by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A architect witnesses a murder by a gang leader. While marshals are protecting him a team attacks and all but one are killed. It is up to them to hide and protect each other until he can testify.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cream Pie   .

I was in the ancient warehouse practicing with one of two old replica crossbow pistols. I am a architect and this whole area was scheduled to be destroyed so more huge sky buildings could be built. The crossbows only had a light pull so they were not considered deadly weapons. I had three dozen of the small bolts and was aiming across the empty space.

When I heard the yelling I crossed to the broken window and looked out to see three men facing another. I blinked and pulled my comm and started to take pictures in case they vandalized something. One pulled a pistol and shot a man several times in the body. Another man looked around and saw me before jerking a compact weapon out and firing at the window.

I fell back with a tearing, burning pain ripping through my chest, left shoulder and upper left arm. I fell to the floor and crawled away from the window as more bullets exploded through it and the wall beside it. I fumbled for the crossbow and looked around for somewhere to hide. I looked at the door as the firing stopped and lifted the crossbow pistol.

It was moments before the man came through the door holding the weapon. I aimed at his head and squeezed the trigger. Normally the bolt would not have penetrated the skull but this time it struck the man's left eye and went through his brain. He went straight back and down as I struggled to pull the string back and put another bolt in place.

No one else came in as I finally pointed the crossbow at the door. It was a few minutes before I heard police sirens outside. What followed was doctors and a hospital followed by police detectives with a thousand questions. When I identified the man that had killed the other, they had looked at each other.

His name was Dagger Sinter and he was the biggest criminal boss in the city. Four hours later I was in a small apartment in a sky building with two of six marshals and two dozen cameras watching everything and everywhere. The man I had identified was the boss of a large gang.

They had brought everything I had on me in the warehouse and bought a couple of changes of clothes. The pain meds made me really groggy and after everything I needed to get clean. I sealed the bandages before fumbling through a shower. I managed to get dressed as two other marshals came to relieve the ones with me.

A stunning brunette stepped into my room as I tried to slip the mocs on, "Mr Silver?"

I looked up and she smiled before kneeling, "let me."

She slipped the mocs on and I heard one of the others through the door say, "who is that?"

A second later an explosion ripped the front door off and shook the apartment. The woman pushed me towards a corner of the room, "stay there!"

I heard automatic shots like in the warehouse and looked around as the woman pulled a pistol and aimed at the bedroom door. My pack was on the bed and I opened it to pull out the second crossbow pistol. I slowly cocked it and fished in the pack for a bolt before putting it in. I shifted and held it up as the shooting stopped.

A few moments later the door shattered and the woman marshal twisted away. I aimed as she started to turn back and a man stepped in with a gun pointed towards her. I fired straight through his temple and he dropped. The marshal fired into another man that had been behind the first as I cocked the crossbow and put another bolt in.

It was a minute before she moved to the door and then a shot sounded and she went back and down. I took three steps and looked out as I aimed. The man was just standing from the other room across the hall and taking a step. I squeezed the trigger and the bolt flashed across the hall and into his throat.

I turned to kneel beside the marshal as she gasped and took her pistol before looking at the door. Another men stepped in and started to lift what looked like a extremely large bore gun. I did not even lift the pistol as I fired three times and struck him in the stomach and chest. The woman grabbed my hand and I looked at her as she sat up, "you are alive."

She pulled her gun out of my hand as she gasped, "they hit my vest."

I helped her up and hesitated before going to each of the men to pull their weapons away. I also grabbed any spare ammo as I tried to watch the end of the hall with the marshal pointing her gun. I moved back into my room to shove everything into my pack. I cocked the crossbow and slipped another bolt into place before struggling to put the pack on.

I moved to the door and looked at the marshal before taking a step. She reached out to grab my shoulder, "stay here."

I looked at her, "they found me with you marshals protecting me. I am not staying where they can find me."

I pulled away and she cursed as she followed. I peeked around the hall corner and knelt to check the marshal on the floor. I did not feel a pulse and moved across to kneel beside another. He was dead too and just one look told me the third was also dead. I moved to the shattered front door and looked out before stepping out.

The marshal followed as she used her comm and I went past the lift and down to a utility room. I hesitated and then pulled my pocket knife to pry the scan plate cover off. I unplugged and changed a couple of fiber wires and the door slid aside. I replaced the wires and closed the plate before I stepped in as the marshal followed, "what the hell are you doing?"

I looked back as I crossed to what looked like a large closet door, "most people do not even know building maintenance has their own lifts."

I opened the closet door and touched the call button, "this is on a separate maintenance monitoring system so anyone watching will not know we are using it unless they are watching the maintenance feed."

I stepped in and she followed as the lift dropped all the way down into the sub basement. I led the way out with her trying to move around me. I let her and she opened the door and looked around before starting towards the stairs. I cleared my throat and she stopped to look at me. I tilted my head the other way and started down the wide plasticrete hallway.

At a door that said electrical I remembered and used a general city maintenance code and the door slid aside. I went in and started down the stairs with large pipes on one side. The marshal caught up, "what the hell is this?"

I smiled, "this is how the building gets power and water."

She looked around as I stopped at the four way intersection and used a power grid comp. I pulled up the city grid map and followed a route from us to the city central police building. I shut it down and turned to start walking. I glanced at her a few minutes later, "I am Tye."

She glanced at me, "Marshal Jinn Diamond."

I smiled, "I hope you are a good Jinn."

She smiled, "good enough."

It was not long before the adrenalin wore off and I felt the pain return as if I had never taken any pain meds. It was a good thing we were not that far from the police building. At every other major intersection I stopped to check the city grid map. I was glad when we got to the police building and led the way up the stairs to the sub basement hallway.

I went down to the utility room and used the general maintenance code to open the door. I crossed to a building maintenance comp and accessed the central data net to enter a password and user code. I shut it off and grinned as I headed to the lift. This time I used the password and user code to override the lift so it was not monitored.

I started it up and we went all the way to the top floor before it stopped. I restored the normal lift operation and led Jinn out. I caught her as she headed towards the door and nodded to a ladder on the wall. I moved to the ladder, "wait for me to turn the lights on up there."

I hesitated as I anticipated the pain this was going to cause. I used a snap to hold the crossbow and reached up with my right hand as I stepped onto the first rung. I used my feet and not my arms to climb up and paused at the ceiling hatch. I reached up to push the open pad and it slid open. I climbed up and carefully stepped out of the hatch before feeling to the right.

I touched the panel and a dim light came on. I glanced down at Jinn, "come up."

I waited until she was up and knelt to touch the close pad. I stood and looked around before starting off, "each sky building has four sections with maintenance lifts. This would be considered the attic, the clearance is only two and a half meters."

Jinn cleared her throat, "what are we doing here?"

I turned a corner and touched an open button and a door slid aside, "we need someplace to hide."

I reached in and touched the light switch, "this is our bathroom."

She looked in and then took a step, "you are kidding?"

I stepped in and grinned at the huge shower and sink as well as a regular toilet, "the showers were for emergencies."

She looked at me and bit her lip, "close the door."

I blinked, "why?"

She sighed, "I need to pee and you are not leaving my sight."

I grinned and closed the door before turning to face the door, "go ahead."

She giggled, "turn around Tye."

I turned and watched as she undid and pushed her pants down before sitting on the toilet. She even spread her legs as she looked at me and started to pee. Her trimmed pussy was beautiful and I finally shook myself before walking to the cabinet across from the toilet. I opened it and grinned when I found a plastic wrapped roll of toilet paper.

I turned and handed it to her. She accepted it and looked past me, "is that a towel?"

I nodded as I looked at her pussy and she opened the toilet paper, "strip."

I looked at her and she nodded to the shower. I took the pack off and undressed and that was when I noticed all the blood on my clothes. I looked up as Jinn stripped and she smiled before pushing me into the shower. We did not have soap or shampoo but at least the water was warm. I had to grin when she rubbed her breasts on me and giggled.

I reached between her legs to finger her slit and she spread her legs more to let me. It was a minute before she was panting and shuddering as she humped against my hand. She finally pushed me back, "we need to find a bed."

I shut the water off and reached out for the towel and dried her before myself. I was careful of the seal around my bandages and turned her and wrapped the towel around her when I was done. I gathered my clothes and swung my pack over my good shoulder, "one bed coming up."

She laughed as I opened the door and peeked out. I shut the light off, "hold onto the pack."

I used the floor plan as my guide and walked on the plasticrete floor towards the east. I could have turned on the dim lights but did not. The wide window filled the room I came to and let in light. I moved to one side and pulled a couple of wide and thick sealed plastic bundles away from the wall. I put two together and added two more going the other way.

I pulled out a third and set my pack and clothes on it. I opened my pack as Jinn set her clothes down, "that is a bed?"

I pulled the small stuff bag out of my pack and then the light fiber blanket out of the stuff bag. I shook it out and then spread it over the bundles, "it is now."

She grinned as she tossed her gun and comm onto the bed and pushed me onto it. I wiggled back as she stalked after me and straddled my waist. She rubbed my chest before lifting and slowly working my thick cock into her. She groaned and wiggled to get more in before starting to rock.

It was a minute before my cock was buried and pushing against the back of her pussy. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed and began to thrust and rub back and forth. It took a minute for her to start shaking and panting. Her pussy was clenching and grasping my cock as she jerked and bounced.

She dropped onto me and rolled over, pulling me with her. She kissed me when I shoved into her nice and deep and screamed into my mouth. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts as she wrapped her legs around me and started thrashing and bucking. I continued to fuck as I rode her wildly spasming body.

Several minutes later she was still convulsing as I shoved all the way into her and kissed her while I gushed cum. She screamed again as her pussy gripped and milked my cock. It was awhile before I stopped cumming but she continued to shudder for another minute before relaxing with a sigh.

I pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach as she looked back at me and I moved back over her. She grinned as I pushed into her slimy pussy and started to fuck her with long strokes. I fucked her for two hours before we stopped. I was laying behind her with my arm around her when her comm went off.

I lifted my head as she looked at the tiny screen before sitting up to answer it, "yes?"

She looked at me, "Mr Silver is still with me."

She frowned, "how did you get my number commander?"

She moved to the side of the bed, "you do not need to know where we are and I am not coming in to answer questions. Call my commander and he will..."

She looked at me, "you have the surveillance vids from the safe house."

She stood and walked to the window ignoring the fact that she was naked, "if the vids have gone missing you need to call my commander or the attorney general's office. Copies were automatically sent to both offices as well as a secure government comp."

She turned and looked at her comm, "you are stalling."

She hung up, "get dressed."

I moved out of bed and quickly dressed before grabbing the blanket and stuffing it into the bag. I was putting it into the pack when I heard something. My hand was on the extremely large bore gun and I brought it out and looked at the doorway. Jinn was turning as the two men in black military uniforms stepped in.

One had a gun like the one I was carrying and I fired. I blinked as the whole area exploded and the two were thrown back. Jinn was moving as two more stepped in and shot the first in the face before shooting the second as he lifted a short barreled assault rifle. I grabbed my pack as I heard a lot of explosions and firing below us.

Jinn was looking into the other room as I knelt and started stripping the men. She almost growled, "what are you doing!"

I yanked the vest and equipment belt with holster off, "how many bullets do you have left?"

She did not answer as I slipped the vest on and moved to the next man. I pulled it off quickly and held it out to Jinn with the rifle. I got the vests and equipment from the men Jinn had shot before shoving everything into my now full pack. I closed it and put it on as I stood and started through the door.

She tried to stop me and I pulled her after me, "quiet."

I left the lights off as I felt my way from room to room. I ignored the utility room we had used to get up here and went all the way across the building. I stopped and felt around before kneeling and pushing the open pad. Jinn knelt and pointed her weapon down into the room but it was empty. She went down and I started after her, stopping to close the hatch.

I used the code to call the lift and then my code and password to cancel the monitoring. I restored it when we reached the sub basement. I led Jinn to the other door and let her check it before heading for the electrical door. I was thinking ahead, trying to think of where we could go. I remembered a resort on the other side of the city with serious engineering problems.

We just needed to get there, I looked around before checking the nearest city grid map. I smiled as I turned to start off and walked quickly as Jinn walked beside me. She looked pissed and I smiled, "save it for when you catch whoever is hunting me."

She snorted and then chuckled, "you do know that weapon you are carrying is a breacher and fires explosives."

I glanced at the gun and grinned, "it seemed to do a good job."

I stopped at the panel I needed and then looked further down the hall, "stay here."

I walked to the inset box twenty feet away and used my pocket knife to open it. I looked at Jinn and she walked to me and I shook my head as I held out my hand, "let me see your comm."

She hesitated before pulling it out and handing it to me. I turned to pull a tiny wire with a plug from the box. I slipped it into comm before starting to enter a set of commands. I grinned when I was done and handed it back, "when you use it now anyone looking is going to have fun."

I closed the box and headed back to the panel and Jinn caught up, "what did you do?"

I opened the panel to revel a shaft with a ladder, "I linked the comm id to the city comm grid. If anyone is looking it will show the comm is everywhere in the city."

I looked at Jinn, "close the panel and follow me down."

I pulled my pack off to push the breacher in before putting it back on and kneeling. I backed into the shaft and onto the ladder before starting down. I could feel the wetness seeping from the wounds under the pack strap. It was a long way down before I stepping onto a floor and felt around to turn on the lights. I turned back and reached out to help Jinn.

She growled as she stepped off the ladder, "climbing down a shaft in the dark is not my idea of fun."

I grinned as I walked down the hall and onto a dim platform beside a large plastic tube. Jinn followed me and looked around as I went to the terminal, "this is an emergency maintenance tube. It is used to transport people or engineers to different places using magnetic grav pulses."

I turned to look at the tube and a section lifted before a capsule moved out of a wall slot. It dropped into the tube and the side opened to revel a seat with another in front of it. I gestured, "the front seat is yours."

She hesitated before walking to the capsule and looking in. She looked at me and I gestured, "after you."

Jinn grumped as she climbed in and settled into the seat, "it is comfortable."

I smiled as I pulled the pack off and climbed in. I put the pack between my legs as I touched the screen on the other arm of the seat. The capsule closed and Jinn turned to look back as I selected the destination before pushing the green button. The capsule started slow and quickly went faster until we were speeding through a dark plastic tube.

I leaned back and sighed, "twenty minutes."

Jinn sat back and I heard her take a breath. It seemed like a long time before the capsule slowed and pulled to a stop. I use the screen to open the capsule and climbed out. I put the pack on as my shoulder throbbed and waited for Jinn. I crossed to the terminal and a moment later the capsule closed before being lifted and moved into the racks in the other wall.

I turned to head for the narrow hall, ignoring the other door and Jinn caught up, "where does the other door go?"

I glanced at it as I turned the hall light on, "the tram."

I led her back to the ladder and looked up into darkness. I looked at Jinn, "remember how the panel opened?"

She nodded and I gestured, "you first."

Jinn smiled as she walked towards the ladder and started climbing. It took me longer and then we followed the city grid map. In the utility room under the resort I used the maintenance comp to add a user name and password. We went up to the next floor where I used the new code and password to enter a housekeeping room.

Since it was so early in the morning no one was around. I used the housekeeping comp to bypass the resort data net and add a new guest in a room for a week starting three days ago. While Jinn watched I used the maintenance code to enter the lost and found. I pulled shirts and pants and coats off shelves and stuffed them into a travel case that had been left in a room.

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