The Secretive Mister Adam

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Adam was not sure about "coming out" and had difficulty in meeting his mother's eye. His boyfriend was not happy about his weak nature but put up with him because they were the ideal couple. It was just that nobody knew they were a couple. Things change and he meets Tony who seems more like a he than a she and he finds out that things are never what they seem.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Gay Bisexual sex story.

Adam Andrews was not really a complex man. In fact, he was, if anything, a rather simple man not given to either embellishment or attention-seeking drama. He knew his co-workers were whispering behind his back about the fact he was almost thirty and had not yet been married. It should have bothered him but it really didn't because he thought the entire pack of rumor mongers were beyond redemption and too far in the quick-sand of mean spiritedness for him to even make the effort. It didn't help matters that he was not reported to have a girlfriend and he hadn't even tried to cop a feel of notorious Becky Winter's delectable bum that seemed posed conveniently all about the office and hallways like chum thrown into calm waters to attract greedy sharks.

His landlady, Mrs. McIntosh was ever so happy to have him sit down with her and have tea almost every afternoon, so she never fussed about his lack of interest in chasing after the opposite sex. She knew he had an entire collection of those magazines that showed off the award-winning physiques of male body-builders but it was always possible he just had an interest in the sport and was not attracted to the beauty of their bodies.

His father had passed away and that was probably a plus because he was a bit of a roughneck always getting into fights at the pub and getting drunk and taking up with loose women when his wife was distracted by housework. Adam respected his father dearly but he knew he was not like that at all and that he preferred a more peaceful existence.

On a dreary Sunday afternoon, his close friend Arnold pleaded with him to "come out" and explain in detail why the two of them liked each other's company far better than with prospective female dates but he met with little success because Adam deep down inside was far too afraid it would break his mother's heart.

"Give me one good reason my sweet Adam why I shouldn't be angry at you for not telling your mother about us living together?"

Adam wanted to shout out about his foolishness of wearing the silly shirt that advertised "I'm with him" like some banner of gay rights. He kept his cool and simply explained that it was not quite the "right time".

Arnold pounced on that like a hungry lion with a juicy steak.

"It's never the "right time" for you, dearie. Why don't just come right out and admit you are a complete coward."

Adam had been through all this a thousand times with Arnold but it was always the same routine. He knew his special friend was probably right but he was worried about his mother's feelings and the impact his sexual orientation would have on getting the promotion he had hoped to receive before the end of the month. Everybody knew it would be illegal to discriminate against people because of their sexual attitudes but things like promotions and bonuses and other perks were difficult to monitor because of the subjectivity of selection.

With the end of "don't ask and don't tell" in the military, he had hoped all of the angst would be left behind but old biases were slow to wither away and he knew his openness would cause him grief in lots of areas. He had kept up the pretense of having a girlfriend in college but that had led to complications with hurt feelings when he broke up lacking a valid reason and leaving several girls with a sense that they had failed his "test".

He wanted to tell them it was his fault and not theirs but the words stuck in his throat and he just went further into his shell of deception.

When he met Arnold, it was as if his prayers were answered. Arnold was one of those young lads with a joke for every situation. He was even able to make Adam laugh and giggle when he was taking it hard from behind with no chance of stopping until he had been totally ravished from head to toe. It was even hard for him to deny Arnold his lips when they were in public despite his need for anonymity in displaying public affection. It was far easier for him to fake a passionate kiss of some simpering female for public consumption than to lock tongues with a fellow of the same gender.

He really liked Arnold's happy performances dressed in feminine finery purchased from the best women's boutiques for their role-playing activities. It was strange that he had no interest in actual female lady parts but when he knew there was a young lad under the silk it made him hard as a rock and ready for action. Then again, he had always been that way and he certainly had no intention of changing now unless forced to by official decree or circumstances beyond his control.

After the fiasco with his mother's dinner party again, he led Arnold back to the apartment and took great pleasure in baring his nicely rounded ass cheeks by pulling down the French silk undies he bought for him in Victoria's Secret. Sliding into Arnold was like squeezing inside a familiar velvet glove. When he started to buck like some feisty cowboy's mount, Adam slapped his buttocks hard enough to make him more compliant and rode him tenderly knowing he liked it gentle rather than rough. In all honesty, he was exactly the opposite always asking Arnold to give it to him good and even redden his backside with the thick leather belt they left hanging on the closet door. The more Arnold insulted him with the terrible filthy words that accompanied the ass-pounding, the more he loved it. He raised his ass up high to get it all and shuddered when the flood of creamy cum filled his depraved rectum.

Everything seemed almost too perfect to be true and Adam and Arnold made a wonderful secret couple behind the locked bedroom door.

Arnold minded his behavior in Adam's mother's dinner parties and when he went to Adam's office to meet him for lunch or some other excuse, he always acted like a normal guy and even pinched Becky Winter's backside so often that the other girls were jealous of his attitude.

The shy and determined Miss Brooks who had a terrible crush on Adam Andrews never lost an opportunity of rubbing some part of her anatomy on one of his arms or legs much to his distress at office parties. She seemed overly suspicious of poor Arthur and her woman's intuition hit the nail on the head in thinking his relationship was far too close for just two guys being friends. Still, she didn't bring up the subject and pretended everything was just the way Adam wanted people to believe.

Knowing that Adam was the sort who placed a lot of value in loyalty, she encouraged her sister-in-law's cousin Ralph to strike up an acquaintance with Arthur which might turn into something more physical than just touch football. Ralph was a totally macho appearing guy with hidden appreciation for artistic talent. He was addicted to the wearing of ballerina tutus and liked to perform for close male friends in the privacy of a locked apartment door. Their friendship blossomed into something a bit closer and it was not a shock to Miss Brooks to hear from Ralph that Arthur was a "Hot Number!"

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