69 like last time, so I hinted at it by lying on my back. I know, I could have told her to do it, but she really liked mixing up the routine, and I was really liking having sex. However, I should have guessed that when we start something new, it takes a while for it to become part of the routine. She sat on my face, and I ate her while she looked down at me smiling. That evening, my technique was better than I had thought; she came after only a few minutes. I was a little disappointed, but sometimes she can't help it when she cums. I finished myself off by fucking her pussy fast and furious. It was a very quick experience for us; it last only fifteen minutes from start to finish. My expression was that I wasn't satisfied, but her expression told me that she was. We snuggled that night, and I slept peacefully. There was one strange moment that night. I was in a light stage of sleep at that moment, and I thought I heard someone breathing loudly. I sat up quickly to see if anyone were there, but no one was. Emily was still on her side of the bed, eyes closed, sleeping so deeply, my sitting up didn't disturb her.

I lay back down and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to a strange noise coming from the bathroom. It sounded a little like a moan, but I wasn't sure. It didn't last long, and soon my wife came out of the bathroom, looking radiant. I asked her if she had been singing in there, and she said she had. Even though last night was quick, apparently she was happy.

A few days later, we were about to have sex again, and I predicted it would be like it had been two sessions earlier. I was right. As I inhaled the beautiful aroma of her pussy, she leaned over and sucked my cock. That night, I must have been particularly horny and her mouth felt really, really good, because I came very quickly. After I came, she leaned back, letting me finish eating her out. After about ten more minutes, her body shook with orgasm. Normally, after I've cum, my libido drops off rapidly, but not this night. I think I could have fucked her again if she had been up for it.

By the end of July, her sucking me or stroking me until I climaxed was part of the routine. Sadly our fuck session were lasting only about 20 minutes on average. I missed the longer sessions, but we were having sex on a regular basis, so it probably came out to the same amount of time per month.

In mid-August, she was sitting on my face and started to lean over to fellate me, when she stopped. Her pussy tasted particularly good that evening, so I didn't mind the extra time. I wasn't sure what she would do next, not that I cared much. She then gyrated her hips which repositioned her cunt. She kept grinding in her own rhythm making it very hard for me to keep mine. But I respected her needs, and I let her get herself in just the right position. My tongue was still extended so I could taste her as much as possible. I was inhaling deeply taking in the aroma of her natural ambrosia. Then suddenly she gyrated farther than I think she planned, because it planted her asshole right on my tongue. My immediate reaction was to withdraw my tongue, but her ass tasted a little like honey. I know it is strange, but in retrospect, I think she had planned this ahead of time and made sure to put some honey back there for me. After it was over, I thanked her for being so considerate.

She then moved, pressed down, and my tongue got a full taste of honey. After a minute of my licking her hole, she shifted again, put her pussy on my mouth, and then went down and sucked my cock expertly. We both came soon after.

Over the next month, my tonguing her honey flavored ass became more routine. Although her ass was still not as good as her pussy, seeing her ass up close did make blood flow to my cock. It also helped that she flavored her ass with tastes I like. This was becoming my idea of perfection as I licked her pussy and ass regularly. She would also alternate between blowing me or stroking me off. When she stroked me, I usually shot my load onto my abdomen and chest. She would wait until she near orgasm and then finish me off, followed quickly by her cumming. She would climb off me, lick up some of my cum, and swallow it. She would then kiss me to show me how happy she was. Sometimes, she didn't swallow quite enough, and I tasted my cum some nights more than others. It wasn't a bad taste, but it paled in comparison to her pussy.

By mid-September, I was tongue fucking her cunt and ass, having the time of my life. She was stroking me very gently and efficiently. On September 17 (I still remember the date), I was about to cum, and she knew it because I stopped tongue fucking her. She then pulled her pussy and ass away from my face and quickly mounted my cock. It had been a while since I felt my cock in her pussy, and it felt better than I remembered. I came quite quickly, filling her pussy with my white, sticky fluid. She controlled her muscles milking my cock of its last drops. I knew that she hadn't cum yet, so I was waiting for her to finish so I could finger fuck her until she came. However, she had another idea in mind. When my cock stopped throbbing, she moved quickly back to face, sitting on my mouth and tongue, looking down at me. My cum was mixed her her own juices at my mouth. Her juices won in the flavor war, since that was the dominant taste, but my cum added something kind of nice to the flavor. I lapped up what I could of our mixed fluids which were dripping from her cunt to my tongue and down to her taint and ass. When I reached the last bit of my cum mixed with her essence, she came. I think she might have even squirted a little, but I'm not 100% sure.

Over the next few days, when I would think about this recent adventure, my cock would swell. I was sure that she would not do this again next time because that was the pattern. I mentally prepared myself for it.

The next night we were having fun, my tongue in her ass, when she knew I was about to cum. The little minx surprised me and went right back to mounting my cock and letting me shoot my jizz into her. Like three nights earlier, she then sat on my face letting me eat her juices and my cum. I didn't think it was possible but I swear that my cock became hard again. Maybe not as hard as the first time that night, but it definitely showed signs of life.

We were approaching our fourth anniversary in a few months and were having sex every other day on average. I felt mighty and powerful that I could perform that well that often. She was obviously having fun and craved me, which was a huge ego boost. She would mix up this new routine with sometimes letting me unload into her pussy and sometimes into her ass. Either way I licked her clean afterward.

Now I wondered what she had in mind next. I became used to her surprising me in the bedroom. I didn't feel the need to exert my authority since we were both having so much fun.

We then went through a more mundane spell, where she did not sit on my face or feed my cum to me from her pussy or her ass. However, I did still manage to lick her ass when I ate her from above. I would lick her pussy up and down, but then sneak my tongue a little lower. She hadn't prepped it like earlier, so it tasted less sweet, but I still got hard thinking about and performing anilingus.

One day around Halloween, she came home with a bag from an adult store. I was anxious to see what she bought. That night we were getting ready for bed, when she started to cry. I went over to her to console her. She slowly let out that she bought something she thought I would like, but now she was not so sure. I told her that I'm sure I would enjoy it, and this seemed to brighten her up. She then went on to explain, that she wonder what fucking her pussy looked like. I offered to record it if she would like, but she declined my offer; she wanted to experience it. I wasn't sure how, but I told her I was game for her to try.

She cheered up quickly and had me lay on my back. She reached into the bag and pulled out a dildo and a belt to strap on her waist. I quickly objected, and she was on the verge of crying when I explained that I wasn't in the mood for it. After a few tears, she said that she understood. We kissed, and then she went to bed and slept. I was ready for a great fuck, but she was not in the mood anymore. But I could wait another night. By then, she will need me to fuck her badly.

The next night, she was very flirty, but when I made it clear that I was not in the mood to have the dildo in my ass, she started to cry. I consoled her until she regained composure. Like the previous night, she went to bed without her dose of Simon.

This continued for a few nights, and I really needed to cum. My balls started to ache, and I needed relief. When she was not up to having sex that night, I smiled and told her again that it was okay, but I would go into the bathroom and masturbate. She was fine with that, so I left the bedroom to take care of myself. I had just pulled up a porn site on my iPad and was thinking about what my porn mood was, when she opened the door. She looked very sad and told me that when I masturbated, she felt left out. I tried to reassure her that masturbating was not a good substitute for her. But she didn't understand, and wondered how could I do this to her? As tears welled in her eyes, I thought, that if I am benevolent, then I need to let her win sometimes. So I agreed. She smiled widely in delight, kissed me, thanked me, and said that I wouldn't regret it.

I lay down on the bed, when she pulled out the dildo and belt again. I was having second thoughts and was about to object, when I saw how happy she looked, and I knew that even though I had the power to deny her this experience, it wouldn't be right. She put the belt on and strapped the dildo to it. It seemed like it wouldn't hurt when it penetrated. She used some lubricant on the dildo and on my ass hole to ease it in, and I told her that I appreciated that she cared about that. She put my legs on her shoulders before she positioned the dildo at my hole and pushed in slowly. It hurt a little a first, but it actually felt really nice as it pushed against my prostate. She moved her hips forward and backward, pushing the dildo in and out of my ass. She was looking down at the dildo going in deeper and coming out, not all the way, before she pushed it back in again. As she went she moved faster and faster. It was feeling really good. She reached down and stroked my cock as she fucked my ass, causing my cock to become very stiff. I closed my eyes to concentrate on this new feeling. Her breathing also became irregular, so I knew she was about to cum soon, too. Then at about the same time, I shot my load and she came. I was so excited and had not cum in a few days, that the first few loads of cum which pulsed from my cock hit me in the face. She continued to keep the dildo in my ass as she stroked my cock slower and slower. When no more cum came out, she withdrew the dildo, and then she wiped the cum from my face and let me lick it off her fingers.

She continued to fuck my ass on most nights at first but increased the regularity as we approached Thanksgiving. On the fourth night of using the dildo, she couldn't find the lubricant, and she didn't want to try to insert it without any. I again told her that I appreciated that she cared. She was looking like she wanted to cry, when I asked her if she wanted to try one of our other positions. She very dejected said "okay", but I knew that it wasn't. I could read her well. I sat up, put my arm around her and suggested we try some other lubricant. She didn't know of anything we had in the bedroom and suggested that she go to the kitchen and try to find a substitute. I knew that when she is in this kind of mood, she could easily change her mind about fucking, so I thought quickly and suggested we use saliva. She smiled, hugged me, and called me a genius. I smiled at her to tell her that I was glad she appreciated me. She spat a little on the end, and tried to rub it around, but she was having difficulty, and with as dry as she said her mouth was, I then suggested I could lubricate with my saliva. She again got excited and quickly stood on the bed, straddling my legs as I sat up. She put the dildo near my face and slowly moved it toward my mouth. It wasn't what I had in mind, but it was the moment, so I obliged.

The dildo tasted odd, but it was tolerable. She moved it into my mouth slowly, as I ran my tongue all over it. As she pulled its tip to my lips, I replenished my saliva and prepared for another in and out across my tongue. When it felt wet enough, she quickly pulled it out of my mouth. I fell back as she positioned it at my ass. It went in easily enough, and she stroked my cock while she fucked my ass. I have to admit, that her skill at stroking my cock was really good. Her hand was no substitute for pussy, ass, or mouth, but it felt really good.

The next night we tried again, and we still didn't know where the lubricant was. I offered again to use my mouth, which delighted her. She wanted to make sure it was well lubricated so she went in and out four times, instead of two like the night before. She also pushed it in a little farther than before. When she heard me gag, she looked embarrassed and apologized.

By Thanksgiving, she fucked my ass regularly. The prelude started with my wetting the dildo with my mouth. By the end of November, she was being extra careful about making sure it had enough moisture. She would let me moisten it for about five minutes. Good news is that by then I no longer gagged, so she was able to have more of the dildo slick for penetration. She also started to put pillows under my ass giving her a different angle. It still felt good to me. Another consequence of the steeper angle was that more of my cum was arcing down and hitting me in the face. After we both came, she would wipe up the cum off my body, sometimes feeding me and sometimes eating it herself. I would give her the pouty face when she would suck up my cum, so our routine became that she would pretend to lick it, but then let me lick it off her fingers.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, she said that she was worried that I wasn't pleasured enough with the small dildo we had been using. I told her that I appreciated her thinking about me. She brought out a fatter one, which at first seemed daunting, but I knew that the pain would be temporary, and as usual, it would make her happy to use it. So each week, she brought out a fatter dildo, and I was right that the pain was temporary, usually lasting a minute or two before feeling good.

About a week before Christmas, we had great sex one evening, and it ended when we orgasmed together, and most of my load shot into my mouth. She tried to take some away from me by kissing me and licking it, but I was too fast for her and swallowed almost the whole load. I know it was childish, but I still felt victorious.

That night I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I was in a field when it started to rain. But then I realized that the drops were not clear, but milky. I tilted my head back and stuck out my tongue. As the drops hit my mouth, I realized that I was being showered by cum. I looked closely and saw giant standing over the field masturbating. I woke up, sitting very quickly, and noticed that my cock was harder than it had been in a while.

When I sat up, Emily, stirred, and asked, "What is it, Simon?" She sat up and went to put her hand on my leg to reassure me, but her hand missed and felt my incredibly stiff dick. She thought that meant that I had a great dream.

I corrected her and told her it was a very strange dream. When I told her about the dream, she seemed turned on. She started to stroke my cock. When I was done telling her the dream, she asked me to tell her again in more detail. I told her again, embellishing where I could. She pumped my cock faster and faster as I went on. Her timing was as good as always. When I came to the end of the story on the third telling I shot another cum load all over my chest. The cum dripped down onto my abdomen, cock, testicles, and thighs. She looked very embarrassed and apologized for the mess. She was about to clean it up when I assured her that it was not a problem. I insisted that we lie down again and go back to sleep. She apologized again and lay down, as I requested.

I lay beside her, listening to her breathing. When she was asleep, I reached down to the cum pools, wiped up the cum with my fingers, and sucked them clean. Some of the cum had dripped past my cock and balls and had dripped across my ass hole. I put a finger down there, to get that drip. With my hole slightly lubricated from my cum and still a little stretched from earlier, my finger slipped inside my ass up to the first knuckle very easily. I put a second finger in there and worked them in and out slowly. I stopped that after a while, since I didn't want to wake Emily up. I scooped up the cum which I could and licked it off my fingers. I fell asleep soon after and slept soundly with only one more dream involving cock.

The next day, when we were both home from work she told me that she had a very special surprise for me. My cock swelled in anticipation. She led me into the bedroom and motioned for me to lie down. I lay on my back with a huge grin on my face wondering what it was. She stripped and straddled my face and looked down at me. I started to eat her pussy, when I noticed there was a different and familiar taste. I opened my eyes and saw a white, sticky substance dripping out of her pussy. I was about to object when she shifted, covering my mouth with her cum filled pussy. Being that close to the heaven of her snatch, I extended my tongue and tasted. I was surprised how good it tasted. This cum tasted different from mine, but mixed with her cunt juice, it was still ambrosia to me. As I continued lap up what I could, my cock became very hard.

She craned her neck and saw how excited my cock was. She then pulled her pussy off my mouth, which made look sad. She noticed, smiled, and put it back down, but she was facing the other way now. She leaned over and sucked my cock. Her leaning over also opened up her labia a bit more and more the cum dripped out. I soon shot my load into her mouth. Her body vibrated in orgasmic pleasure soon after.

By Christmas, I was tasting different flavors of cum out of her pussy or her ass. I lapped up all I could, because the tastes seemed exotic and exciting. She delighted with how I allowed her this little pleasure. I felt powerful each night that her body quivered and she moaned loudly as she came.

Between Christmas and our fourth anniversary the sex was more routine. The only cum I tasted was mine. Not that I minded, but it didn't seem as thrilling. On the eve of our anniversary, she told me she would have another special treat for me for the next night. I could hardly wait.

On the day, she went out for about an hour. I wondered if she would come back with her ass and pussy both filled, but wasn't sure in my mind if I wanted that, but my cock seemed excited by the prospect. When she returned, she had a friend with her. He said his name was Quinton and that Emily had mentioned in passing at work the other day about the great sex was with me. Quinton admitted that he pressed Emily for more details, and when she finally caved in and told him, he wanted to watch. She didn't think I would mind. Quinton ended with some comment about wanting to learn.

My face indicated that I wasn't completely on board with a third party there, but he insisted that he only wanted to watch. He would not be a part of it unless we both wanted him to be. I weighed this with how fragile Emily's sex drive was. I knew that if I said "no" there would be a good chance of blue balls tonight. I finally rationalized that he seemed nice enough and eager to learn, and being one to share my knowledge, I agreed to his watching.

So the three of us went into the bedroom. Quinton sat on a chair at the side of the room, I climbed onto the bed, and Emily got out the pillows for my ass, and the strap on dildo. As she positioned the dildo for me to suck, Quinton became very interested. I showed what I had learned, by taking a good bit in and partly down my throat. After ten minutes of my sucking on this dildo, Emily withdrew it and positioned it at my waiting ass. She started to fuck my ass, and Quinton watched intently. Emily did not touch my cock at first letting her slow hip action build up my desire. I glanced over at Quinton, who was rubbing the bulge under his jeans. I started to imagine what was under there, and my cock stiffened without anyone touching it. I closed my eyes savoring the pleasure running through my body. When I heard a zipper, I opened my eyes slowly, and looked over at our guest again. He had his cock out and was stroking it in time with Emily's motion. My cock stiffened more.

I suddenly became overwhelmed with lust. I managed to pant out to Emily, "Faster". She complied and fucked my ass faster. Her friend still matched her pace.

"Faster," I commanded again. By now Emily was holding onto my legs to keep balanced. I had my arms out to the side to me from falling over. My cock still had not been touched.

I panted to Emily, "Stroke my cock." I was almost out of breath with that.

Emily replied, "I can't because I need to use both hands not to fall." She continued fucking my ass as that sank in. She then proposed, "Is it okay Quinton helps?"

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