Wedding Cake Island

by Belinda LaPage

Copyright© 2014 by Belinda LaPage

Erotic Sex Story: It's been a long day, but finally Belinda and Rupali have Spike to themselves. They are on the secluded and romantic Wedding Cake Island off the coast of Coogee. The full moon is rising and its time for the girls to finally execute the three-way they have been planning all afternoon. But how do you decide who goes first? And what exactly was that ominous shape Rupali packed into the bag?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Lesbian sex story.

Earlier Today...

This is a continuation of my previous stories: Ingenious Toys, and Dirty Talk. Briefly, this is what has happened so far:

I was bikini shopping with Rupali before a trip to Bondi beach when we met Spike, a cute surfer and shop assistant at the surf shop. One unwitting orgasm later and Spike offered to drive us to Coogee instead. Planning a day of fun with him, we agreed readily and before the afternoon was half way gone, Spike had made Rupali come when a session of rubbing in suntan lotion got a bit out of hand, and then I took Spike into the surf for some "hand relief" but then improbably ended up slipping him into my pussy without him noticing.

There is a small, rocky island just off Coogee beach called Wedding Cake Island. Tonight at low tide, Spike said a full moon would rise over the Pacific Ocean, and would Rupali and I like to come out to the secluded and romantic Wedding Cake Island to watch.

What do you reckon?

Wedding Cake Island

Spike went for a walk at about 4:30pm and came back half an hour later with a waterproof dilly-bag over his shoulder and a surfboard under each arm. One of the boards looked pretty normal but the other looked more like a ten foot long banana. It was huge, yellow, three times thicker than the other board and looked like it could float a small family to New Zealand.

"Gnarly board, dude," I teased. "Gonna do some carvin'?"

"Very funny," he said. "This is the thanks I get for thinking of you. I'm not loaning you one of my boards because your tiny little body will get carried off to Tasmania in the current. I borrowed this from a mate at the Surf Life Saving Club; it's a rescue board. You're riding tandem with me."

"Oh, how thoughtful," I chirped apologetically. "What's in the bag?" It looked heavy.

"Wax," he said straight faced. Obviously not all was forgiven. I guess I would find out in good time.

"When do we go?" I asked.

"Now, if you two are ready," he said. "It might take half an hour to get out there, depending on how Rupali paddles."

"Do you have wetsuits for us?" I asked.

"Nope. Overnight low of 27 degrees Celsius," he said. "It'll still be over 30 by the time we come back in."

He'd thought of everything. "Amateur meteorologist?" I asked with a grin.

"Weather bureau," he smiled. "Home page of surfers the world over."

Rupali took her board. "Is this one special?"

"Not so much. I use it on rocks and reefs," Spike said.

"Oh," Rupali looked deflated, realising she'd been handed the surfboard equivalent of a 1973 Datsun 180B.

"Oh, I almost forgot... ," she quickly turned and dashed back to her beach bag, rooted around in the bottom and brought out a black velvet pouch concealing a large, ominous shape that could have been a socket wrench ... or a maybe an Xbox controller ... but probably wasn't either. "Pop this in your bag for me will you Spike?"

"What is it?" we asked in unison, Spike with curiosity, me with incredulity; if I knew Rupali then it had to be some kind of sex toy, but I didn't recognise it – obviously a new purchase and one that she hadn't let me in on.

"Lipstick," she smiled.

"Touché," muttered Spike as he knelt down to pack away Rupali's mystery prize and attach the surfboard's strap to her ankle. Tease that she is, she stepped forward with the other foot, legs apart and vagina a few inches from Spike's nose. He finished with the strap and then reached between her legs and goosed her on the bottom. She squawked and jumped back, a little more contrite. This was not the same gentlemanly, shy boy we met this morning; if we played games with him, he was going to play them right back.

He picked up the board, popped it under Rupali's arm and then stood back to take in the view: long brown limbs, black hair cascading over one shoulder, hot pink bikini clinging to her curves and a surfboard under her arm. "Now that looks hot," he said.

"What did I look like before?" she laughed.

"Well ... hot," he stammered, back on uncertain ground. "But all girls look hotter with a board. It's a proven fact. Ask anyone."

I tried to pick up the rescue board, failing miserably. I managed to get one end of it to waist height with knees wobbling and back bent awkwardly. He watched me with a smile. "And there's the exception that proves the rule," he laughed. "Let me carry it, Belinda. You can just walk in front and look hot without a board." I already knew he fancied me, but I still felt a little tingle every time he reminded me.

We walked all the way to the south end of the beach so that we wouldn't have so far to paddle. Spike watched Rupali get on the board and called after her: "Get a bit further back, otherwise you'll nose dive into the first swell." He watched her wriggle back; "Better," he called out. "Get past the break and then paddle in between the island and the shore. Don't get into the surf and rocks around the front of the island or you'll be tomorrow's crab-shit."

He put the rescue board in the water and placed the bag about in the middle. "You sit forward of the bag and hold on. I'll paddle and steer from the back. It looked pretty stable so I climbed on my knees, sitting back on my heels. Spike also knelt a bit behind the bag and pushed us off, leaning down and paddling with both hands at once. The nose of the board cut through the first wave we came to and bucked in the air, nearly throwing me off. "Don't forget to hold on," Spike said. "It's a lot less stable up there."

He got us through the break and then turned south, catching up to Rupali. I tried paddling like Spike, balancing on my knees and digging both hands through the water at once. After a dozen strokes my back was killing me. How does he do it? I looked over my shoulder and caught Spike staring straight at the narrow strip of white bikini covering my pussy. With my bottom in the air and head down low paddling, I had been putting on a show without knowing it. I was pleased to finally catch him perving. "See anything you like?" I asked, smiling.

"Hey, it's not my fault," he grinned. "All girls look hotter with a board. It's a scientific fact. They did a study."

"Oh, really?" I said, scepticism and maybe a little sarcasm in my voice. Concentrating on not falling off, I flipped over onto my side and propped on one elbow. This brought my breasts into profile, but hid my vagina behind curled legs. "How about now? Still hot?"

"Smoking," he replied.

I giggled, still a little bit flattered by his attention. I stayed in this reclined position; the board was amazingly stable as it rose and fell over the swells and looking backwards I could watch the muscles on Spike's chest and shoulders bulge as he paddled. I was beginning to think there was something to this science – guys look hot on surfboards, too.

We caught up to Rupali and paddled alongside her until we reached Wedding Cake Island. It only took about ten minutes, so Rupali obviously did better than Spike thought she would. It was nearly low tide and the top of the island was high and dry, although we could hear waves crashing into the rocks on the other side.

Spike helped us both onto the rocks and carried the bag and boards up to the top of the island. It was a picturesque spot; waves crashing on the rocks below us and an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. He arranged the big yellow rescue board on a couple of rocks to form a makeshift bench, and then opened his bag to reveal a six pack of beer, a selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, a plastic container of soy sauce and three sets of disposable chopsticks.

"Ladies, your table awaits," he said with a bow and a big flourish of his hands.

"Oh, wow!" Rupali cooed. "I like being spoilt."

We sat down on the big surfboard either side of him, watching the waves, drinking beer, eating sushi and making small talk as the sun went down behind us. As the sky darkened we could see a glow on the eastern horizon from the moon, which was soon to rise. Spike was right: this was romantic. But what now? Our Etiquette elective at school taught us the correct protocol in most social situations, but I don't recall anything about initiating a ménage-a-trois; maybe I was sick that day. I didn't know how to ask and I was too shy to just reach out and grab his cock. Help Rupali! All I could do was let both of them know I was ready and then see what happened.

I put down my beer – I was only three quarters through my first one and already felt a little light headed; cheap date, huh – and lay down on the makeshift bench with my head in Spike's lap, facing out and watching the waves, heart hammering in my chest. I felt Spike's hands on my head, stroking my hair, and I felt a twitch of movement beneath my ear. Well, it was something, but it was going to take more.

Suddenly a face appeared in front of me. Rupali lay down of the other side of the board, her face an inch away from mine in Spike's lap.

"Hello sweetie," she said in a stage whisper that Spike could hear.

"Hi gorgeous," I said in the same whisper.

She tilted her head back and kissed me on the tip of the nose. I returned the gesture. We kept going in the same loud whispers. "Watcha thinkin'?" I asked.

"I'm thinkin' you look hot," she said.

"You're sweet," I said, tilting my head back for another kiss. Rupali leaned back as well and our mouths met, tentatively, just nibbling at each other's lips.

"Mmmm, nice," she said. "I want another."

We kissed again, more passionately this time, her tongue darting into my mouth, trying to draw mine out. She didn't have to try hard; our tongues locked together, twining, teasing, and tasting, all right under Spike's gaze. His cock stirred beneath my ear again; I felt it harden a little and press back against me.

Rupali broke off the kiss. "Can I tell you a secret?" she asked, still in the stage whisper for Spike's benefit.

"Sure," I said.

"I want Spike to fuck me," she said.

"I want Spike to fuck me," I replied.

"Yeah, that's what I said," she sounded confused.

"I know. I heard you. I mean, I want him to fuck me too," I clarified. More stirrings beneath my ear.

"Well he can't fuck both of us!" she retorted.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because we'll never agree on who gets to go first," she explained. "He might not be able to cum twice."

I still hadn't told her about "accidentally" fucking Spike in the surf earlier that day.

"Three times," I corrected her.

"Three times?" Rupali asked.

"He's already come once," I explained.

Her eyes widened. "Ewwww! You're not lying in it are you?" she laughed.

I snorted – very unladylike. "Ewwww! No!" I retorted, laughing. "It was before, after he made you come."

"Shhh," she hissed. "He doesn't know I know."

A voice from above: "Is this a private conversation?"

Both of us together: "Yes!"

Then stage whispering again: "How do we decide?" Rupali asked.

"We could play for it?" I said.

"Play what?"

"Russian Roulette," I smiled.

"But we don't have a gun," she said. She didn't know where I was going with this, but she was playing along.

"We've got this," I said, lifting my head. I reached underneath with my hand and gave his hardening erection a squeeze through his shorts; it pulsed back against my grip. Rupali reached a hand under my head and gently gripped Spike's cock, giving it a tentative squeeze. Her eyes widened as it kicked back in her hand.

"I don't get it," she said. "It's nice, but it doesn't have a trigger. How does Russian Roulette work?"

"We take it in turns to suck it, thirty seconds each," I said. "Whosever mouth he cums in gets to fuck him first."

Rupali's eyes lit up. She's only been in the boarding house a few months and still marvels that I can surprise her with new sex games. This is not one we play in the dorm, of course, because we don't have any real cocks, but we giggle and dream about far more mischief than we ever get up to.

"But then he'll have to cum three times," she argued.

"Four times," I corrected her.

"Spike sweetie?" she said – louder, as if he couldn't hear us before.

"Uh huh?" he coughed.

"If you cum in my mouth, will you still be able to cum in my pussy later?" she asked sweetly.

"Ummmm. Yeah, I reckon," he sounded confident.

"And will you still be able to cum in Belinda's pussy?" she asked suspiciously, as if checking the fine print.

"I've cum six times in a row before," he reassured her. "And that was just one girl. I reckon it'd be easier with two." We stared at each other, boggle eyed. Six times! Holy crap! My pussy would melt!

Rupali leaned in very close, her lips to my ear, whispering so that Spike really couldn't hear this time. "I've never sucked a boy before. What if I do it wrong?"

I put my lips to her ear. "I'll show you how. And I'll give you extra time."

Rupali looked back at me. "Challenge accepted," she smiled.

"Hey," she said, concern crossing her face. "What if he doesn't want to fuck us?"

"We'll force him," I grinned. "I'll distract him, you get his shorts off."

We sat up together. I took hold of Spike's shoulders and pulled him down on my side of the surfboard; at the same time Rupali lifted his legs onto her side so that he was lying supine. I knelt on the board behind his head and leaned over so that we were upside-down face-to-face.

"Spike, I need your help again with my bikini," I said in a fair-maiden-in-trouble voice. "Could you please unhook it for me?"

He nodded agreement, pretty willingly I thought. I propped up on all-fours and moved forwards to bring my right breast to his lips. I craned my neck down so that I didn't smother him with my boobs and kissed his hard stomach, which fluttered nervously under my lips. "Clasp's in the back," I said, running my tongue around the contours of his abdominals. As he reached behind me I looked at Rupali: "Right, I think he's distracted."

Rupali hooked her fingers into Spike's waistband and dragged them down over his hips. He was still fiddling with the clasp on my bikini, trying to figure it out by touch. He lifted his hips for Rupali and she pulled his shorts down slowly, dragging his cock with them so that we were rewarded with an inch-by-inch reveal of his erection. The waistband slid over his knob and his cock flicked back hard, slapping into his stomach, startling both of us with the force.

Having already had him in my hand in the water – and OK, if we're honest, my pussy too, not that I'm telling Rupali about that – I knew what to expect in terms of length and girth, but I still couldn't take my eyes off it. I didn't have that much experience; are all cocks this beautiful? It was about seven inches and a nice handful around the middle becoming very thick towards the base; it wasn't the perfect training cock for Rupali's virgin mouth but it would have to do. It had a slight upward curve - which would make it hard to swallow except in a 69 position – and the main cum-carrying vessel running up the underside bulged out, promising a fast and powerful jet of cum that I had already experienced in my pussy and was now trying to imagine it running down my throat.

Having fucked Spike earlier, I had already decided to lose the Russian roulette game. Mr Gallows had trained me very thoroughly in cocksucking and I felt pretty confident that if Rupali couldn't get him there then I could bring him to the edge of orgasm just in time for us to swap over. As absorbed as we were in his pulsing cock, I hadn't noticed that he had freed my breasts until I felt my nipple sucked into his mouth and his tongue flick over the sensitive surface. I yelped with surprise and sat up; he would need a lesson in taking it slow later on, but since he was about to get a double blow-job I forgave him his enthusiasm.

I looked into Rupali's eyes; they looked a bit apprehensive. "You go first," she whispered.

I crawled forwards until I was straddling Spike, my face over his cock and my bikini-covered pussy right in front of his mouth. I looked down the tunnel between my swaying breasts and saw him looking back at me. "That's there for your viewing pleasure," I warned him. "No touching. Got it?"

"Got it," he agreed.

"We need a timer," Rupali said. We didn't really because I was going to help her win, but I didn't want to let her in on my plans. Spike handed his sports watch forward; it had a second hand we could use to time ourselves.

I gave it to Rupali. "Thirty seconds. Count me down when you get to ten."

I held his shaft gently between two fingertips, not wanting to give him too much contact too soon, and held it up to my lips, foreskin pulled back. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip, which I licked off without thinking. Yum! Spike's shaft jerked with the contact as Rupali glared at me accusingly for starting early. I gave her an innocent look that said I can't help it, I like the taste.

Finally Rupali said Go. I took the tip between my lips and kissed, moistening it without sucking, slowly getting him used to idea of having his cock in my mouth. I took in a few inches, just touching with my lips, not my tongue, getting him lubricated so that I could slide him in and out. I kept mouth-fucking him like this until Rupali called out 10 seconds, in and out with minimal contact, desensitising his erection so that he wouldn't come too soon.

With a few seconds to go, I swirled my tongue around the tip and gave a gentle suck, pushing him into the roof of my mouth with my tongue and feeling his knob throb back against the contact. I pulled him in and out against harder suction until Rupali called time and then handed him over.

"Watch those nails," I whispered, taking the timer from her. "Nothing hard or sharp on his cock. That goes for teeth, too."

She tentatively took hold of him between her fingertips and looked at me, hoping for some more instructions. I leaned forwards and put my lips next to her ear. "Just hold about half of it in your mouth," I breathed. She opened wide and took a mouthful of cock, making worried noises at the foreign feel of this solid bar of flesh between her yawning jaws. "Hold it there, taste it with your tongue and get a feel for the size of it."

I gave her a few seconds to do that. "Try sucking it. Close it between your tongue and the roof of your mouth and suck. You can do it as hard as you like, just don't touch him with your teeth." I heard Spike gasp behind me; obviously she took me seriously and tried to suck him inside out. Atta girl.

"Try massaging him with your tongue and then stroke him in and out of your mouth. Mix it up, but don't try to do it all at once, though. A hard suck, swirl your tongue, then in and out." I watched her as she followed these instructions, cheeks working and head bobbing on his hard shaft.

"You can hold his balls if you want," I whispered. "Tickle them with those nails or give them a very gentle squeeze. Don't use your hand on his cock, though; that's cheating." She played with his balls, but then lost coordination and forgot to suck. I touched her cheek to remind her. It's like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time: an acquired skill.

She was well past thirty seconds and closing on a minute, so I gave her a ten second warning, counted her down and then took over. I sucked him half way in, tickling his shaft up and down with the tip of my tongue as I squeezed his balls in my palm. When Rupali called ten seconds again, I sucked hard and took in another inch or two, bringing him to the back of my throat. I pulled him all the way out and then sucked five inches back in, tonguing his shaft near my lips so that he could feel how deep I had him. With a couple of seconds to go I sucked as hard as I could and drew him out slowly, his dick throbbing hard against my tongue.

Rupali went back down about half way and repeated the techniques I showed her. "Go a bit deeper if you can, but not if you're going to gag – that's not cool." I watched as she greedily sucked another inch between her lips and then gently probed a bit deeper, getting used to the feel of his knob against her soft palate. I heard a little urk sound and she pulled back an inch, but kept sucking and fucking his cock in her mouth with increasing vigour.

After nearly a minute again, I called a ten second warning. When she released him with a satisfied smack of her lips, I went to work – this would be the second last change-over. I cupped his balls and pressed my fingertips to the sensitive area between his balls and his anus; hopefully I would feel contractions here when he was getting ready to come. I sucked him straight to the back of my throat and then fucked him in and out, sucking hard and flicking his knob with my tongue on each outward stroke. I felt him heave and throb at this increased assault and the muscles of his stomach bunched beneath my nipples. I had maybe fifteen seconds left; was it enough to get him to the edge? I hoped so.

I took a deep breath and positioned him at the back of my throat, which I then opened to engulf his cock. He cried out as I squeezed him down my throat and pressed my lips into his loins, sucking and swallowing and massaging the point behind his balls. Rupali counted me down; Spike was gasping and stroking my hair with his hands as I felt his balls contract. I pulled him out to half way and pressed down hard on the vessel behind his balls to stop him if he came too soon.

With two seconds to go I pulled him out and held him for Rupali. "Suck hard and get ready," I whispered. I massaged that sensitive spot again and felt him gathering to cum. I pressed down hard to stop the first pump, building up pressure for the second one. "Hold on, here it comes," I whispered as I released him. I felt a monumental throb of his balls as he let go and Rupali squealed between closed lips as hot, thick cum filled her mouth. Spike kept pumping and Rupali held him at half way, sucking and squealing. "Try to swallow it," I advised. It was like she hadn't thought of it. She swallowed, drinking down his cum and squeezing his balls for more.

When finally there was no more she reluctantly withdrew his dick, giving it a few parting licks in case there was any she had missed (there wasn't). Our eyes met and I could see that she understood what I had done. She mouthed a thank you and then shuffled forwards on her knees to kiss me; exploring her mouth with my tongue I could taste the salty-sweet residue of Spike's cum and was momentarily saddened that I wouldn't get to swallow any myself.

Rupali broke away from our kiss and – like the typical teenager that she is – she had to share her experience verbally before it became real.

"Oh my God, how could I have not done that before?"

"I know."

"It was like drinking from a fire hose. It just wouldn't stop. I forgot to swallow and..."

"I know"

"Oh, and the taste," her eyes rolled in recalled ecstasy, " ... just ... YUM! Right?"

"I know"

"And I made it do that. Me!" she marvelled. "Not like when you just let a guy fuck you and he does all the work and then comes. I made him come. What I did made him come." I thought she was downplaying my part in it, but I didn't disagree.

"I know." I was smiling at her now, enjoying her exhilaration as much as she enjoyed herself.

She gave me a serious look. "You helped too," then broke into giggles.

I held up my thumb and forefinger close together. Just a little.

A finger snaked between my thighs and started rubbing my pussy through my bikini. I reached behind and swatted Spike's wrist. "You need a lesson in foreplay, young man!" I admonished.

"Ooooh!" Rupali chirped, putting up her hand. "Can I be your crash test dummy?"

"Perfect. We need to get you ready to fuck, since you won the Russian roulette."

We both climbed off Spike to let him up and Rupali and I undressed. "OK foreplay dummy, on the bench." Ruplai lay on the yellow board, legs out straight and a big cheesy grin on her face. I climbed around the other side of the board and motioned Spike in so that we knelt either side of her pussy. Spike looked pretty focussed, so I snapped my fingers in front of his face. "This is for your benefit, you know," I scolded. "You want her to come, don't you?"

"I made her come before," he said defensively, but with a bit of a smile. He sensed a game. Everybody loves games. Especially my games.

"You, my horny young friend, rubbed where she told you to and then I guided your hand at the end. Pay attention, you'll learn something."

I took Rupali's leg and lowered it to the ground beside the board and instructed Spike to do the same on his side. Now her thighs were spread wide and we could both see her hairless pussy lips. They were still closed, thank goodness, for this was part of my lesson.

I bent down so that my lips and nose nearly touched her pussy and breathed deeply. "Smell," I instructed Spike.

"I know what pussy smells like," he smiled.

"Humour me," I said.

He bent down just like I did and inhaled deeply, less than an inch from her pussy lips. "Smells like ... nothing? No smell?"

"That's what a clean, dry pussy smells like," I said. "Give me your hand." I took his hand and held the back of it to Rupali's vagina. I raised my eyebrows questioningly to him.

"Cool," he said. "It feels cool."

"Right," I said. "Remember that. Come up here."

We moved up to her breasts. I looked up at her face and she still had that big grin; she loves it when I play games. I took Spike's hand again and held the back of it to Rupali's nipple. He was getting the idea now and not waiting for me to ask. "Soft," he said.

"See what you can do about that," I said.

That made him smile. He cupped a hand around the nearest breast and leaned down to take the nipple in his mouth. "Without touching it!" I said.

He looked up at me, not sure whether he was still enjoying my game. He removed his hand and thought about it for a moment. He tried blowing on the nipple to no avail, and then looked at me beseechingly.

I moved up to Rupali's face and kissed her, gently at first and then more forcefully, running my fingers through her glossy, black hair. My breathing picked up, partly as a result of my own excitement and partly for show; I kissed her hard and pulled away panting a few times, my breasts heaving. Kissing her neck, I worked my way up to her ear. "You are so beautiful," I breathed. "I want you." I sucked her earlobe firmly; flicking it with my tongue, and then kissed back down to the hollow of her throat where I tickled with the tip of my tongue, moving ever so slowly down her chest with my tongue, stopping just above her breasts.

I opened my eyes. Thank God, her nipples were rock hard and standing up like soldiers.

"Do we kiss her nipples now?" I asked Spike.

"Yes!" interrupted Rupali.

"Yes?" Spike responded, more of a question than an answer.

"No," I said.

"What!" protested Rupali.

"She's warmed up now," I explained, ignoring Rupali. "But we want her to come so we need her hot, not warm. Follow me."

I kissed the soft flesh around the edges of the breast closest to me, working my way around the outside, gently sucking with open lips and tickling with the tip of my tongue. I peeked across to make sure Spike was following on the other breast and keeping away from the nipple. I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside, alternately kissing and licking with my mouth, then gently squeezing and stroking with my fingers. I licked closer to the erect nipple, tonguing around the edge but not touching the delicate areola. Rupali was squirming, trying to move her nipple to my mouth, but I kept my tongue just at the edge, licking and teasing.

I backed off to let Rupali concentrate on what Spike was doing. She twisted the other way, moaning softly and trying to get her nipple into his mouth. I brought his hand up to cup her breast and whispered in his ear to kiss her mouth, and if he ever fancied getting a second blow job from any woman he would forget where he just came and make it a good one.

Stroking the underside of her breast with his thumb, Spike moved up and kissed Rupali tentatively on the lips, surprising a gasp from her at first because she had her eyes closed. She kissed back passionately, opening her mouth and plucking at his lips with hers. He must have taken my advice to heart because he matched her intensity, kissing harder and probing between her lips with his tongue. Initially surprised that he wanted to kiss while she still tasted of cum, Rupali caught up quickly and reached out with her own tongue, taking Spike's head in her hands and stroking his hair, holding him to her as they kissed even more deeply.

I touched the side of Spike's thumb, moving it towards her nipple, wordlessly suggesting that now was a good time to progress. He brushed lightly over the rigid peak, surprising another moan out of her, and then brought up a finger to circle the areola, feeling the hard little goose bumps there before gently pinching and squeezing the tip. I moved back to the breast on my side and matched his movements with my mouth, circling the areola with my tongue, sucking the whole nipple into my mouth and gently biting at the tip.

Spike came back down and teased her nipple with his lips and tongue while stroking and squeezing the soft flesh of the breast with his fingers. I swapped over to caressing with my hand and kissed downwards over the bottom of her rib cage and on to her flat stomach, once again kissing with an open mouth, sucking little circles of skin between my lips and tracing the lines of her abdominals with my tongue. In a few moments Spike followed and soon we were both kissing around the small shaped and trimmed patch of pubic hair and down to the tops of her open thighs.

I placed a hand behind her knee and lifted all the way up until it touched her breast; Spike copied on the other side, Ruplai's pussy now raised enticingly in the air but not yet open for business. Together we kissed and licked the backs of her thighs, moving slowly but surely together as we approached her sex. I moved in first; my nose and lips nearly touching Rupali's shaved labia, taking in her scent, fresh and rich and sweet with the promise of sex yet to be fulfilled.

"What do you smell now?" I asked Spike.

He moved so close he could have tongued her slit, but he kept to my script and behaved, breathing deeply over her ripe loins. "It's ... spicy ... sweet ... delicious!" he said, surprised.

"That," I said, "is the smell of a clean, wet pussy that is ready to fuck."

"So can I... ," he began.

"No!" I cut in. "I still have some things to show you.

I took his hand again and held the back to her pussy. "What do you feel?"

"Warm. No, wait. Hot!" he marvelled. "God, it's hot. You could cook on that."

I closed his hand except for one finger and touched it to the base of her vagina, just above the anus. Rupali's juices responded to his touch like a siphon and began running down his finger. Very slowly, I moved his finger upwards, parting her labia over the entrance. When I reached the critical point, her lips opened of their accord, parting like the petals of a flower from the bottom where Spike was touching, upwards to expose her clitoris, now bulging out under its hood.

Spike gasped; I don't think he had ever seen a woman open up like that before. I wished I could see how his cock was responding.

"Even though she's ready, that's no guarantee she'll come," I explained. "So what's next?"

"Tongue?" he ventured.

"Yes, but not right away. I'll show you... ," I began.

"No," he stopped me. "I want to. Show me on my mouth."

That was a compromise I could live with; I get plenty of oral sex with Rupali; pretending Spike's mouth was a pussy would be much more interesting. I abandoned my post beside Rupali and came around to where Spike was kneeling. I placed a knee either side of him and perched on his thighs, his cock – now getting hard again - just inches in front of my shaved vagina. I felt warmth flood through my loins at the thought of his shaft so close my womanhood.

"Hey," said Rupali. "Have you two forgotten about me? I won first fuck fair and square, you know."

"Patience," I said. "Everything I do him, he will do to you." And then to Spike, "She has Attention Deficit Disorder; when she's not getting the attention she gets disorderly."

I wrapped a hand around his stiffening member and said "Come with me." I got up and straddled Rupali's ribcage, her breasts squeezed together between my thighs. Following my guiding hand on his cock, Spike stepped over and straddled her head, facing me with his balls above Rupali's upturned face.

"Now, can you find something to amuse yourself while I teach him to eat you?" I asked.

"I'll try," she sighed. "Just be quick, OK?"

I lieu of an answer, I used the hand not holding Spike's dick to tweak a nipple, making her yelp and wriggle between my open thighs. I leaned in to Spike, my nipples touching his hard chest, and tilted my head, bringing our mouths together without touching. His lips pursed, seeking me out; I pulled back a little, "Pussies don't purse," I said, giving his cock a squeeze. "Let me do the work." His lips softened and he tilted his head oppositely to mine, our mouths now at right angles.

I kissed him, plucking softly at his lips with mine, sucking just enough to draw them away from his teeth. He tasted a little bit salty from the soy sauce he had on the sushi earlier and the image of kissing a pussy when I shut my eyes was surprisingly powerful. I felt some movement around his cock, which I still held around the base; I glanced down quickly and saw Rupali's tongue snaking around his balls. Kissing harder, I sucked his upper lip into my mouth and ran my tongue over the soft inside surface, repeating on the lower lip and then both at once, showing him how to titillate the inner labia before tonguing the vagina or clitoris.

I kept this up for another minute, stroking his cock until it was fully erect again, hard and throbbing under my fingers. Rupali had taken both balls into her mouth, sucking and juggling them with her tongue and occasionally licking out to the base of his cock and getting my fingers instead. I probed into Spike's mouth with my tongue, gently at first and then more insistently, pushing deeper and searching out his own tongue, my pussy licking lesson now all but forgotten. I squeezed his cock hard in frustration when he didn't respond; he gasped and realising the game had changed he kissed me back, his tongue twisting against mine, crushing our lips together as he brought both hands up to my breasts, stroking the undersides like I showed him before touching the nipples. What a good student!

I realized that we were getting carried away with each other when at least one of us should have a face buried in Rupali's pussy. I pulled away from him reluctantly, panting and breathless. "Got it?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes, thank you" he said, stealing another peck at my lips.

"Stay away from her clitoris until just before you fuck her," I whispered. "Otherwise she's come all over your face instead of your cock."

Spike moved to the other end of the board and lifted Rupali's thighs back to her stomach again, raising her gaping and glistening pussy up to his lips. He began kissing her inner folds, just as I had kissed him, eliciting a deep moan of desire from Rupali. I knelt on the board behind her head and leaned forward to kiss her breasts, bringing my own hard nipples into contact with her mouth. We played a silent game of Simon-Says: I licked, she licked; I sucked, she sucked; I nibbled, she nibbled. I hope she wasn't losing concentration on what Spike was doing to her steaming pussy; I felt quite invested in his training now and wanted him to do a good job.

Rupali locked her legs around Spike's head, thighs clamped over his ears and ankles crossed in the middle of his back, using them as a lever to push her pussy into his face and making the slow, teasing pussy licking that I taught him impossible. I felt an immediate change in Rupali when he started to use his tongue, running it up and down her slit and probing inside her entrance. She arched her back and rolled her hips in time with him, moaning encouragement and letting out squeals of passion and surprise as he probed more deeply, forcing his insistent tongue down her love canal.

She broke away from sucking my nipple and gasped "No more! Please, fuck me now."

Spike chose not to fulfil this request; at least not yet. He withdrew his tongue and moved up to her clitoris, sucking and licking to the increasingly frantic cries from Rupali, who was quickly approaching orgasm. I let him continue for another thirty seconds or so and then reached down to touch his cheek, reminding him that it was time to replace the tongue with dick.

Rupali unlocked her ankles as Spike pulled back and then flipped them up over his shoulders. He moved up, straddling the surfboard, until the underside of his hard shaft rested against her steaming, wet slit. He leaned forwards, resting against her legs and cupped her breasts with both hands, stroking the nipples and soaking up the moonlit view of this naked Indian goddess folded beneath him and offering him complete access to her supple young body.

I moved forwards as well, positioning my own pussy over Rupali's face as I reached down and took hold of Spike's manhood, guiding the tip between the gaping inner folds of her pussy lips. As Spike pushed forwards, I pulled his cock away so that instead of sliding deep into Rupali's core, his length ploughed through her slit and over her engorged clitoris, all the way from the tip to the balls. Rupali cried out in equal parts passion and frustration, arching her back and quivering with the sensation of his hardness rubbing over her clit. Spike pulled back and once again I positioned his cock at her entrance, stirring it around to get it coated in her juices.

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