Ginnie's Ice Play

by Athalia

Copyright© 2014 by Athalia

Erotica Sex Story: In this continuation of "Daughters of Priapus," Ginnie experiments with sex toys made of ice, and tries them out on some willing friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   .

(This is a continuation of my stories entitled "Daughters of Priapus." Although it could be read on its own, readers might find it informative to read the others first, in order to acquaint them with some of the characters that are mentioned.)

What a change there's been in me! Two years ago, I was a frigid woman who thought that, at age fifty-eight, sexual excitement was a thing of the past, along with my periods and my maternal responsibilities. I hadn't foreseen being seduced by the young ladies of my old sorority, or having a short but passionate affair with a mature man I'd met on a nude beach. Orgasms came to me more easily now, and I seldom let a day go by without one. After I rediscovered my libido, I took a hard look at myself, analyzing the things that prevented me from establishing relationships with men.

Sure, my breasts sagged a bit, and my thighs were thicker than they used to be. But I was still pretty fit, and Dottie, a friend of mine at the community theater, told me that my body was still "hot." And then she proved her sincerity by asking me to stay the night so she could pleasure it. It was her idea, after all, to take me to that nude beach where I'd met Max. Although she was middle-aged, she still had an athlete's body and firm breasts with puffy nipples and a plump vulva that she kept shaved except for a "landing strip." With her blue eyes, auburn hair, and overall tan, she could make any man or woman her sexual slave, and I was delighted to be one of the women!

I'd slept with her a few times after that, but when she started a relationship with Greg, a man in his thirties who directed many of our plays, her interest in me began to wane. We'd still sleep together once in a while, but not as often as before. She'd made it clear that she wanted cock as well as pussy, and I assured her that she had every right to keep us both as lovers, with no hard feelings. I couldn't blame her; while I enjoyed Lesbian sex, I still felt the need to be pleasured by a hard cock once in a while.

Dottie and I even joked about having a threesome someday, but I doubted that Greg would find me attractive. I confess that I found him quite appealing; he was well-built, with dark skin, strong hands, brown curly hair that he wore long, and a well-trimmed beard. He had a ready smile and an active mind, and had often accompanied us to a local bar after our plays were over. But as far as I knew, his interest in me was strictly Platonic. To be sure, I'd seen his eyes stray to my cleavage and widen when I would lean forward to expose some tit during those times when we shared a drink at a bar, but all men do that, I think. It's hard-wired into them.

Since I didn't have a steady man in my life, I took to visiting my friends at my old sorority house. On a recent visit there, one of the girls introduced a form of masturbation to me that she called "ice play." It involved using ice cubes on my engorged clit, oversized inner labia and long nipples to deaden the nerves. When those parts warmed up again, the sensation was exquisite, particularly if the warming was done by a skillful tongue. When I got home, I often used the cubes in conjunction with other toys. It even got to where I was putting dildoes into the freezer to chill them. The frisson of a cold hard tool slipping into my warm vagina always turned me on, but they always warmed up as fast as I got them inside me, so the effect wasn't as strong as I'd hoped.

Well, it might have ended there if it hadn't been for the balloons. We needed some balloons for a prop in one of the plays, but when we blew them up, they were so light that any breeze would waft them around the set. Then one of the guys suggested filling one with water. It worked like a charm! Not only did it stay put, but it wouldn't deflate over time, the way an air-filled balloon would. So we set about filling up the rest of them. One of the prop girls laughed as she filled one of the longer, more slender balloons. When it was about eight inches long and about four inches in circumference, she said, "Why, this looks like my boyfriend's dick! See the curve?"

"I hope his dick gets a little harder than that!" I replied as I gave it a squeeze. We laughed and continued to fill the remainder of the balloons, but the thought had been planted in my mind: what if I bought some balloons, partially filled them with water, froze them, and used them for dildoes? They'd melt in my vagina, but they'd stay cold for a long time. It was worth a try!

And try I did. I bought a bag of the long, slender kind of balloon and filled one to about the size I wanted, and then put it in the freezer. When I checked it the next day, I found to my surprise that it had gotten bigger. Of course! Ice expands as it forms! After a few more experiments, I found the proper amount to fill the balloon to produce the dimensions I wanted. I called my new toy the "Cocksicle" and made several of them.

I began to play with these toys on a regular basis. The stinging shock of sliding it into my sheath was like that of diving into a pool of cool water. I found out that the sensation of cold alone wouldn't trigger an orgasm, but if I used the ice dildo for a while and then switched it for a regular one, the second dildo would seem to be extremely warm in comparison, even warmer than a man's cock. As the numbness of my vaginal walls subsided, the relative warmth and motion of the second dildo would never fail to produce a climax.

At first, was afraid that the Cocksicle would freeze my vagina and maybe even stick; the stories of children who licked frozen poles and got their tongues stuck ran through my mind. So I coated the dildo with lubricant, and this worked well, but the toy would soften as the ice melted, and I didn't like how squishy it felt. But then I found that it wasn't necessary to leave the balloon in place. If I stripped the balloon off the dildo, leaving the ice; the melting water would provide enough lubricant, and the Cocksicle would always be hard and freezing cold. Fucking myself with my Cocksicle became part of my repertoire. I didn't do it all the time, since the sensation wears off with familiarity, but it was a wonderful treat if done sparingly, like once every week or two. It got me wondering how it might feel if I was to use it on my vagina, and then replace it with a hard, warm cock.

Greg's "day job" involves a lot of traveling, and those are the times that Dottie and I hook up. One night when she was staying over, I showed her my new toy. She was skeptical at first, but when she saw me pleasuring myself with it, she wanted to try, too, and soon she was quivering with delight as I fucked her with the Cocksicle and then replaced it with a regular dildo, going back and forth between the two. During our post-coital cuddles, she said something that piqued my interest.

"I wish that there was something like that for guys," she murmured.


"Well, Greg has this thing. He cums too soon. In me for two minutes, and he squirts, and he's done for a while. Maybe a Cocksicle -- a male version, that is -- would desensitize him and slow him down a little. Plus, I'd like to see what a cold dick in me feels like."

"Hmm. An Ice Vadge. How would you make one?"

"I dunno. Maybe make a block of ice, and drill it out to make a hole for his dick?"

"How big is his dick?"

"It's ... I don't know! I never measured it! Six inches long, maybe a little more, but I don't know how thick. Hey, next time we're together, I'll measure it, okay?"

"You do that," I said as I kissed her. "I've got some ideas on how to do this." And with that, we resumed our lovemaking, without toys this time, just our tongues and fingers on each other's clits and nipples.

A few days later, I found a note on my desk, signed by Dottie. It read: "5-1/2 inches."

When I got home, I started measuring the circumference of all sorts of cylindrical objects. The closest I could come to that dimension was the hub of a toilet paper roll, which was 5-1/4". So that would have to do. I weighted it with some lead fishing weights, put it into a self-sealing baggie, and immersed it in a deep plastic bowl filled with water, which went into the freezer.

The next morning, the water had frozen hard. I had a little trouble getting the toilet paper hub out of my new toy, but realized after a second's thought that I need only open the baggie and pour some warm water in. Then it pulled out easily, leaving a perfect cylinder of ice ... an ice vagina, if you will. I returned that to the freezer, and left Dottie a note that said: "Mission accomplished! Can you get G to try it on for size?"

As it turned out, Saturday night was Greg's birthday, and I invited him and Dottie over to my place for some celebratory drinks. We girls had planned a little surprise for him.

After the effects of the drinks were starting to show, with a little help from the joint we passed around, we repaired to the bedroom. Then Dottie and I undressed each other as Greg watched. As our slacks, blouses, panties, and bras came off and dropped to the floor, Greg stared at us with the most astonished look. He'd seen Dottie's naked body before, of course, but not mine. I think he was surprised to see that I wasn't in bad shape for a lady my age. I lifted my breasts by my nipples and pulled them up and out and gave them a shake. Then I squeezed them, pressed them together, and let them bounce gently as I let them fall. What shocked him the most, I think, was that it was the first time he'd seen me as a sexual person, with sexual needs, rather than as a co-worker. For the first time, I saw the look of lust in those brown eyes of his. And I liked it!

Then we stripped him, giggling like schoolgirls. As we worked, we took every opportunity to rub our hard-nippled breasts along the smooth, dark skin of his body, but that was more for our pleasure than his. The effect of our nudity on him was plain to see: his penis was sticking almost straight out. It wasn't fully hard yet, which is just what we wanted.

"Lie on the bed, dear," Dottie ordered him. "Ginnie, get the toy, but don't let him see it!" I retrieved the Ice Vagina from my freezer and returned to the bedroom, where I found Greg lying face up on the bed, his eyes covered by Dottie's hands. "Put it on him," she said. And I did, sliding it onto his dick while Dottie removed her hands from his face.

Greg started momentarily as he felt his penis slip into the icy sheath. I had been afraid that his penis would either get harder and lock him into it, or that it would soften and not provide a tight fit. But, as it turned out, neither of those things happened, and I was able to slide the toy up and down the length of his cock as he groaned with the new sensation. Meanwhile, Dottie was lying next to us, kissing him and finger-fucking herself energetically to get herself aroused for the next step. To tell the truth, she didn't need much arousal. I knew her body well enough by this point to discern the unmistakable changes in her eyes, her skin and muscle tone, and the wetness of her slot. Her dream of a threesome was coming true, and she was enjoying it immensely!

After a few minutes of this, I slipped the Ice Vadge off Greg's hard member, and then Dottie straddled him and impaled herself on his cock. She yipped in surprise at the sensation of his cold penis inside her. "Ooh, it's better than a Cocksicle!" she chirped. And then it was my turn to wank as the two of them fucked.

The effect of the ice on Greg's cock was just what we'd hoped for. He lasted a long time, and Dottie enjoyed every minute of it, reveling in the sensation of his cock warming up inside her. I set the Ice Vadge aside and lay next to them, fondling my clit as I watched Dottie's shapely breasts bounce up and down as she fucked him. When he came at last, with a growl and a tightening of all his muscles, I did, too. It was the first time I'd actually been in the same bed with a man and a woman making love, and it was even more erotic than the few times I'd shared orgasms with multiple women in my college days. As Greg uncoupled from Dottie, I took his softening cock, now back to normal temperature, into my mouth and licked the juices of sex off it as he gasped with pleasure. Then I did the same with Dottie's vulva, which was oozing Greg's tangy sperm.

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