Hungry for Affection

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotic Sex Story: A woman rejected by her husband finds company on a train, three men who fuck her and show that she is appreciated.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   .

Cathy called out to let her husband know she was leaving; it was just a courtesy call for she knew he didn't really care what she was doing or where she was going. As usual came the 'grunt' of a reply. The marriage was just one of toleration; they both led almost separate lives, but lived under the one roof. She had her selection of friends and he had his and very rarely did the two sections meet. She closed the door, picked up her bag and walked towards the station, which was only a block or so away.

As she stood waiting she felt the tinge of jealously as she observed couples, whether married or not it didn't matter, engaged in activities that showed her they were keen on each other. At a function where her husband had been invited to a dinner put on by her selections of friends it hurt, not that she would admit it, as her husband sat as far away from her as possible while other couples were almost entangled themselves with each other. However, that was the way it was and had been for decades, it was the way the dice had fallen and all she could do was just grin and bare it, because separation had not entered her mind because no other man had shown her any interest and she really had not considered it either.

The train was not packed and she sat facing the front and next to the window, for her trip was to take her through some nice country and although her mind was far from happy, she could at least admire the scenery. There was only one more station before the train began its journey that would take a number of hours till she reached her destination which was the town of an old friend from her Netball days. She wasn't thinking of anything in particular and was in a sort of a day dream world when the seats opposite were occupied; the arrival of other passengers bought her back to reality. Two men sat down, they were as black as night. Maybe it was the 'hello' or maybe it was the smile that was directed at her, for she was the only one sitting opposite, that encouraged her to respond with a smile and a returned 'hello'.

She knew she had a full figure, after all the women in her family were well endowed. She knew that she had to get a special bra for her tits were far to big for the normal bra from the retail shop, this was just the way she was built and certainly never occurred to her that they were going to be the focus of two black men on a country train. For these men a heavy breasted woman was for them a prize that would equal a lottery ticket, especially if she was white. She couldn't understand their conversation. She heard them talk and just smiled as they smiled at her. If she had known that what one man was saying to the other? "She seems friendly I wonder if she will fuck? The very thought of ramming my cock up the cunt of a white woman is almost making my cock dribble in anticipation". Her smiling response may have been totally different, but she didn't know and when she was again address with such a charming smile, she responded with equal delight. They exchanged names and gradually she began to feel 'wanted'; these men were delighted in her presence and when it was suggested that they go into the lounge for coffee she hoped her eagerness to accept would not be labelled 'desperation'.

The lounge was empty and they chose comfortable leather chairs at the back, the waiter bought the coffees and she settled down to a situation of acceptance, something her husband had never given her. The drinks were finished and when the opportunity rose to all sit together in one of the lounge type seats, naturally she was in the middle she didn't hesitate, never considering the thoughts of these two men and not for a minute thinking that she was deliberately positioned to be seduced for in the minds of these men, her acceptance of their invitation and her willingness to engage with them in conversation, convinced them that she would also spread her thighs and suck their cocks.

They chattered and she warmed towards them, she felt wanted, something that her husband had never showed her; she was comfortable and didn't object as she was encouraged to rest against the one man who seemed to be the spokesman for them both. A slight kiss on the forehead, then on the cheek and finally on the lips, a kiss that she hadn't experienced in ages, maybe in decades, another sign of acceptance. A kiss led to a touch and gradually her tit was massaged and she gave a slight shudder, not from horror but from a feeling of released desire. However, that feeling was shortly going to pale and her response was a vocal 'Ohhhhhh!' as a hand travelled up her thighs and an eager finger found the lips of a very hairy cunt and began to rub her up while she, whether automatically or just from a hidden desire so long denied didn't do what normally would have been expected; she didn't push that invader away, but spread her thighs wider to enable a more thorough exploration. An invitation readily accepted.

By the time her panties were removed, she was so aroused that she just lifted her bottom to make that removal very easy. She knew the triangle at her groin was thick with hair but didn't know how much these men appreciated it. So far her response had been slight murmurs, she had no idea of the size of the cock that was now fully aroused but boy she was to feel it. It took three shoves to totally conceal the length but her response was a definite loud "Ahhhhhh!' followed by slightly more restrained 'Ohhhhhh' as that ravishing cock began to work, sliding in and out of a now pulsating cunt. However, her first gasp of sheer bewilderment resulted in a suggestion to silence her. "Shove your cock in her mouth; otherwise she will bring the whole train in to investigate. Cathy was just about to utter another cry of delight as another thrust sent the entire length up her, when her open mouth was stuffed by a very thick cock and her surprise was overshadowed by what was happening between her thighs and the sharp command. "Suck it". She really had not alternative but to do just that, she sucked for the very first time the cock of a man.

With his cock rammed so that his balls were resting against her bum, he removed her blouse and her bra and gave a gasp of pure amazement at the size of those now flopped free tits. He sank his mouth over erected nipples and while he fucked, sucked so that Cathy was so are off the planet that when he thrust and blew his balls, all she could do was erupt like something hit with a cattle prob. "Finished?" he companion gasped as the suction of her mouth was sending goose pimples all over him. "One more shove and my balls will be empty", was the reply as Cathy's bottom lifted off the lounge as she felt that finally thrust. She didn't get a chance to close her thighs before she was again rising and falling to accommodate the cock that mere minutes before she was slurping all over.

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