The Adventures of M.J

by Phil E. Hebe

Copyright© 2014 by Phil E. Hebe

BDSM Sex Story: A woman's journey to the wild side of life where sex becomes more then something to do on a Saturday night.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Swinging   Orgy   Wife swapping sex story.

A woman's journey to the wild side.

Mary Jane laid in her bed. It was past midnight, and she was suffering from insomnia. Her husband laid next to her sound asleep, snoring, which did not help matters. She thought of her father, and wondered how he was doing in that big house all alone. She missed him. That was crazy, she couldn't get out of the house fast enough when she was young. Her father was a disciplinarian, quick to spank her for the slightest provocation. She remember dreading the words, "Take all your clothes off and lay across my lap," and the beating would begin. He always emphasized the word all. She swore her daddy like to see her naked., and maybe he did. As soon as she graduated from high school she and her best friend leased a studio apartment.

Curious, M.J. looked up adult spanking on an internet search. She was surprised to find that most of the sites cited dealt with BDSM. She had never thought of spanking as part of sex play. That got her thinking about her father. She always had to be completely naked. Sometimes he pushed her legs apart. She thought it was his way of making the spanking worse, but in retrospect, did he want a better view of her crotch? She remembered the time at the nudist resort. Even at the resort her father found reason to spank her. That was a strange one. After he was finish he hurriedly pushed her off of his lap, quickly stood before she regained her balance, turned his back to her, and ordered her out of the room. "Go to the pool. NOW!" he had shouted, and she bolted out of the door. M.J. wondered if he was harboring an erection and that was why he wanted her out immediately. On further thought, he never spanked her two days in a row. There was always a lapse of two, three, or four days between spankings. Did he only do it when he was horny?

M.J. wondered if she could get her husband to spank her for sex sake.


"Yes, Dear."

"Have you ever wanted to spank me?"

"Whoa, where did that come from?"

"I read it on the internet that many men would like to, or actual do, spank their wives during foreplay. I was just wondering if you ever had that inclination?"

"It crossed my mind. I think every man thinks about it sometime in his life. But we do not have a dominant/submissive relationship like those men who spank have with their wives." End of discussion, for then, anyway.

Saturday night. Mary Jane pulled out all the stops. Shower, douche, shave the pits and her crotch, deodorant, vaginal spray, hair combed down her back like he likes, makeup, perfume, and a sexy little see-thru outfit she bought at Angel's Lingerie in the mall that week. Donald took one look at her and excused himself. When he came back he was showered, shaved, and wearing the heart print, silk shorts she gave him last Valentine's day. He opened a bottle of wine and they did some serious drinking which required a second bottle. They smooched and played with each other. She sucked on his cock which she knew he loved. He took off her panties to the outfit to get access to her wet pussy. Donald pushed four finger into her vagina which he knew she liked. He heard it was called duck billing.

"Spank me."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Don't ask, just do it." She motioned for him to sit in the middle of the couch. She laid across his lap with her butt sticking up, and her head laying on her crossed arms. His first swing was feeble. It was apparent he didn't know much about spanking. "Harder, I am not a China doll." The second swat was much harder and every swat after that was forceful. She finally said, "Enough." When she got up she saw his cock was quite rigid and weeping. Her buttocks burned, just like when her daddy spanked her. The difference was that when Donald did it she became aroused. Not wanting to waste any time by going to the bedroom, they did it doggy style in the middle of the living room.

M.J. and Donald liked spanking so much that they included it as part of foreplay every time they had sex.

M.J. never considered herself a raving beauty, five-foot-four and rounded, a round face, round B cup breasts, a roundish stomach, two round globes making up her butt, and a pudgy round sex squeezed between round thighs. She remembered back in fifth grade for one short semester she was the tallest one in the class and the only one with boobs, but then she stopped growing and all her classmates passed her up. Wasn't that about the time her daddy started making her strip, and spanked her regularly? She couldn't remember for sure.

Donald called her from work. "Do me a big, big favor. Meet me at the door completely naked when I come home from work tonight. I am so horny I have been thinking about this all day. Lets pretend that I am a traveling salesman and you the house wife who just got out of the shower. You open the door in the nude and there I am."

"But how will I know it is you and not someone collecting for charity?"

"Okay, here is what I will do. I will knock three times instead of ringing the bell. Do you remember that old song, 'Knock Three Times', well that will be me. And, of course, it will be the back door, not the front. Every weekday Donald took the train from downtown that arrived at the station at 5:42. It was a four minute walk from the station to home, so Donald arrived home at 5:46 give or take a minute. At 5:30 M.J. took a quick shower and waited the few minutes until there was the three knocks at the back door. She hung her towel around her neck as if she just came down from her shower and answered the door. "Madam, may I interested you in..." She pulled him into the house and they commenced their love making on the kitchen table. They both loved it. Donald asked her to be naked every night when he got home, which she did, and they played the salesman game every Friday. With the nakedness and the spankings the number of times they had sex during the week rose exponentially, and M.J. loved it.

It was 5:45 on a Friday. M.J. was showered and smelling nice. She was ready. The three knocks came. She jumped up, hung the towel around her neck, and jerked the door open. "I ... I ... I... ," the woman stuttered as she looked at M.J. standing naked on the other side of the threshold.

Shocked. "Mrs. Foster, what are you doing here?" M.J. demanded of her neighbor from across the alley

"I ... I ... came to borrow a can of beef stock if you have it."

Seeing that it couldn't be undone what was done M.J. said, "Come in and I will get you a can." Knowing her husband would be home any second she quickly got the can from the cabinet and handed it to Mrs. Foster at the same time pushing her toward the back door. The three knocks came as M.J. was twisting the handle to open the door. Mrs. Foster took one look at Donald and fled through the back gate.

"Oh, my god. I can't believe this happened. She knocked three times and I thought it was you. I flung open the door stark naked. That woman is the town tattler. By morning all the neighborhood will know that I greet my husband naked." By nightfall and a bottle of wine they were laughing about it. Poor Mrs. Foster, being greeted by a horny naked housewife.

All the next week M.J. expected someone in the neighborhood to mention the incident, but no one did. Was Mrs. Foster too embarrassed to say anything to anybody? That didn't turn out to be the case. At the end of the week M.J. had a visit from Peggy Grant, the newly wed who had moved into the apartment building at the end of the block. "We heard about you greeting your husband naked when he came home from work. I was wondering," here the girl turned a bright red, "What exactly you do, you know, do with supper and everything. Truthfully, my husband Bob, and I were looking for something to liven up our sex life." The girl turned redder yet. M.J. wanted to say, You have been married all of six month and you need something to liven up your sex life? What kind of people are you? but didn't. Instead, she took pity on the girl. "I plan my meal to be done fifteen minutes before he comes home. As soon as it is done I put the meal on simmer, and take a quick shower. When he comes home I am naked. I serve supper and we eat. Afterward, I stack the dishes and leave them for morning. In the evening we watch TV or play computer games just like we always did. It is not until we are in bed that we get down to brass tacks." She skipped the part about the spankings and their Friday door-to-door salesman game. The girl gushed over thanking M.J. ever-so-much for the information.

That evening M.J. told Donald about her visitor. "Why don't we give them a practical demonstration. Invite them over for supper."

"You want me to serve them dinner while naked? You are kidding, right?"

"No. I would love to show off the sexiest woman alive."

"So, you are serious."

"I sure am."

"I would have to think long and hard about that one."

She did think about it that night after their sex and before she fell asleep. He actually wanted to show her off? He thought her that sexy? The last thing she considered herself was sexy. She always thought of herself as a plain Mary Jane. What would it be like to serve guests in the nude? That was an intriguing proposition. She would do it, sure, why not? As long as Donald was okay with it. It might be fun.

M.J. explained to Peggy about the supper and Peggy said she would talk to Bob. The next day Peggy got back to M.J., yes, they would come over for dinner. When M.J. told Donald, he said, "Of course they will come. I knew he wouldn't pass up a chance to see you naked. If he did I would think he was gay."

M.J. spent extra time getting herself ready for their company. She wanted to be as perfect as possible. The dinner went flawlessly. Bob couldn't take his eyes off of M.J. the whole night. She even, at one point, as nonchalantly as possible, opened her legs so Bob could see the whole length of her pussy. She was quite pleased with herself and happy that the night went over so well. Donald told her she was marvelous. The sex between them that night was extraordinary.

Peggy came over later in the week. "Bob and I want to invite you and Donald over for supper this coming Friday. My husband feels that we should pay you back in kind."

"That is not necessary. We only wanted to show you what was possible to enliven your marriage."

"It has, believe me. Bob said I shouldn't take no for an answer, so please say yes."

Knowing her husband, he would love to see Peggy naked. "Well then, yes."

Peggy was thin with a great set of boobs. She was young, nineteen, if M.J. remembered right, and obviously nervous being naked in front of company. Peggy's nervousness fell away when they played cards after supper. She confessed to M.J. in a phone call the next day that she did not think she could pull off being naked in front of company, but her husband insisted. As the night wore on it didn't seem all that bad. Donald insisted that M.J. call up Peggy and invite them over for an evening of entertainment. "I have something special in mind for them," he said.

"What?" she wanted to know.

"You will find out soon enough. Just promise me one thing, you will cooperate when the time comes."

"Cooperate how?"

"I said all I am going to say on the subject. Now promise."

"Okay, I promise," and wishing she knew what she was promising.

The evening started off just like the last one. M.J. served dinner in the nude. They watched a movie on HBO. At the end of the movie Donald said to Mary Jane, "Come here and kneel between my legs." M.J. got a weird feeling about his command, but remembering her promise, she did what he wanted. "Now take out my cock and suck on it." She felt her heart stop dead, and then pound like a bass drum. He whispered, "You promised remember?" She did as she was told. His cock was half hard when she took it out of his pants, but swelled up as soon as she took it into her mouth. Donald put his hand on her head. She realized he had no intention of letting her up. Donald talked about events in the middle east, and some local happenings with Peggy and Bob as M.J. sucked. She decided it was the distraction of the conversation that kept him from coming in her mouth. It was only thirty minutes that he held her head down. She swore it felt like forever. In bed after their guests had left Donald said, "Let's see them top that one."

They didn't top it, but equaled it. While Peggy was slurping on Bob's cock the two men discussed the possibility of trading spouses. "We have a three day weekend coming up the first of next month, Let's do the trade that weekend, from Friday night through to Monday night," Bob said.

"Excellent suggestion. I am all for it," Donald said. And that is what happened.

M.J. could not fathom why Bob would want a woman ten years his senior. When prodded he said, "I love my wife very much, but she had almost no sexual experience before we married. Her abilities in bed are limited. I am sure I got the better deal in the swap." M.J. decided to prove him right only because she was sure her husband believed he got the better deal by fucking a nineteen-year-old. Mary Jane pulled out all the stops including suggesting that he spank her, which he did. By Monday night Bob was exhausted from the sex with M.J. Walking her home he said, "We definitely have to do this again, soon."

"Do you know what we have right here in our beloved city?" Donald didn't wait for M.J. to answer. "An S&M club. I finagled an invite."

They were met at the door by the member's secretary of the club. "I promise we will give your wife the full treatment," he said. She was led to a small room where two young girls waited. The men left leaving M.J. with the two girls. They helped M.J. out of her clothes and put them on hangers. One of the girls asked, "Your first visit?"


"Enjoy yourself. It is fun."

They took her to a shower and washed her, and then shaved her underarms and crotch. She was dried and perfumed. One of them asked M.J. to sit on a three legged milking stool. A chain went around Mary Jane's neck with the free end hanging down between her breasts and ending at her navel. A second chain was wound around her waist with cuffs for her wrists. Her ankles were hobbled. One of the girls spread M.J.'s knees while the second strapped on a spreader bar. She was blindfolded and the final piece of equipment was a sponge ball gag. With one of the girls on each arm M.J. was led out of the room, and down a hall.

Walking was almost impossible. She waddled forward as fast as she could. She sense that they had entered a large room. The air was cooler, and there was the crackle of a fire and the smell of wood smoke. There was a mummer of voices along with longhair music in the background. The girls let go of her arms. The chain around her neck was turned front to back. She got the impression that it was attached to something behind her. Having no idea where she was standing she didn't dare move.

Men came. They poked and prodded. They talked about her as if she wasn't standing right there. They mentioned her diminutive stature, her small breasts. They like her pudgy sex and round butt. They squeezed her breasts and buttocks, and pushed fingers into her sex and anus. All she could do was stand there and take it. It was not at all what she expected.

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