The Arrangement

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2000 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Lesbian Erotic Sex Story: Pamela Jean Armstrong was leading the good life at Dawson, Davis and Douglas. That was until her golden goose was shown the door and his replacement wanted to negotiate a new arrangement.

Caution: This Lesbian Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   woman converts to lesbianism, lesbian seduces straight woman sex story.

Pamela Jean Armstrong stepped out of the elevator and toward the double glass doors with a purposeful strike in her step. The twenty-four-year-old blond paused for a moment as she checked her reflection in the glass, then opened the right door, stepping into the offices of Dawson, Davis and Douglas.

The clock on the wall read nine fifty, but the recently promoted Account Manager knew very well that no one was going to make any reference to her being late. Just as no one was ever going to tell her that the hem of her skirt or the deep cut of her neckline was more than simple office decorum dictated.

Quickly she passed down the long row of cubicles, knowing that every pair of eyes looked up as she passed. And why shouldn't they, she thought. After all, she was a very attractive woman. Most men would say beautiful.

It didn't seem like all too long ago that she had been one of the girls in the cubicles. Just another nameless, faceless nobody, slaving away nine to five. That might be all right for these losers, she thought, but Pamela Jean knew she was destined for better things. She was a girl who knew how to make the most of her assets. To get the most for what she had to offer.

Pamela had just reached the end of the row when she heard a voice call out from behind her. She couldn't be sure, but she'd bet even money that the voice had been that of Mary Sue Cox. Mary had started at Triple D over two years before her and had worked her way up to the Supervisor of the secretarial pool. In far less time, Pam had advanced far beyond that with a lot less effort.

The voice had said one single word.


Most women would've taken the accusation as the highest insult. Pamela Jean however reveled in the label. She had learned as long ago as her early teens that she had a body that men wanted. A body that they were willing to pay greatly to possess, if only temporarily.

It started out simply enough back in junior high. A boy might do her homework for the chance to look down her blouse. Even more, he might well do a research project to feel her breasts. Pamela had been fortunate enough to developed quite early and continue to do so until her bust rounded out at a 36C. Those that really went above and beyond might even get the chance to see them braless.

But it was in tenth grade, when she was sixteen that Pam discovered the real power. It was then that she discovered sex.

Her teacher had been her cousin Margo, a girl two years her senior. Using a banana as a prop, she'd taught the teenager how to give a blowjob. From that day on, Pam had wanted for almost nothing. A year later, she graduated to actual sex and the benefits gained increased even more.

Of course the other girls talked about her then, just as they did now. The men however, tripped over themselves to be with her. She also made another important discovery by the time she was a senior. Older men had a lot more to give, and married men were the best because they gave to be with you, then gave even more so their wives never found out.

From High School she moved onto College, where her grades benefited more from late afternoon blowjobs and weekend fucks than any actual work. Most of her professors were more than willing to trade a passing grade for a willing young piece of ass.

No, Pamela wasn't offended by being called a slut; she wore it with pride. At least she had the sense to use the gifts she'd been born with to get ahead, she always reminded herself.

The red-garbed young woman reached her objective, the small row of offices that housed the firm's senior and junior Vice-Presidents. The third office in line belonged to Paul Michael Ryan. He was the Vice-President in charge of her area, as well as her lover.

Pamela's big break to break out of the secretarial pool had come a year and a half ago. Ryan's Executive Secretary, a fifty-four year old battleaxe who seemed like she'd been with the firm forever, had been hospitalized for acute appendicitis. The then twenty-two-year-old hadn't been filling in for a week when she'd convinced Mr. Ryan of her superior dictation abilities.

Even after Jacqueline Bradley returned to work, Paul Ryan was always finding ways to include Pam on special projects. It wasn't long before she found herself promoted to Secretarial Assistant, handling most of the low level jobs that Jacqueline didn't have time for.

Of course by this time, she was screwing the fifty-two year old Ryan two to three times a week. If amazed her at times how much sexual energy the silver-gray haired businessman had during their trysts. Or how adventurous his sexual quirks had become over the course of their affair.

Yet Pamela Jean had never been one to complain about any of his requests, at least not so far. Not whenever he came up with something new for them to try, he always rewarded her enthusiasm with some new gift. A gift that was usually something quite expensive.

Just this weekend, Paul had expressed to her a desire to try anal sex. He had shown up at her apartment somewhat unexpectedly very late Saturday night and in something of a state. He'd told Pamela that he'd had a blowout fight with his wife and could he spend the night with her. At the same time, he insinuated that divorce might be in the future. With that carrot being held before her, there was no way she wasn't going to give in to his request.

Pamela Jean had never tried anal sex before, thinking that it would really hurt. She had been right, oh how she had been right. Paul Ryan wasn't the most endowed of men. In fact, if she was to be brutally honest, she found he was somewhat on the small size.

Despite that, he had fucked her ass with a painful vengeance. He acted as if this was going to be the last fuck of his life. She'd asked him to take it a little easier, but each time he seemed to get more and more aggressive. It was as if he was working off some anger and she was his punching bag. No, make that his fucking bag. By the time they'd done it for the fourth time late Sunday afternoon, Pamela's ass was as sore as she could ever had imagined.

Walking into Paul's office, Pamela tried to ignore Jacqueline Bradley sitting at her desk in the outer office and started to head right for the inner office.

"Excuse me, you can't go in there." Jacqueline said as she rose from her desk to block Pamela's way. "Mr. Davis is in there."

The mention of one of the senior partners gave Pamela pause. Walking in on a meeting between him and Paul wouldn't be a smart idea.

"I'll just wait then." Pamela said defiantly as she turned and dropped into one of the large comfortable chairs on the far wall.

Jacqueline returned to her desk and picked up the report she had been working on. She read a little more of it and a broad smile filled her face. The older woman looked up at Pamela, waiting until they made eye contact.

"Now what the hell is that old bitch grinning at." Pamela though when she became aware of her gaze.

Pamela smiled back, a wicked grin that said she was the one with the power. Paul's original Executive Secretary had retired due to illness some three years before and Jacqueline took her place. Her own boss had also recently retired unexpectedly.

Pam knew Jacqueline had held her in contempt for months. Ever since the night the older woman had come back to the office to pick up some papers from her desk. The Executive Secretary had heard sounds from the inner office and thinking Ryan was working late for some reason, popped her head in to see if he needed something.

Anything Ryan needed at that moment was more than being provided by Pamela Jean. The newly promoted Secretarial Assistant was spread face down over the large mahogany desk, her white dress up around her waist and her panties down around one ankle. Ryan was standing behind Pamela, his back to the door. His shirt and jacket were scattered on the floor; his pants were down around his own ankles.

Jacqueline kept silent as she watched for a few moments as Ryan's bare ass moved back and forth; his cock buried deep in his new assistant's pussy. It was at that moment that Pamela had shifted her head to the left and seen her at the door. Evidently, Pam wasn't as into what was happening as Paul Ryan was and had heard the door open.

Pamela had flashed her a "don't you wish it was you" smile and called out for Ryan to fuck her harder. By the time her boss increased his efforts to comply, Jacqueline was long gone.

"I bet she still wishes it was her getting screwed that night," Pamela thought as a still smiling Jacqueline went back to her report. "As if anyone would want to screw that old bag. I'll bet she hadn't been laid since Nixon was President, if even then."

Ten minutes went by as Pamela sat cooling her heels and Jacqueline went on reading her report. All the time, her smile grew larger and larger. Finally, the door opened and out came the senior partner.

"You handle it anyway you like," John Davis said as the tall sixty-nine-year-old exited the inner office, still looking inside as he walked. "You're in total charge now and we have every confidence in your ability to take care of this."

Seeing a chance to perhaps advance herself more, Pamela jumped up and rushed over to Mr. Davis. Turning his head forward as he moved, he only caught sight of her at the last moment before he crashed into her. As it was, he found himself looking right down at Pam's well-displayed breasts.

"Mr. Davis, hello," Pam said as she took a long, deep breath to further emphasize her large mounds. "I'm Pamela Armstrong, we met at the Christmas party last year."

John Davis turned his eyes away from the blonde's chest without any reaction. The bald old man merely nodded a goodbye to Jacqueline and walked out of the room.

"Goddamn old queer didn't even react." Pam thought in a mixture of disappointment and anger as she watched him snub her and leave. "If he still gets it up, I bet it's from watching little boys."

Watching Davis leave, Pam didn't notice Jacqueline dial the interoffice on her telephone.

"Miss Armstrong is here to see you." she finally heard Jacqueline say.

The Executive Secretary took what Pamela considered far too long on the phone. Acting as if she was listening to something on the other end. The younger woman was sure she was just taking a perverse pleasure in making her wait just a little longer.

"You can go in now, Miss Armstrong." Jacqueline said in a professional tone as she hung up the phone.

"Of course." Pamela said, trying to exert her real authority. "As if I ever needed to ask for an appointment," she mentally added. "Just you wait, you old bitch, pretty soon I'm going to convince Paul to get rid of you for good. Then we'll see if you still have that stupid grin on your face."

As the inner door closed behind Pamela, Jacqueline Ann Bradley had to cover her face. In all her thirty plus years at Dawson, Davis and Douglas, never had she acted in anything other than a professional manner. This time, she could no longer keep from expressing an urge that had been building inside of her since the moment that Pamela had arrogantly walked into the office. Cupping her hands around her mouth to keep the sound from spreading too far, the fifty-four year old woman began to laugh.

"Good Morning Paul," Pam said as she strode into the room. "I hope you're feeling as good as I am this morning. Of course we both know who's responsible for my feeling so good."

Paul's high back executive chair was turned around facing the window so she couldn't see the reaction on his face. Nevertheless, she knew he loved it when she pumped up his ego. Not as much as he loved her pumping up other things of course.

The large chair turned in reaction to her presence. Pamela Jean put on her best smile; a happy face that quickly turned to confusion as the chair completed its turn.

"I'm afraid Paul isn't here." the forty-three-year-old woman sitting there said.

Pamela's face dropped as she looked into the face of Victoria Baxter, the youngest of the firm's Vice-Presidents. Victoria headed the legal division and was rumored to be the senior partner's hatchet lady. Five seven with a trim proportional figure, she had curly light brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was, most people would say, quite attractive for her age.

"Where's Paul?" Pamela asked, a slight bit of annoyance in her voice.

"I'm afraid that Mr. Ryan is no longer with us here at Triple D." Victoria said with an equal bit of satisfaction.

"What?" Pamela said in shock. "How, when?"

Victoria took a few long moments before giving any answer, enjoying the look of panic on Pamela's face.

"Well as to the when," she began with a satisfied smile. "Mr. Ryan and the firm parted ways last Friday afternoon."

"Friday afternoon!" Pamela's mind screamed. "Friday afternoon."

The realization that Paul had spent the weekend with her, never telling her that he'd left the company made her face turn pale. All of that crap about a fight with his wife and a possible divorce had been just that — crap.

Victoria noted Pamela's reaction and knew the reason why. Jim Stanton over in Marketing was a long time drinking and whoring buddy of Ryan's. He was also someone who owed Victoria quite a few markers. Ryan had met him last night for one last drink and couldn't help brag about how he'd screwed his office toy one last time. Victoria wondered if Pam's ass was still sore.

"As to the why," Victoria continued after giving Pam enough time for the implications to sink in. "Internal audit has been doing a review of Mr. Ryan's expenses for quite some time now, and they'd found enough irregularities to warrant an investigation."

"An investigation?" Pamela asked, worry in her voice. "Irregularities?"

"Well let's just say that Mr. Ryan was a little too liberal in his use of company funds for personal expenses and leave it at that."

The blonde's mind flashed to all the little gifts Paul had given her over the last year. Those and the two-week-long vacation they had taken together. Paul had made a big joke one morning after they'd finished rocking the sheets that they should discussion some current projects so he could claim the trip was a business expense. At the time at least, she had thought it was a joke.

"Is Paul going to jail?" Pamela asked, the panic still racing through her.

"It was a consideration," Victoria said. "But the Executive Board decided the negative publicity wasn't worth it. Especially after Mr. Ryan offered to make full restitution and then quietly resign."

A wave of relief passed over the twenty-four-year-old. Paul Ryan might have turned out to be a first class prick, but she still wouldn't want to see him wind up in jail. He'd used her, she now realized, just as she had used him. He'd gotten what he wanted, just as she had gotten what she'd wanted. It had been a fair enough exchange.

"The partner's have decide that I will now be taking over Mr. Ryan's responsibilities in addition to my own." Victoria offered as a last bit of information.

The thought that she was now working for this cold woman made Pamela shudder. It was time to get out of here, she thought.

"Well I'm sure you have a lot to do then." Pam quickly said as she began to turn to leave. "Please feel free to call on me if you need anything from me, anything at all."

"One minute, Miss Armstrong." Victoria said loudly in an authoritative tone that caused the younger woman to pause in midstep, a cold hand gripping her heart.

Time hung suspended as Pamela hesitantly turned back around.

"Actually it's fortunate that you came in here this morning," Victoria said, a slight smile at the curve of her lips. "It saves me the trouble of sending for you. It seems that you are the first order of business our departed Mr. Ryan has left me with."

"Excuse me." Pamela said.

"Miss Bradley," Victoria said into the phone she had picked up. "Would you please bring me the Robinson file."

"The Robinson file?" Pamela thought. "What does she want with the Robinson file?"

Robinson Dynamics was the first account she had handled after her promotion. It was a pretty simple transaction, one of the reasons Paul had assigned it to her. One she couldn't fuck up was actually the way he had put it. The office door opened and Jacqueline walked in, file in hand. Pamela now realized that had been the file the Secretary had been reading in the outer office. She handed Victoria the thick file then turned to leave just as quickly. As she passed Pamela, still standing in the middle of the office, Jacqueline flashed her another little smile.

As the door closed behind the older woman, Victoria took a few minutes to look through the pages of the large binder. She made no attempt to offer Pam a seat and the Account Manager decided simply taking one might be a bad move.

Having her stand rather than sit, waiting for Victoria to finish checking the report was a physiological tactic Pam finally decided. A little something to keep her off balance. She dimly remembered something like that from one of her college classes, one of the few she actually had to pay attention to as it had a female professor. Pamela wished she remembered more about it but as it was she barely got a passing grade in the course. Whatever it was, she finally decided, it was working.

With a deep sign of astonishment, Victoria closed the files and turned her full attention back to Pamela. If she looked close enough, she might have been able to pick out the small beads of perspiration forming on the many exposed parts of the younger woman's body.

"When Paul Ryan promoted you out of the bullpen," Victoria started in a cold professional tone, referring to the cubicle space in the outer offices. "No one in upper management had any real illusions about why he had done it. We were well aware of the problems he was having in his personal life and willing to allow him a certain latitude as it were in his dealings with you. Triple D policy has always been to give their employees, regardless of their position, pretty much a free reign as long as their relationships weren't detrimental to the good of the company and of course consensual. From what we were able to observe, and I have to say it wasn't that hard to do so in your case, your relationship with Ryan was actually to the advantage to the company, at least initially. Ryan was happy again and even better at his job we'd have to admit. It was also quite obvious that your participation was not only consensual, but highly enthusiastic."

Pamela couldn't argue with anything Victoria had said so far. All of it was true.

"It did however raise some concern when you were suddenly promoted to be an Account Manager." Victoria continued. "It was felt that you lacked the experience for such a position. Still we wanted to give Ryan's judgment the benefit of the doubt. However, just to be on the safe side, they assigned an observer to keep an eye on you."

"Observer read spy." Pamela thought.

"Which brings us to the Robinson account." said Victoria as she pulled a sheet of paper from the folder and read from it. "Our original proposal was for Robinson Dynamics to buy 15 Stonewell K-7 modules from Triple D for fifteen thousand each. As an added incentive, we were going to include six months free maintenance on the modules. The motivation being that they would later buy another 15 in six months, this time without the free maintenance. Was this the understanding you had when you were given the account?"

"Yes," Pamela said defensively. "And in the end I convinced the head of their aerospace division to buy 30 modules in one purchase instead, guaranteeing that we made the sale."

What Pam didn't add to her response was the fact that she had closed the deal at three in the morning in the bed of Robinson's representative. They had a business dinner in which he spent half the dinner looking down her dress.

"God that man was boring," Pamela remembered. "And I thought Paul was a lousy lover. It was all I could do to stay awake while he was screwing me."

"And at the same time extending the free service to twelve months. Victoria stated.

"I did the math," Pamela Jean interrupted. "And the profit we made on the sale of the 30 modules, even with the service contracts, was still inside the profit guidelines."

Actually, she hadn't done the math. She tried but quickly realized it was over her head. Paul had been away in Chicago that week on an actual business trip, so she couldn't run to him for help. Instead she reverted to a practice that had worked so well for her in high school and college.

There was this summer intern working in the department that everyone was praising as a whiz kid. Pamela struck up a conversation with the awkward teen and asked him to lunch, sort of a welcome to the firm sort of thing. Lunch had ended with a blowjob for dessert. After that, the young man was more than willing to help and do the math for her. It was a pity he had to go back to school a few weeks later, she had lamented, he'd been the most fun she'd had in months.

"Well when you did the math, maybe you should've done the research too. At least have read the engineering specs that were in the files you were given." Victoria said in a hard tone. "If you had, you'd have known that less than 10% of the K-7's require any maintenance at all in the first six months, but close to 80% need it in the second six. Additionally, if they are run beyond the recommended six-month user life, they then need to be totally rebuilt. A rebuild that you now gave away for free."

She paused to give Pamela time to really understand what she had said.

"So now," Victoria concluded. "Instead of buying any new K-7's, Robinson Dynamics gets 30 rebuilt modules free of charge. So instead of a guaranteed profit, we actually suffer a loss on this deal."

"Oh shit." Pamela said under her breath.

"Oh shit indeed." Victoria said, having heard Pamela.

Another long awkward pause filled the room, until after a long hard shallow, Pamela said.

"I guess this is the point where Dawson, Davis and Douglas and I part company as well."

"That would seem to be the easiest solution," Victoria said as she got out of her chair and began to walk around her desk. "But I'm not sure yet if it's a solution that I want to take."

"I don't understand." a confused Pamela said.

"Well I think a great deal of the blame here has to lie with Paul Ryan." Victoria explained. "That he put his girlfriend on his personal staff, well that sort of thing has been going on for longer than you could ever imagine. That he then went further and promoted her to a position of responsibility to which she was in no way qualified for, well that was extremely poor judgment."

Pamela almost wanted to laugh when Victoria referred to her as Paul's girlfriend. She was hardly that, she was just a girl he liked to fuck. If was funny how quickly her opinion of Paul was changing now that their relationship was definitely over.

"So the question remains," Victoria was going on. "What do we do with you? It's obvious that you can't continue as an Account Manager."

The younger woman had to agree with that, however reluctantly.

"When I came in early this morning, I had considered the idea of sending you back to the bullpen."

That suggestion was definitely not to Pamela's liking. She couldn't deal with those women again, especially after lording it over them for all these months. Aside from that, there was a big issue of salary to consider. Pam had come to like the lifestyle her job as a Secretarial Assistant and then as an Account Manager had provided her with. Back when she was just another girl in the bullpen, the best she could do was share an apartment with two other girls. Now, her credit card bill alone took up a quarter of her salary.

"But when I approached Mary Cox about the possibility, she was incredible hostile to the idea," said Victoria. "She even went so far as to suggest that you weren't even qualified to be behind the counter at Burger Barn, much less any here at Triple D."

"Mary and I have a few issues." Pam said.

"No doubt." Victoria said as she leaned against the front edge of her desk. "Still the question remains, what will I do with you? Do you have any suggestions?"

Pamela started to open her mouth to say something, then stopped. There wasn't a single thing she really felt she was qualified to do that didn't involve her being either on her knees or her back.

"I don't supposed there's an opening for corporate whore." she said half-heartedly.

"No, I don't think so." Victoria said as she couldn't help but smile. "At least not in this politically correct age."

The older woman let Pamela think about the question a little longer, just to see if she came up with any more serious suggestions. Three long minutes later, none had been forthcoming.

"Can we talk frankly, Pamela, I can call you Pamela can't I?" Victoria asked.

"Of course." Pamela Jean quickly responded to both questions.

"Good." Victoria smiled. "Well since we are talking frankly, tell me, were you happy being Paul Ryan's slut? I'm not being judgmental in calling you that, but that is how most people in this office saw you."

It was funny but in all the months she had Paul had been doing it, she never really asked herself that question. She had just taken it for granted that was the way for her to get ahead, just as it had been a way for her to get through school.

"I guess in some ways I was, and some ways not so much." she finally responded. "I mean the sex wasn't always that great, but sometimes it was exciting trying new things or letting him be in control."

"Trying new things and letting him be in control," Victoria repeated as if she wanted to make sure she had heard Pamela correctly. "Excellent."

The statement confused Pamela but before she could seek clarification, Victoria had already gone on.

"You know, I really don't hold it against you for using your sexual assets to try and get a leg up, so to speak." she said. "That has been going on since the day Eve offered Adam the apple. What I am disappointed with is that you didn't make the most of any advantage you might have gained. Instead of learning that skills that might actually have eventually qualified you for that Account Manager's position, you settled for shiny baubles like some primitive tribeswoman."

Pamela had never really thought about it like that. Victoria was right, she had wasted her opportunities. Why hadn't she seen that?

"Because I'm an idiot." Pamela silently concluded.

"You know," Victoria said as she changed the subject. At least Pam thought she was changing the subject. "Since I'm now going to be running two departments, I'm entitled to a second Secretarial Assistant."

That statement immediately caught Pamela' attention.

"You'd want me to be your assistant?" she asked incredibly.

"Perhaps..." Victoria replied.

"But we've already established that I'm not good at much of anything business related." Pamela said realistically.

"Perhaps you just need a second chance to make the most of your opportunities." answered Victoria, a strange look in her eyes.

"I'm afraid I don't understand." Pamela said.

"It's said, people should do what they do best." Victoria said. "And then take it from there."

"But all I've ever been good at was..." Pamela Jean started to say, then thought she realized where this conversation was going. "What I joked about before, you want me to be some kind of corporate whore? Someone to sleep with clients and such?"

"Would you do something like that?" Victoria asked out of curiosity.

"I ... I'm not sure." she replied.

"It was just a question." Victoria said. "Since you brought it up. Corporate whore isn't what I was suggesting."

"Then what?"

"If you could start all over with Paul, what would you do differently." Victoria asked as she stepped closer to Pamela.

"I guess what you said earlier. Make sure that this time I would get something more out of the relationship. Something more important than just a few trinkets."

"Very good." the brunette smiled as she stopped just in front of the blond. "You've just shown that you can learn when you have the chance. Sometimes all a girl needs is a little guidance. Maybe a firm hand once in a while."

"Tell me, Pamela..." Victoria asked as she reached up and stoked the younger woman's cheek. "Have you ever had another woman as a lover?"

Pamela took her time in answering. In college and a few times after, the opportunity to be with a woman had presented itself but she had never really been curious enough to try it. Several times during her affair with Paul, if that was what you could call it, the older man had suggested that they try a three way with another girl.

Of course he wanted Pam to come up with the other girl as well, someone as young and endowed as she was. Every time he brought it up again, she always put her off saying that she couldn't find a girl she felt comfortable enough with to try. The last time Paul had asked, he said that he would pay for a professional escort if she couldn't convince a friend. She had told him she would have to think about that.

"No, I haven't." She finally replied.

"Have you ever wanted to?" Victoria asked as she brought her hand down and placed her fingers on the exposed top of Pamela Jean's breasts.

The sudden flesh to flesh contact made the younger woman suddenly gasp.

"Before you answer," Victoria said. "Let me say a few things first. As I'm quite sure that you've already guessed, I'm a lesbian. Now that's not exactly a secret to most of the management team here at Triple D. While I don't have a sign on my desk that says lesbian, I don't make any effort to hide it either. It's just who I am. When you get to my level, a firm is much more interested in what you deliver on a business level than who shares the other side of your bed."

Actually, until five minutes ago, Pamela hadn't figured out that Victoria was gay. She always thought that she was a bitch, but never a dyke.

"I'm also sure you've figured that I find you very desirable." she went on. "I confess that I've always had a weakness for beautiful young women. Especially if they have, what shall I call it, a bit of the slut in them."

Pamela had to admit to herself that certainly described her. She was also very aware that Victoria's hand had again moved lower and her fingers were now pressed against Pamela's nipple. A nipple, Pam was surprised to discover, that had grown hard at her touch.

"I want to be quite clear at what I'm proposing here. What I'm talking about here is an arrangement. One similar to that you had with Paul Ryan, but one that I can promise would be much more beneficial to you. You will give me what I need, and I will see to it that you get what you so desperately need. You will also work, and I promise you my dear, you will work hard. This is not going to be a free ride. You will learn the skills you need to succeed. And along the way, you might discover other things about yourself as well. Things you might never have considered before."

When Victoria finally finished, Pamela's head was spinning. It was a lot to take in at once. In just an hour, the world she had built up for herself over the past year had been swept away. It was too much for her to sort out right now.

The new Vice-President of Sales realized this as she stopped stroking Pamela's breasts through her dress and took a step back. She picked up a pad from the desk and quickly wrote something on it. Ripping the page off the pad, she used a paperclip to attach a business card to the paper as well. Then reached out and offered both to Pamela.

"On the paper is the address of my apartment uptown," Victoria said as Pam took the offered paper. "I want you to take a few days off to sort this all out in your head. If you decide that you want to take me up on my offer, be there Friday night at eight o'clock. Wear something appropriate."

Pamela looked at the address and thought it was in a pretty exclusive part of town. Then she took a look at the business card that was also attached to the note.

"That card," Victoria explained, "Belongs to a friend of mine named Blair Scott. She and I belong to a sort of businesswoman's society. She also is head of personel for McMurphy Industries. If you decide my offer isn't for you, give her a call on Monday morning. I'll talk to her before then and I'm sure she'll be able to find something for you in the way of employment. It might not be what you have gotten used to over the last year, but it'll be a place to start over."

Pamela was to say the very least, stunned. She stared at the paper and card, which she held in separate hands. One minute, Victoria was doing her best to seduce her, then the next she tells her to go home and take the rest of the week to think about it. Oh and by the way, just in case you want to tell me to fuck off, here's the card for someone who will give you a new job.

"If this was Paul standing here right now," Pamela thought as the scattered thoughts in her head crashed against each other. "I'd be on my knees by now, sucking his cock at the least."

"Well as you said a little while ago," Victoria said as she went back behind her desk. "I am going to be quite busy today so I'd better get started. Please ask Jacqueline to come in on your way out."

With that, Victoria picked up a new pile of papers from her desk and began to read them. She didn't seem to notice as Pamela backed out of the office. In fact, few people took notice of Pamela as she quietly left the office for the rest of the week.

"What do you think, Jacqueline?" Victoria said as she handed the older woman the papers she had just signed. "Will she or won't she?"

"I really don't know." she said as she smiled at her new boss. "And I have to say again, I really don't understand why you'd ever want to bother with trash like that. You know I never held it against Mr. Ryan for having a little fling on the side. I've met his wife and a nastier bitch I'd never want to meet. What you see in that girl is beyond me."

Victoria looked up into the older woman's eyes and smiled. A smile both warm and full of familiarity.

"Maybe a little of the same thing you saw in me when I first started here." Victoria laughed. "Remember what you said to me the first time you took me home. That I was brilliant but still very undisciplined. You changed that, didn't you?"

"I guess that I did." Jacqueline mused as she thought back of the torrid affair they had back when she was thirty-two and Victoria fresh out of college.

"Be sure to give Christine my love," Victoria said as Jacqueline started to leave her to the pile of work on her desk. "Tell her I always envy her, spending the last twenty years with you."

"Liar," the older woman laughed before exiting through the door. "We both know long term relationships were never your style. You're too attracted to cute young things."

"I guess you do know me too well." Victoria said as the door closed behind Jacqueline.

Victoria paused from her labors and remembered how soft Pamela's breast had felt beneath her fingers. It was a memory she carried with her long after she went back to work.

Pamela couldn't believe how fast the next four days sped by. It seemed like she went to bed Monday night and woke up Friday morning. Or more precisely Friday afternoon as the day was more than half over before she crawled out of bed. Victoria's deadline was less than eight hours away and she still wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

One thing she was sure of. The job at McMurphy Industries was real enough. She'd called Blair Scott on Wednesday and scheduled an interview for Monday morning. Ms. Scott had assured her that the interview was just a formality as there was no chance she was going to let slip the chance to do a favor for her friend Victoria. It was just a matter of finding out where she would best fit in the McMurphy family she had said.

Just in case, Pamela went out and got her hair done. It was short notice but the girl at the mail said they could fit her in about three thirty. She was so pleased with the haircut, she gave the girl a more than generous tip.

She had a quick bite to eat at the food court, giving in to her weakness for junk food. Biting into the cheeseburger, she knew she would be paying for this on the treadmill tomorrow. That was, of course if she didn't find some alternate exercise before then.

The tall blond really wasn't paying much attention to the stores she passed, until something totally new caught her eye.

"This wasn't here the last time I was in the mall." Pamela thought as she looked at all the displays in the windows. "If this isn't fate, I don't know what is. I should at least check it out." she added as she stepped inside the small shop.

Given her lifestyle, she found it funny that this was the first time she had ever been in a Victoria's Secret boutique. Pam walked around the store, taking stock of all the wonderful lingerie that had to offer. A pretty redheaded saleswoman in her early thirties offered to help, but Pamela said she was just looking.

She was just about to leave when she spotting a scrumptious bra and panty combo. Immediately she knew she wasn't going to leave the store without it.

"We have that in a wide assortment of colors." the saleswoman said, having come back over when she saw Pamela's interest. "What color are you looking for?"

"I wonder what Victoria's favorite color is." Pamela mused without thinking about what she was saying.

A moment later it hit her. She realized that even though she hadn't realized it, she had already made up her mind. Come eight-thirty, she would be standing at Victoria's door.

"Is there a particular color you're looking for?" the saleswoman repeated.

"Oh," Pamela said, snapping back to reality. "I really hadn't thought about it."

"With your hair color and skin, I think the emerald green would look lovely on you." the saleswoman suggested.

Pam looked at the small plastic wrapped package the saleswoman had taken from under the display case. She suddenly remembered Victoria wearing a dress that color at last year's Christmas party. Strange how something like that sticks in your mind.

"These will be fine," Pamela Jean said. "I'll take them. I'm planning to wear them tonight. Is there a place I could try them on. I'd like to see how they look."

"I'm afraid that's against store policy when it comes to panties. Especially ones so delicate" the woman said. "I'm sure you understand."

"I'll pay for them first." Pamela said.

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