The Honeymoon of Sarah and Greg: Days 2-3: Somewhereover Party

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: This story covers days 2 and 3 of Sarah and Greg's Honeymoon. For those new to the series, know that Sarah is a woman in all respects except for one - she has a penis. Also note that the SomewhereOver Club is modeled after my understanding of Rainbow Group Hawaii, which is an actual swinger's group in Honolulu. My club is based on what I read about the Rainbow Group with some artistic license mixed in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Shemale   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

When Sarah and Greg woke up to his alarm at 7:30 Monday morning, they found themselves comfortably entwined with each other with their faces about a foot apart, and with such a glorious "in love" feeling that they didn't mind the others morning breath. Sarah leaned across the pillow and kissed her beloved to start the day. Greg couldn't help but smile.

Not wanting to lose the close contact, but realizing that they needed to get ready for the day, they slowly pulled back their arms and legs. Eventually, they were separated and sitting on the edge of their respective sides of the bed, feet on the floor.

The tour bus would leave at 9, so they moved through their morning ritual with plenty of breaks to run a hand across the others ass or to steal a kiss. They had been together for close to a year and a half, but something as simple as a touch still thrilled them.

A little after 8, they were in the elevator heading down to the complimentary breakfast provided. It wasn't much, but it was enough to sustain them until lunch. By 8:30, they were back in the room, brushing their teeth. By 8:35, they were topless beside the bed, with the intent to spread the sunscreen on. Seeing his wife's beautiful breasts and tits impelled Greg to skip the sunscreen and move in for some good old fashioned necking and fondling. Soon they were sitting on the bed together, lips pressed against each other while their hands explored the others sensitive areas.

They each fought against the urge to strip completely; Greg was losing his battle, but Sarah, on the other hand, was able to refocus on the day and pulled away from Greg's embrace. Before Greg could bring her back into his lustful realm, she cautioned, "As much as staying in the room is appealing, and the thought of fucking you all day makes my blood rush to my cock, we really should save our energy for tonight."

Greg accepted it begrudgingly, and she continued, "How about we put our hands to something more productive and spread some sunscreen?" She didn't really wait for an answer, as she stood up and handed the bottle of sunscreen to him. He pouted a little (in an adorable, not childish, way), but he knew she was right. He stood, put some sunscreen on his hands, and applied it all over her back and shoulders. When he was facing her, he grinned, muttered something about "just in case", and applied some to her chest, taking a little extra time at her nipples.

Sarah was about to give him "the look", but soon her eyes were closed, and she was taking in big breaths of air. He was so tempted to push it further, but logic trumped lust (for now), and he finished with her arms, calves, and ankles. Everything else would be covered up.

Next, he stood, and she applied some to his face, arms, neck, and just a little on his nipple – to get back at him. He suddenly felt the urge to throw her onto the bed and fuck her, but she preempted his actions by declaring him done and finishing getting dressed.

As they both put on the finishing touches, Greg brought up their plan for tonight. "I've been thinking about tonight," he started.

"So have I," she replied.

Greg continued, "More specifically, I think our ground rules from the 'day of exploration' are still in effect."

Sarah recalled them, "We reserve our cum exclusively for ourselves, and if either of us say the safety word, we stop without question." She looked at him. "I completely agree."

Greg nodded and said, "I want to add two more, since this potentially involves more than just us and our being exhibitionists. We are free talk to each other at any time during the party, no matter what is going on at that time, and afterward we will talk to make sure we're okay."

"I assume that rule 3 is different from rule 2 in that if one of says the safety word, we are leaving, and with rule 3, we talk about it at the party." Greg nodded, and Sarah agreed to the additional rules.

He added, "I don't want us to regret anything we do, because I would be lost without you."

She to the few steps over him, kissed him on the lips, and hugged him. "You can't get rid of me that easily; I'm here to stay." Then she promised, "We will talk through any issues no matter how uncomfortable."

They hugged again, and then took a few moments to unstick the bits of clothing which stuck to the sunscreen which hadn't dried yet. A little before 9, the young couple was in the lobby waiting to board the bus.

Shortly after the tour bus arrived, they boarded and found seats which happened to be across the aisle from Robert and Nancy from New York, also on their honeymoon. With this initial common bond, the four of them ended up hanging out together for the day, enjoying the company.

When the bus arrived back at the hotel, and the group had disembarked, Robert stood there with his arm around Nancy. He looked at Greg and Sarah and said, "Would you two like to join us for dinner?"

Greg responded, "Thank you for the invitation, but we have other plans."

Sarah chimed in, "How about tomorrow night?"

"Sounds like fun," Nancy replied.

The two couples parted ways. When Greg and Sarah got back to their room, they were still feeling apprehensive. Sarah broke the ice, "Greg, do we want to check out the SomewhereOver Group gathering?"

"I keep going back and forth on it," he said. "But my current thinking is that we go. Since we have a car, we can drive there. If we're uncomfortable, we'll use the safety word, we leave, and we talk about it, so it's not hanging over us." He knew that once his libido flared up, he would not be able to make a rational decision. He was trying to approach the decision with logic hoping that would be able to spare himself angst later, but he knew in his heart he was using "logic" as an excuse to rationalize his desire to go.

Sarah, trying to convince herself, added, "It would be like watching live porn, I guess. I can handle that." They did not watch porn regularly, but occasionally over the past year or so, both would have the urge to watch. (They did pick up new things to try, some of which they did more than once, some of which they would never do again, and some of which they were not athletic enough to accomplish even once.)

So they decided to go. Since they had eaten a heavy snack about an hour and a half earlier, and they still had sunscreen all over their bodies, they cleaned themselves inside and outside, dried off, and got dressed – slightly better than they had earlier that day. She wore her traditional blouse and skirt, and he wore a shirt with a collar and khaki slacks. Greg pulled the address out of his wallet and checked Google maps on how to get there. They left feeling excited and nervous, but knew that since they weren't prisoners, they could leave whenever they wanted.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived at the hotel where the party was located. Greg and Sarah looked at each other silently with a "do we really want to do this" look. They answered by getting out of the car, locking it, and walking toward the lobby. Soon they were entering the hotel and looking for the elevators to take them to the top floor, where the party was being held.

When they arrived at the suite, they were welcomed warmly by the host, Xavier, and hostess, Violet, who went over the ground rules with the new couple, like they do for all newcomers.

Violet started off, "Welcome to our party. We really hope you have fun and are safe." She was so warm and genuine when she said this. "First off, the safety: 'No!' means 'No!' No one should ever be forced to do anything he or she does not want to do. This is a relaxed and friendly group of people, but if you want to see that change, then try to bully someone into doing something she's uncomfortable with." Violet looked very stern.

"Has this been a problem before?" asked Greg.

Xavier answered, "Once, early on. In the end, everyone was safe, but we emphasize it because it could have easily gone the other way. We also have a safeguard in place – I hire a bouncer who is in the suite across the hall, on-call until the last person leaves. In case of trouble, he's here in 10 seconds; we timed it." Then Xavier smiled, "But tonight, you two are the only new couple. Since we have played with everyone else before, I would be shocked if anything spoiled our fun."

Sarah asked quietly, "You know about me?"

Violet turned to her and assured her, "Oh yes. Honey, tonight, you are among the most accepting group of people I have ever known. With this group, if anyone has a problem with it, they will just ignore you and continue having their own fun." She put her hand on Sarah's arm. "You are among friends." Sarah could not help but relax with Violet's assurance.

Violet continued going over the rules, "Although we want everyone to participate, no one is obligated to do anything. However, if anyone leaves the suite, then that person can not return for the night." She paused to let it sink in. "Lastly, all doors, other than the one to the hotel hallway, are to remain unlocked at all times. If people are in a bedroom, no one is held against his or her will, and anyone may enter to join in if the engaged parties agree, to help if requested, and / or just to watch. The door to the hotel hallway will be locked only to people outside the room, other than the bouncer in an emergency; it would never be chained or bolted. If anyone seems out of control, we will make sure that person and his or her partner leave the party and can get home safely."

Xavier finished up the opening rules, "Bottom line, everyone should have fun, and everyone should be safe."

Although Greg and Sarah relaxed more with how friendly the hosts were, they were still very nervous about the night. However, they understood and agreed. Hand-in-hand they walked farther into the suite, seeing a few couples already there talking like old friends. Before she got there, Sarah had pictured their walking into a Roman orgy, but this early in the evening it seemed more like a dinner party. In the kitchen area, there were snacks and drinks, which ranged from water to whiskey. In the main area, there were several couches and faux animal skin rugs. There were three bedrooms off this main area, and another one off of the kitchen.

As more people arrived, they introduced themselves, and before long Greg and Sarah were talking to one particular married couple, Lisa and Mark.

Lisa asked Sarah and Greg, "How did you hear about this party?"

Our couple went on to explain their adventures a few months earlier and the subsequent events which had led to them being there. When Greg mentioned that they were on their honeymoon, Lisa looked down, saw the wedding ring, and squealed with delight. She hugged Sarah, telling her, "Congratulations!" and Mark shook Greg's hand.

Soon, Greg returned the conversation to normal, "From what Violet said, this is not your first time here?"

"Oh, no," Mark replied. "This is our," he looked at Lisa to confirm, "tenth time?"

"That's right," Lisa agreed.

"Was it strange the first time?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, yes!" Lisa nodded for emphasis, "Quite," Lisa answered. "We just watched the first two times. We relaxed enough on our third visit to have sex in front of other people. By the fourth visit, we opened up to other people – more of a group thing, and by the fifth time, we enjoyed other people separately – Mark and I were in different rooms most of the night. We still love each other very much, but we understand that tasting other dishes is not unhealthy as long as we are honest with each other about it. Also, we really enjoy seeing each other experience pleasure or knowing that our love allows us to experience pleasure in different ways. Besides, everyone here is just so friendly."

Greg responded, "I'm not sure how comfortable I'm going to get tonight; this is so new." He paused. "Actually, I really don't have any desire to be with anyone except Sarah." Lisa smiled at the newlyweds.

Mark changed the topic, "Where are you from?"

Sarah told them, prompting Lisa to exclaim, "How neat! I travel there about twice a year on business."

"That seems like a long way to send you. What do you do?" Sarah asked, and Lisa told them, explaining why she had to be the one to go. However, she did not want to spend too much time talking about work, since it might spoil the mood.

As soon the last couple, Art and Kelly, arrived and Violet closed the door, Xavier announced, "All sixteen of us are here, so relax, be safe, and have fun."

Mark noticed Kelly had just arrived and said to Greg, Sarah, and Lisa, "If you will excuse me, I haven't seen Kelly in a while, so I'll go say hello to her." With that, Mark peeled away from the group and headed over to talk to Kelly. Her husband, Art, saw Lisa from across the room, waved, and headed over.

Lisa turned to Greg and Sarah and said, "The gentleman coming over is Art." Lisa's voice became more sultry as she added, "a very sexy lover." A lustful grin came over her as Art walked closer. When he reached the three of them, Lisa made introductions, "Art, this Sarah and Greg. This is their first time here, and it happens to be their honeymoon. They seem to have some exhibitionism in them." Greg laughed since he had never been introduced like that before.

Art smiled and extended his hand. "Congratulations and welcome to the party. It is always nice to have two more beautiful people among us." Greg shook his hand, and Sarah extended hers which Art took and kissed. Greg's twinge of jealousy showed on his face, which Art caught. Art turned to Greg and said quietly, "Don't worry. I am not here to mess anything up between you two." Greg smiled, appreciating the sensitivity.

Art looked around and observed, "Okay there are sixteen of us here, but I'm counting nine women and seven men. That's unusual."

"How so?" Greg asked.

Lisa answered, "Well, usually they like to keep the same number of men and women." She thought a moment more and then added, "I wonder what's different?" Greg looked at Sarah who blushed slightly. Greg was waiting to hear the safety word, but it did not come.

Art put his arm around Lisa, and the conversation shifted. The four of them talked for a few more minutes, until Art's hand was rubbing Lisa's ass, prompting Lisa to giggle and to say, "Excuse me. I believe it is time for Art and me to have our own experience. If you two would like to join us or watch, then please, do." Lisa smiled as she and Art went to the couch on the other side of the main room. Soon Lisa's blouse was off, and Art was unclasping her bra, while nibbling on her neck.

After Lisa and Art walked away, a few other people came over to chat briefly with the newcomers. They weren't over to talk really, but to suggest some private time with Greg or with Sarah or with Greg and Sarah. When our couple hesitated, they were met with a friendly hope that they change their minds.

Throughout this, Sarah and Greg had been holding hands, and her grip on his hand had been slowly tightening over the twenty minutes since they started. Having sex deliberately in front of other people was a whole lot easier in thought than in practice. They realized that it was very different from the possibility of someone seeing them, like a few months prior. They found it strange that in a place where it would totally okay for them to have sex, they were more reserved than they were in the elevator or in the park.

Greg and Sarah looked over at Art and Lisa and watched with great interest, since neither have seen this type thing outside of video. Art had undone her bra revealing huge breasts – not too big for her frame, but large enough to seem enhanced. As Art sucked hungrily at one of her tits, Lisa looked over and saw Greg and Sarah watching. She smiled and gestured with her hand to come over, which they did, still holding hands. Art broke off for moment.

He looked up trying at first to remember, "Greg? ... and Sarah?" When they agreed, Art added, "The newlywed couple."

Lisa chastised him, "Art, it was only ten minutes ago. You forgot already."

"Sorry," Art apologized, "My mind was elsewhere." He then returned to tonguing one of Lisa's nipples. When he bit it, Lisa gasped as the pleasure ran through her body. Sarah smiled as the sex in the airplane bathroom flashed back in her mind, arousing her libido a bit.

Seeing how free the other people were, Sarah finally built up enough courage. She turned so that her free hand could rub Greg's crotch. He smiled at her having relaxed this much, even though he was still a little nervous. But soon, he was kissing Sarah passionately, his tongue having gotten past her teeth and feeling the smooth wetness of her tongue. Sarah continued to massage his cock through his khakis, and he massaged her breasts through her blouse and bra.

After a few minutes, they broke off from the kiss and noticed that Lisa and Art were naked on the couch, watching and smiling. Art was leaning into the corner of the couch, legs spread, and Lisa was between his legs with her back against Art's chest, positioning his cock between her ass cheeks. Art's left hand was playing with Lisa's left nipple, and his right hand was massaging Lisa's labia and clit. Lisa's right hand was on Art's hand at her clit, guiding his hand in pace and pressure. Art didn't mind the distraction, since he had been with Lisa before, and he knew how good she was going to make him feel later. Also, if this twosome became a foursome, he was okay with that, too. He could wait.

Greg blushed this time, but soon got over it. He stood behind Sarah and put his arms around her, grinding his bulging pants into her covered ass. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his bulge. Greg was staring ahead, not at anything in particular, but in Lisa and Art's direction.

Lisa felt that she and her lover were being watched, so she extended her chest some, and as a sexual icebreaker asked, "Do you like?" Greg realized she was talking to him – or to him and Sarah.

Greg replied, "Excuse me?" Sarah opened her eyes.

Lisa smiled and repeated, "Do you like my breasts?" Greg nodded. Sarah hesitated but was feeling horny enough and nodded as well.

When Greg saw his bride nod, he felt even more aroused. He reached around her from behind, and put his right hand on her right breast and his left hand at her waist. He worked his hand under the waist bands of her skirt and panties, and his fingertips massaged her pubic bone. He waited for the go ahead from Sarah before revealing her secret. They both were looking at Lisa, admiring her beauty and sensuality.

Lisa smiled, "A lot of people think that my breasts have been surgically enhanced, but they are fully home grown." She kept them lifted and added, "Go ahead touch them. Convince yourself."

Greg looked at Sarah, who was already reaching down to feel them. Greg joined her, and soon Lisa had two more hands feeling her breasts. Art just sat there enjoying the show; his stiff cock was pressing into Lisa's crack.

Lisa loved it. When Greg and Sarah finished, Lisa, hoping to bring them into the spirit of the night, asked, "Sarah, may I feel yours?"

Sarah looked at Greg who said to his wife, "It's up to you."

Sarah felt like she had already begun this journey and her libido was gearing up, so she unbuttoned her blouse, and Lisa helped her unhook her front-clasped bra, letting Sarah's beautiful breasts out. Sarah's blouse and bra were hanging about her shoulders as Lisa reached up and felt Sarah's breasts. Lisa let her thumbs drag across the nipples, causing Sarah to close her eyes and to inhale deeply. Greg's cock bulged a little more, and although Lisa could not see Greg's bulge, she noticed the look of excitement on his face. "Greg, would you mind if I tasted your bride's lips?"

"N ... no," he stammered out, "as long as Sarah is okay with it." Greg's cock pressed against his clothing.

Sarah knelt onto the couch, putting her knee between Lisa's legs at the edge of the couch and six inches away from Lisa's pussy. Sarah leaned toward Lisa who moved forward to meet Sarah's lips half way. Lisa kissed Sarah gently on the lips. No tongue but incredibly erotic. While they kissed, Lisa reached up and felt Sarah's nipples again. This time she put her fingers under Sarah's breasts while her thumbs caressed the nipples, causing Sarah's lips to part and their tongues to meet. Sarah reached out and massaged Lisa's breasts, rolling and pinching the nipples between her thumb and index finger. Lisa reacted to this with extending her tongue into Sarah's mouth.

Art knew that Greg was good with what Lisa was doing, but also knew he wasn't ready for another man to handle his bride. So as Lisa and Sarah became more involved with making out, Art gently moved Lisa to the floor on her knees which moved Sarah back onto the floor on her knees. The two women kept kissing upright, their nipples rubbed against the other person's. Art positioned himself behind Lisa's magnificent ass. He squatted behind her, nestling his cock between her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down, stiffening his shaft the little bit more. When Lisa felt Art's hard cock, she got on all fours, her head tilted up so she could still kiss Sarah. Art moved two fingers between Lisa's legs and pressed between her labia to feel for moisture. He parted her lips just enough for his fingers to feel her wetness, before he withdrew them and sucked off the hint of Lisa's juices. She was definitely wet, and she tasted as good as he remembered. He then put on a condom, positioned his cock, and slowly slid it into her wet cunt.

Lisa responded by putting a hand behind Sarah's head and pulling it toward her, letting her own tongue delve deeper and moaning while she kissed. Sarah responded in kind. Greg was incredibly turned on by this, and came out of his erotic stupor. He dropped his own clothes and soon was naked and kneeling behind Sarah. He lift the back of her skirt and rubbed his cock up and down against the back of her panties.

Once Art was fully in Lisa, they both sat back slowly so that she was sort of sitting on his lap, her legs straddling his. As she sat up, she supported herself with her feet and knees on the floor and her ass on Art's abdomen and her pussy engulfing his cock. She let Sarah fondle her natural breasts. Lisa, now having two free hands caressed one of Sarah's nipples and moved down toward Sarah's skirt. Sarah was feeling horny enough not to stop it. Lisa rubbed her hand over what she thought would be Sarah's clit, but was surprised when it felt bigger than expected. Lisa broke off the kiss and looked at her.

Sarah felt a sudden sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach and waited for the scream and name calling. Greg paused and tensed up waiting to see what would happen.

Lisa just smiled, leaned in, kissed Sarah with great skill, and went back to rubbing Sarah's growing bulge. Greg relaxed as Sarah tilted her head back, eyes closed, and moaned softly. As Lisa reached down to lift Sarah's skirt, Greg's cock was getting harder.

Greg helped take Sarah's blouse and bra off all of the way.

Lisa pushed the hem of the skirt up Sarah's leg until she could touch Sarah's panties. Lisa massaged Sarah's cock through the thin material. Greg seeing that all was exposed, unzipped his love's skirt. He and Lisa moved out of the way allowing it to fall freely to the ground. Lisa started to pull Sarah's panties down her legs, but needed Sarah to stand to complete the task. Sarah then stood, between Lisa and Greg, allowing her panties to drop the rest of the way, so that Sarah was standing completely naked between two beautiful people. Lisa moved her hand up to stroke Sarah's shaft and moved her head forward a little to suck the head of Sarah's cock into her mouth. Lisa was now savoring the feeling of a cock in two of her holes.

Greg, facing Sarah's magnificent ass, leaned forward and plunged his tongue between her cheeks, working forward until he was tonguing her ass hole. Sarah loved the dual feeling of tongues on two sides of her. Greg was stroking his own cock while tasting his love's ass and listening the sucking noises a foot way.

Art moved his cock in and out of Lisa's pussy, sending a rhythm to Lisa who began to suck and to release Sarah's cock with the same rhythm of Art's movement. This gentle rhythm caused Sarah subconsciously to sway back and forth. Her movements affected Greg's cadence with his tongue and consequently his strokes of his cock. Now, an outside observer would see four people fucking in harmony and bliss.

After a few minutes, Sarah needed to kneel back down. Lisa released Sarah's cock from her mouth, and shifted her hand position to maintain the stroke. Greg moved back to allow her ass room to move toward his cock. When she was down and kneeling upright, he moved forward a little so he could rub his shaft up and down her ass crack, preparing to penetrate her. Lisa was stroking Sarah's stiffening cock. Art was fucking Lisa's pussy from behind. Sarah, Lisa, and Art were in heaven, and Greg soon would be.

Art then shifted for better penetration, pushing Lisa onto her hands and knees again, which put her mouth right near Sarah's hard cock. So Lisa opened her mouth and let her tongue lick the head. Greg used some saliva to moisten Sarah's ass and the head of his own cock. Then he positioned it at the hole and pressed in. It went in with minimal resistance. Sarah moaned loudly, and her breathing became shallower and faster.

As this was all going on, another fully clothed couple saw this gorgeous shemale and started to watch more closely. The man of this couple rubbed the woman's pussy through her clothes while she rubbed his cock through his. It was almost mindless because they were so captivated by Sarah.

Lisa, encouraged by how Sarah's cock moved when its head was tongued, moved closer and let her lips kiss Sarah's glans. Art was pumping faster, harder, and deeper into Lisa' cunt, causing her to moan and distracting her from concentrating on Sarah. Greg was moving his cock in and out of Sarah's ass slowly, savoring the sensation. Her ass muscles contracted very tightly as Lisa licked her cock.

Sarah placed her hand down on Lisa's forehead and pushed her back gently. Lisa let Sarah's cock fall from her mouth and looked up at her. Greg paused his fucking so Sarah could catch her breath. He wasn't sure why Sarah stopped Lisa and was preparing to withdraw but kept his cock fully in her ass until it was time to pull out. Sarah, panting, said, "Lisa, when it is time to cum, I will need Greg to take your place." Lisa understood, nodded, and went back down on Sarah's cock.

The faster Art fucked her, the faster she stroked Sarah's cock with her mouth, tongue, and free hand – her other hand being used for support to keep from falling. This caused Sarah to moan very loudly, spurring Greg to fuck her ass even harder. The couple which was watching had their clothes off at this point and were stroking each other without taking their eyes off this foursome. Another couple was now watching and enjoying the show. Sarah took all this in and loving the exhibitionism, moaned even louder.

Greg felt his cock ready to shoot. He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into his bride faster wanting to unleash his load before she came, but his timing wasn't going to work. As he neared orgasm, Sarah breathed out, "Greg, take Lisa's place."

Greg withdrew from Sarah, holding back from cumming as best as he could. He moved from behind her to beside her as she fell backwards and onto her side. He hungrily sucked on her cock. She was so needing to feel him inside her that she enthusiastically went down on his cock. They lay on the floor in a 69 position while Art, turned on by this display, shot his load while inside Lisa. Lisa, was fingering her clit and approaching orgasm. The couple which had been watching from near the beginning finally climaxed, his shooting his cum onto her leg, and her squirting ejaculate onto the carpet.

Soon Greg and Sarah both came in each others mouth. With so much practice, they swallowed most of what was provided. Lisa's body convulsed with orgasmic pleasure. As our couple's cocks relaxed and throbbed less, Greg and Sarah took a breath and then licked up what they hadn't swallowed.

They then rolled onto their backs panting and wiping the sweat from their brows. Art had withdrawn from Lisa and was panting himself; his cock was limp with his cum-filled condom still hanging on it. Lisa sat exhausted.

As the people calmed, they became aware of their nakedness in front of the crowd, but quickly realized that they did not care. Lisa crawled beside Sarah, leaned down, and kissed her on the lips, tasting the little of Greg which lingered in Sarah's mouth. When Lisa sat up, she smiled and said, "Greg tastes very nice."

She crawled over to Greg, leaned down, and kissed him. Greg wasn't expecting it, but didn't fight it. Lisa smiled again, and said, "Sarah tastes just as nice."

After a few minutes, Greg stood up, walked in the buff into the kitchen, took two unused cups from the counter, and filled them with water. He drank his on the spot and took the other back to Sarah who appreciated being able to replenish her fluids. Greg, looking at the Lisa and Art, asked, "Either you care for anything while I'm up."

Art declined, but Lisa wanted some water, so Greg graciously got some for her. As he handed the cup to her, she deliberately took the cup so her fingers rubbed across his. In a very sensual tone of voice, she said, "Thank you, Greg."

Greg ignored the flirting and sat down next to his bride, and the four of them chatted with each other about this, that, and the other, as if they were not all naked and had not just had sex. Greg felt that it seemed so natural for the four of them to be chatting and at the same time so surreal as to their state of undress and their recent activities. He looked at his beautiful bride who looked so happy while talking to Lisa and Art. Whatever comes after this, he would cherish this moment of seeing Sarah so incredibly at peace with herself.

Over the course of a half hour of chatting, Lisa and Art had not changed positions much except her right leg was lazily draped over his left leg. Art's left arm was around Lisa's shoulders. On the floor nearest Lisa was Sarah, who was sitting cross legged on the floor, her hands resting comfortably on her knees except when she waved them about as part of the story she was telling. On the floor next to Art and Sarah was Greg, who was sitting with his knees up and leaning forward onto his thighs for support. All four were very relaxed. As the four of them talked, they became far more at ease sharing with the others. Sarah and Greg were especially comfortable talking to Lisa, who was a really great person in addition to being very sexy.

At some point in the conversation, Lisa turned to the young bride and asked "Sarah, I know you were very nervous when you got here. How are you feeling right now?"

"Perfect!" Sarah said with more enthusiasm than she had planned. "Given my situation," Sarah looked down between her legs, "I am always very nervous about revealing myself. I have been called every perverse name in the book, and upon a few occasions, had my life threatened." A tear formed in her eye. "But I feel so welcome here."

Greg saw the tear, leaned over, put his arm around her and said, "I hope the horrible days are long over." He hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, "I love you more than I will ever be able to express."

Sarah turned to Greg and kissed him on the lips. The initial peck soon turned into a passionate kiss, but they broke it off after a short while and turned back to Lisa and Art. Sarah spoke to the two on the couch, "Sorry, I was caught up in the moment."

Art replied, "There is no need to apologize for a romantic moment - here of all places."

Lisa asked the newlyweds about how they met, about how Sarah told Greg about her "situation", about how Greg reacted ... Lisa could see the love they had for each other as they told the story of their first week together, of his moving in, of her meeting his parents, and so on. Sarah felt so free to talk about this, for the first time other than with Greg and Annie. She felt so incredibly accepted; this was a beautiful feeling.

The foursome talked a while longer as each of them revealed more about themselves. Eventually, Mark and Kelly came out of the bedroom, still naked, and walked over to four at the couch. Sarah felt self-conscious again – and very exposed – when the new people entered into the circle. Lisa saw Sarah's body language change, leaned down, and put her hand on Sarah's shoulder to assure her that it was okay. Sarah thanked Lisa and relaxed.

Mark sat on the couch next to his wife. As he did so, Art pulled his arm back and then patted his leg for Kelly to sit, which she did. As she sat on his lap, she put her arm around her husband, leaned back, kissed him on the lips, and then turned to the five other people.

Mark then noticed Sarah's cock, and reacted with a surprised, "Oh. That explains the more women than men." Neither Greg nor Sarah felt the urge to explain that Sarah was a woman, despite the penis.

Kelly then sat on the floor between Art's legs for more comfort, so Greg shifted over closer to Sarah, who moved to sit between her husband's legs, her naked ass nestling his limp cock.

The group talked and laughed, all perfectly comfortable with each other. As Sarah laughed, her body shook, which caused her ass cheeks to rub against Greg's cock. Since enough time had passed, he was getting aroused again.

Although he tried to pay attention to the conversation, his focus kept being drawn back to his bride's ass. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. At first he held onto his own arms keeping her encircled, but within a few minutes, his palms were against Sarah's abdomen. As he became more excited, he rubbed her skin gently, increasing the area being touched, slowly working his right hand up toward her breasts and his left hand down to her cock. He was trying to be subtle, but Sarah was completely aware of what he was doing and chose not stop him.

As his hands moved closer to his desired locations, he realized that he had not been paying attention to the conversation for a few minutes. He tuned back in and found that the conversation had stopped, and the two other couples were watching Greg and Sarah. Art was leaning over, nibbling on Kelly's right ear, and gently rubbing his finger tips over her nipples. Kelly was taking irregular breaths as Art's fingers flitted across her sensitive areola. Lisa had moved a hand over to Mark's cock and was gently running her fingers up and down it, while Mark was fingering Lisa's clit.

Having the audience at first made Greg self-conscious, but soon it added to his arousal. He kept moving his hands into position. Soon he was running his fingertips over Sarah's nipples and massaging the head of her cock or stroking her shaft, which stiffened as he continued. Sarah's eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and her breathing was punctuated with a few gasps of pleasure, especially when Greg pinched her nipples or massaged the head.

Greg's cock was uncomfortably hard as Sarah's ass kept it bent down. She started to rock back and forth a little, letting her ass caress his hard-on and enjoying the feeling of its head pressed into her. She stiffened faster thinking of Greg being inside her soon. As Sarah's cock got harder, so did Art's and Mark's.

Lisa could feel the wetness in her pussy and moved a hand down to help Mark rub her clit, occasionally dipping a finger between the labia for some of her juices. She then let her husband suck her fingers, turning him on more. When she felt his cock hard enough, she moved off the couch and between his legs, positioning her mouth ready to suck him off and putting her ass and pussy closer to Sarah and Greg. Lisa leaned over and took her husband's hard cock into her mouth. Mark leaned over to play with her ass, spreading her cheeks apart and exposing her beautiful and fuckable ass hole.

Art continued to fondle Kelly's breasts as she fingered herself. She was clearly excited, and when Art stood to change positions, his hard cock revealed how excited he was. Art then lay down on the floor, his hard shaft sticking up. Kelly positioned her pussy over his cock and moved down to ride him. As she mounted his shaft, they both gasped upon penetration as a wave of pleasure ran through their bodies. She moved up and down, guiding the pace and rhythm of her pleasure. Art was in heaven whichever way she moved.

Greg leaned over and kissed Sarah's neck. He then whispered to her, "Do you want to stay here or move into the bedroom?"

Sarah responded by pushing Greg onto his back on the floor, just behind Lisa's feet. She moved so that she was facing the couch, her ass facing him. She lowered her ass down onto his aching hard cock and rode him reverse cowgirl style. She then moved up and down on his cock, her own stiff one bouncing up and down with her movement. Greg extended his hands and massaged her ass, following its movement. Sarah reached out and started to play with Lisa's pussy, as best as she could as she rode Greg.

As Sarah rode rhythmically, his cock became stiffer. As it became stiffer, she rode faster, and as she rode faster, she had to stop playing with Lisa. She could feel Greg ready to burst and could hear his breathing and moaning additionally indicating the time was near. The feel of his cock was the usual aphrodisiac for her, but adding to her arousal was hearing the sounds from friends in front of her.

She knew her husband well, in that she knew when she could change positions without his shooting cum (or with his shooting cum, whichever suited her). So before he climaxed, she rose off him and turned to face him. She lowered her ass down onto his still hard cock and prepared to ride him again, this time cowgirl style. This allowed her to see him as he shot his load. She bounced up and down again, her breasts moving in rhythm and her cock slapping against his skin.

She tightened her ass muscles in the way she knew would drive him mad with lust. As a consequence, he didn't last much longer, and he shot his cum into her ass. When she felt his cum shoot into her, she slowed her movements, and concentrated on her muscle control, milking the last drops. Shortly after the throbbing stopped, she dismounted, letting the fluids drip out her hole and over his shrinking cock.

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