Nude Secretaries Day: the New Girl

by Totzman

Copyright© 2014 by Totzman

Erotica Sex Story: One day each year, the secretaries come to work naked. This year, Monica is asked to "sweeten the deal" for a new client.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Nudism   .

Monica Kelly smiled at her boss as she filled his ivory mug with steaming hot coffee. Albert nodded at her in gratitude. He was on the phone with an important client, and his dutiful secretary knew just what he needed. She poured in two teaspoons of sugar and two creams, just the way he liked it, and stirred.

Although Albert listened to his client's words, his attention was most definitely on Monica. He loved the way she tied her jet black hair back into a tight ponytail. Her attire was professional, but sexy, which Albert considered to be the ideal image for a workplace. Monica's blouse was form-fitting; so that the rounded shape of her breasts showed through, and was cut low enough to give just a hint of cleavage, but nothing more. Her skirt was short and tight, a good three inches above the knee to show plenty of leg and tight enough to complement the round shape of her behind.

In addition, Monica wore dark stockings and black high heels. In Albert's opinion, this was the perfect ensemble for a secretary. However, in a few short days, that uniform was going to change.

Albert took a peek at Monica's bottom as she walked out of his office. There was no denying she had a fabulous ass. Monica had grown used to the attention she got from Albert, as well as the other men in her office. She'd learned fairly quickly after she started that J.T. Levinson Marketing was not like most workplaces.

Monica took a seat at her desk, crossed her legs, and conducted her secretarial duties. Albert had an important project coming up; an ad for a new agency looking to branch out into six new locations. Monica was in charge of compiling miscellaneous files such as clip art and headers. The project had been consuming much of her time over the past few weeks so she had high hopes that the client would accept their proposal.

Monica flipped through her day calendar to see how much time she had until the project was due. She had the following day committed to another project, and she'd requested a Thursday morning off for a doctor's appointment, so her schedule would be tight. It wasn't until she flipped to Tuesday, February 6, that her heart skipped.

Listed under February 6, was the heading, "Nude Secretaries Day." It was less than a week from today.

Monica was all too familiar with her company's favorite holiday. Every year, the secretaries of J.T. Levinson Marketing were required to report to work totally nude. The previous year, Monica had been informed just the day before that she would be expected to work the following day without a stitch of clothing.

She'd been mortified arriving to work the next morning, praying that it was just a silly prank, but to her surprise, it was not. Even though she'd always been a quiet, reserved, church-going girl her entire life, Monica complied with the dress code for the entire day, much to the pleasure of Albert and every male in the office.

Whether she was taking phone calls, typing memos, or running to other offices within the building, Monica did it all of her normal secretarial duties in the buff for the entire work day.

Albert hung up the phone and strutted into Monica's office.

"Well, they're happy with what we've done so far, so things are looking good," Albert said.

"That's a relief," Monica said. "I think I got enough space filler for every project into the next millennium."

"Get more," Albert said. "And then take it to Mike. He'll want to review the draft before we pitch it."

"I'm on it," Monica said. She scribbled that into an already full notepad to make sure she didn't forget.

"Good, I'm meeting Steve Casssels for an early lunch, be back around one," Albert said, grabbing his coat.

"Oh, and Albert?" Monica said.

"Yes?" Albert said stopping just outside of Monica's office.

"Next Tuesday is Nude Secretaries Day," Monica said. "You asked me to remind you."

"I haven't forgotten," Albert grinned. "Do me a favor, though, send a memo out, and make sure all the new girls know about it."

Albert put on his coat and left out the door. Monica turned her attention to her computer screen and began typing out the memo.

As it was, there was only one new girl in the office since last year's Nude Secretaries Day. That was Heidi Thomas, a pretty young blonde who'd been hired just out of high school. In Monica's opinion, Heidi was a bit of an airhead; she'd forgotten her building key three times in her first two weeks, but she was no doubt a hard worker. Heidi had done double duty when another secretary had missed a week and Heidi picked up the slack without missing a beat. Plus, she had "great tits and legs" as Heidi's boss Rich had put it.

Monica wrote out an inter-office memo informing the other secretaries and their bosses about the impending "holiday" but decided she ought to inform Heidi personally. Monica had felt a bit blind-sided the previous year and thought Heidi deserved to hear about her attire expectations up front.

Monica sent out the memo and headed downstairs to Heidi's office, which was in the HR department. As she walked down the hallway, she passed Shari Kirshner, another secretary who'd coached Monica through Nude Secretaries Day the previous year. Shari's fiery red hair and busty figure made her a fetching sight for the men in her office.

"Hey," Shari smiled, setting several papers onto the copier.

"Hey Shari," Monica said. "It's that time of year again."

"I know, I just got your memo," Shari said. "So are you, you know, feeling more comfortable about it this year?"

Monica shifted nervously.

"Yeah, I think so," Monica said. "It's not that big of a deal anyway, we're just naked."

Shari nodded, and softly ran her index finger across the copier, while keeping her gaze on Monica.

"So you're going through with it again?" Shari asked, teasingly.

Monica blushed. Shari held her index finger tentatively over the copier button as she waited for Monica's reply.

"Yes," Monica said. "Yes, I'm going to do it."

"Good," Shari giggled, and pressed the copy button.

Monica shook her head. Shari was such a flirt. It really didn't come as a surprise to Monica that even in the office full of randy men, Shari was in fact the one who has first suggested instituting Nude Secretaries Day at the company. Shari had even gone so far as to send out nude photos of herself to several of her managers to convince them to institute the new "holiday." It turned out there was very little Shari could not accomplish by showing her breasts.

Monica stepped onto the elevator and rode it down one floor. When the doors opened Monica found Heidi carrying a large box and struggling to open her office door. Heidi awkwardly held the box with one arm while sorting through her keys with the other.

"What the eff! I thought it was this one!" Heidi cursed, jiggling the door handle.

"Do you need some help?" Monica asked.

Heidi peeked around the large box in her arms at Monica.

"Please?" Heidi asked hopefully, making an exasperated smile.

Monica sorted through Heidi's keys and selected the correct one, and unlocked Heidi's office door.

"Thank you so much!" Heidi said. "I can never get these keys straight!"

Heidi set the large box on her desk and took a breath.

"Now where'd my binder go?" Heidi exclaimed, and scurried around the office. Her large breasts jiggled about as she hastily rummaged through her filing cabinet and checked inside each drawer. She was dressed similarly to Monica, with a tight blouse and black skirt, although Heidi's skirt was about two inches shorter and her heels were about an inch higher, which did not make her maneuverability any easier.

"Oh that's right! I put it in the box!" Heidi said. She hurried over to her desk and removed the lid from the box, and took out a thick three ring binder.

"I swear if my head wasn't attached-" Heidi looked up at Monica, and Monica was unable to suppress her laughter.

Heidi sighed.

"Yeah, I know," Heidi said. "Rich put me in charge of getting all this stuff ready by tomorrow and I'm swamped."

She collapsed into her office chair, exhausted.

"I hear you," Monica said. "We're just as busy upstairs. Listen, I wanted to ask you something."

"Sure," Heidi said. She removed several folders from the box and placed them onto her desk.

Monica grabbed her wrists nervously.

"Did Rich tell you about next Tuesday?" Monica asked.

"No. What, did he move up a deadline or something?" Heidi asked.

"No, I sent an email explaining it," Monica said.

"Say no more," Heidi said, and spun around her chair. She immediately opened her inbox and looked at Monica's email. Her eyes went wide.

"Nude Secretaries Day?" Heidi asked. "What is this?"

"It's an- event- the company has every year," Monica said. "On Tuesday, all secretaries have to work the whole day totally naked."

Heidi laughed nervously.

"I- I can't do that!" Heidi said. "That's so humiliating!"

"It's not so bad," Monica said. "I did it last year."

Heidi looked up at Monica, shocked.

"Really? Like, naked-naked? I mean, no bra and panties naked?"

"No bra and panties," Monica affirmed. "I was NAKED. And so was Shari, and Lori, and every other secretary in the office."

"Oh my God," Heidi said to herself. "What will I tell my parents?"

"You're an adult now, you don't have to tell them anything," Monica said. "You can just undress after you get here."

"That's not the point!" Heidi said. She covered her face with her hands. "I like dressing sexy but this is just- so-"

"Hey, I understand," Monica said, patting Heidi's arm. "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Heidi sighed.

"If you say so," Heidi said, complacently.

She paused, and looked up at Monica.

"Really? Naked?" Heidi asked.

Monica laughed, and gave Heidi a sympathetic nod.

"Yes. Naked."

By two o'clock most of the office had read Monica's memo and Nude Secretaries Day was the subject on everyone's mind. Monica could tell by the way the men in the office looked at her that they had T&A on the brain, more than usual.

Monica was the recipient of more than a few slaps on the butt as she passed men in the hallway, all confident in the knowledge that they would be seeing her bare in just a few days. Monica was not upset by this, in fact she had grown quite accustomed to this behavior in the past year of working in a male-dominated workplace.

While using the copy machine, Monica bent over to peek inside to see if her copies had jammed. As she did, she felt a light pinch on her bottom. It was David Carter, Shari's boss.

"Hey Sweet Cheeks!" David said. "What color panties you wearing?"

"Hi, David," Monica said. "The copier's jammed, do you know how to fix it?"

"Sure," David said, opening the copier and looking inside. "You didn't answer my question, though."

Monica sighed.

"Pink," Monica said. "I'm wearing pink panties today."

"Mmm, sexy," David said. He pulled out a smudged piece of paper and reset the machine. "You know what day it is next Tuesday, right?"

"I sent the memo out, so yes I do," Monica said.

"I can't wait," David said, and walked away grinning.

"You and everyone else," Monica muttered.

There was, however, one person at J.T. Levinson Marketing that was looking froward to Nude Secretaries Day more than anyone else. That man was Mike Delaney. In an office full of sexist pigs, Mike managed to make a reputation for himself as being the sleazy womanizer.

To date, Mike had managed to bed every secretary in the department- except Monica. As far as Monica was concerned, he never would. Monica found Mike absolutely repulsive, and she thought she had a pretty high tolerance for uncouth men.

In spite of having laid every secretary on the fifth floor office of J.T. Levinson (including Shari, to Monica's disappointment) Mike had not been present at the previous year's Nude Secretaries Day as he had not been transferred in yet, so incidentally he had not yet seen Monica naked. At least not in person.

This led to even more apprehension on Monica's part for Nude Secretaries Day than she already had. Mike would undoubtedly make every excuse he could to stop by at Monica's office, or worse, summon her to his. Unfortunately for Monica, Albert had asked her to personally deliver her assignment for the day to Mike for him to review. Monica copied over the files onto a thumb drive, and sent the extraneous files to the recycle bin. It was now time to pay Mr. Delaney a visit.

Monica made her way down the hallway and stopped outside Mike's office. He was on the phone, but quickly ended his conversation when he saw Monica enter.

"Hey, good lookin'!" Mike greeted her.

"Here's the files I compiled for the Schwartzbauer project," Monica said, holding out the thumb drive for Mike to take. "Can you give me the pass code so I can view your changes electronically?"

Instead of taking the thumb drive, or answering Monica's question, Mike folded his arms behind his head.

"You look so sexy today, babe!" Mike said. Monica sighed.

"Thanks, Mike, but I'm not interested," Monica grumbled.

"I hear you're wearing pink panties today," Mike grinned. Word traveled fast in this job. Monica found that out quickly. "Let's have a look."

Monica rolled her eyes.

"Here's the project, will you tell me the code?" Monica asked, holding out the thumb drive for him to take and shaking it.

"Yeah," Mike said. "If you show me your pink panties."

"Mike, I really need-" Monica was interrupted when a male employee stepped into Mike's office and placed a folder on his desk.

"Panties," Mike said. The male worker looked at Mike and Monica.

Monica sighed again. She found there was really only one way to deal with people like Mike. Monica lifted her skirt up to her hips and revealed her pink panties. Mike grinned. The male employee watched curiously.

"Turn around," Mike said.

Monica turned her back to Mike so he could see her backside. Her pink panties had a sexy lace trim that hugged the contours of her bottom.

"What a nice ass. Can't wait to see you in the buff," Mike said.

"Can I have the code now?" Monica asked.

Mike slipped a small piece of paper into the waistband of Monica's panties.

"Here you go, toots," Mike said.

Monica pulled the paper from her panties and lowered her skirt. She slammed the thumb drive on Mike's desk and stormed out of his office.

"I'm gonna pork that broad," Mike said to the male employee. "You just wait."

Monica was glad when the day was finally over. She stepped into Albert's office and tapped her fingers on his desk.

"I'm heading out now, see you tomorrow," Monica said. She noticed a revealing photo of herself on Albert's computer screen. She recognized it as one that had been taken at the previous year's Nude Secretaries Day and posted on the company newsletter. Albert stared at the photo before turning to face Monica.

"Okay, take care," Albert said. Monica glanced at the photo and blushed. Albert smiled. Monica paused, and turned to leave.

Albert watched from his office as Monica retrieved her purse from the cubby drawer at the bottom of her cabinet. He had specifically arranged her office so that many important items were stored down low, so Monica would have to bend over to retrieve them.

Albert believed that one of the duties of a secretary was to look sexy, and Monica's bottom looked stunningly sexy in a skirt, an even more so when she was bending over. It was a splendid view that Albert was treated to at the end of each and every workday, so he always took full advantage. Albert admired Monica's shapely posterior for several moments, enjoying the soft curves and subtle panty lines. He found himself becoming increasingly excited by the pleasant scene.

After retrieving her purse, Monica stood up and waved goodbye to Albert once again, and left.

The next few days passed slowly, with the office in major crunch mode to prepare for their upcoming project deadline. For most of the workers, the upcoming Nude Secretaries Day would serve as a pleasant morale boost.

The weekend came and went, and Monica spent some time relaxing and spending time with her dog. Monday was work as usual, with the heightened anticipation of the following day.

And then came the morning of February 6.

"This is the day," Monica said as she awoke. "Nude Secretaries Day."

She took a few seconds to let that sink in before she pulled herself out of bed. She wore a t-shirt and panties, as she usually did to bed, and she promptly slipped off the garments and hopped into the shower.

The warm water relaxed both her muscles and her nerves, and she recalled back to the previous year how excited being nude at work had made her. She hoped she could recapture that confidence so she could work up the nerve to do it once again.

She grabbed her razor, and after gliding it across her legs, she pressed the blade to her labia and gave her groin a smooth shave as well. It seemed that having no pubic hair was the norm among the ladies at her office so she hoped the men would appreciate the view.

When her shower was done, Monica grabbed a towel, dried off, and realized she could skip the next step. There was no need for her to get dressed. This allowed her to spend extra time on her hair and makeup, and when she was done, Monica was ready to go.

She grabbed a power bar for breakfast; she was too conscious of her figure to want to eat much more. Monica then hurried to the front door, grabbed a long overcoat from her hall closet, and wrapped it around her nude body. The coat was long enough to cover her from neck to knees, so her neighbors and anyone else who might see her would not likely suspect how little she was wearing underneath.

Slipping her feet into a pair of black heels, Monica then grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Her pulse raced the entire drive. It wouldn't be long before she was naked in front of all of her coworkers. She hoped they would like how she looked. She'd kept herself in shape; keeping her body tanned and toned.

The parking lot was about half full when Monica arrived to work. She slid into her usual spot and hopped out of the car.

As Monica walked towards the building, she spotted Heidi standing alone outside the front entrance. Heidi turned nervously towards Monica.

"Hey," Heidi said shyly.

"Hi. You ready for this?" Monica asked.

"I don't know," Heidi said. "Will they be mad I came to work with clothes on? My Dad drove me, and I didn't want him to know."

Monica shook her head.

"No, just take them off after you get to your office. Come on, let's go inside."

Heidi stopped.

"I was so nervous- I- forgot my key card again," Heidi said, blushing.

Monica smiled understandingly, and used her card to open the door. With the door opened, Monica and Heidi stepped inside the building.

Fortunately, Heidi remembered her office keys, so when she arrived at her office she was able to let herself inside. She took off her coat, revealing her normal blouse and skirt ensemble.

"I'm going to need a few minutes," Heidi said. "Just go ahead to your office, I got it from here."

"Okay," Monica said. "Page me if you need to talk."

The truth was, Monica needed to talk as well. She hoped to run into Shari soon. Shari helped Monica with her nervousness the previous year and Monica hoped she would again.

To her relief, Monica ran into Shari on the elevator. Unfortunately for Monica, Mike Delaney was on that same elevator.

"Well hello," Mike grinned. Monica sighed and stepped aboard. "How we doing today, ladies?"

"Doing great, Mike," Monica chirped in cheerful sarcasm.

Monica stood in the corner of the elevator as far from Mike as she could. After the elevator ascended one floor, the three passengers exited.

They were immediately treated to the sight of Lori Peterson, another secretary who worked down the hall, working the copy machine in her birthday suit.

"Hey Lori! Looking good!" Mike said, slapping Lori on the butt. Lori looked at Mike and smiled.

"Morning, Mike," Lori said. Mike stared at Lori's naked body while she pressed the buttons on the copier, and as she did, Monica and Shari slipped down the hall unnoticed.

"Hopefully we can avoid him for most of the day," Monica whispered.

"Why? Mike's a nice guy," Shari mused.

Monica looked at Shari incredulously.

They arrived at Shari's office to find a bouquet of flowers waiting on Shari's desk. As he'd done previous years, David made sure to show his secretary how much she was appreciated on this special day.

"Happy Nude Secretaries Day Shari!" David said, entering the office behind her.

"Thank you, David!" Shari said, smiling.

"Well, let's lose the coats, ladies!" David said, looking at Monica and Shari both. The two secretaries looked at each other.

"You first," Monica said, shyly.

Shari complied. She opened her long furry coat, and unveiled her beautiful naked body. David and Monica both stared in awe at Shari's large and gorgeous breasts. Shari blushed and hung her coat up on the coat rack.

"Your turn," Shari said, looking at Monica.

Monica's heart raced.

"I- uh, maybe I should go to my office-"

"Oh come on, we want to see you!" Shari exclaimed.

"Yeah, come on babe, let's have a look at you," David said, taking a sip of his coffee.

Monica reached for the buttons on her coat, when Mike and Lori appeared in the doorway of Shari's office.

"What's going on in here- ooh, wow!" Mike remarked, as his eyes settled on Shari's body.

"Monica's about to show us her best assets, aren't you?" David said.

Mike grinned.

"Is that right, Monica?" Mike asked.

Monica blushed.

"This is so embarrassing."

Shari placed her hands on Monica's face.

"Hey. You have NOTHING to be embarrassed of. Okay?"

Monica nodded, more to satisfy Shari than from actually meaning it.

"Now, take off your coat," Shari said with a smile.

Monica looked at Shari, and David, and Mike and Lori. They all looked back at her. It was time.

Monica unfastened the buttons on her coat while her spectators watched her apprehensively. She wondered briefly why this was such a big deal. It was just her body. Her beautiful, naked female body. There was no reason for them to get so excited. But of course, there was no reason for Monica not to expose it.

When she had all of the buttons undone, she took a deep breath. She took a glance at Shari's day calendar, to double check to see if today indeed was Nude Secretaries Day. It was.

With no more excuses to delay, Monica opened her coat, and stood before her coworkers completely nude.

Heidi had taken off most of her clothes when her boss walked into her office. Her blouse and skirt were neatly folded and tucked away into her desk drawer, and she was in the process of unclasping her bra when Rich walked in.

"Hey, Sweetcakes," Rich said, smiling.

Heidi smiled back, but hesitated to undress. Rich paused to watch her.

"Well, come on, let me see them," Rich said.

Blushing, Heidi pulled the straps from her shoulders, and pulled the cups from her breasts. Rich's eyes went wide when he saw the two beautiful large mounds appear into view. Round, full, and all natural, Heidi's gorgeous tits, both adorned with light pink oval-shaped nipples, made for a splendid viewing experience for her male boss.

Heidi tucked her bra into her desk drawer, and turned to face Rich. Feeling his gaze upon her, Heidi slipped her finger into the waistband of her panties for their imminent removal.

"No, no," Rich said. "Turn around. Bend over."

Heidi giggled and did as he asked. She leaned forward, and stuck out her round, curvy, bubble butt. Rich was pleased to see she was wearing thong-style panties, which left both of her smooth cheeks mostly exposed already.

Heidi slipped her panties slowly downwards, bending over ever further as she did. She slipped them off her butt, exposing her anus and labia as she did, and slid them gently down her thighs. She was at eye level with her feet when her panties had finally settled around her ankles, and she elected to remain in that position for a few moments to give Rich plenty of time to enjoy the sight of her bent over bottom.

Heidi stepped out of her discarded panties, wiggling her butt a bit more than necessary as she did, for Rich's benefit. Finally, she rose to her feet to face her tantalized boss.

"Wow," was all he could say.

There was little to say. Heidi was by all means a total knockout. A busty blonde beauty with mile long legs. Rich let his eyes pass across her delicate curves and soft skin. Her sweet-smelling golden blonde hair settled upon her strong yet feminine shoulders. A thin layer of mascara lined her bright blue eyes. Ruby red lipstick coated her firm juicy lips. Her skin- all of it, was flawless.

Even her pussy had the cleanest, baby-smooth shave. Rich reached out with one hand, and rested it upon Heidi's hip. Her warm skin radiated against his palm.

"How old are you?" Rich asked.

"Eighteen," Heidi said softly.

"You a virgin?"

Heidi shook her head.

"How many guys?"

Heidi blushed.

"Eight," Heidi said, embarrassed.

"That's okay!" Rich said, reassuringly. "There's nothing wrong with that. You're a beautiful girl. You should be having lots of sex."

Heidi smiled.

"Good," she said. "I want to."

Rich laughed.

"That's my girl!" He patted Heidi on the hip. "Well, I'll be in my office. Don't hesitate to come in if you need anything.

With that, Rich disappeared through the doorway leading from Heidi's office to his. Heidi turned to her computer, sat down in her chair, and began her daily secretarial duties in the nude.

Shari insisted Monica leave her her coat in her office, so when Monica made her way back to her own work station, she had to walk there wearing nothing but her high heels.

She heard a few wolf whistles as she made her way down the hall, and numerous men stuck their heads out their offices to ogle her naked rear end as she passed by.

When she arrived at her office, Albert was inside, and he greeted her with a cheerful "good morning!"

"Happy Nude Secretaries day, Albert," Monica said, taking a seat at her desk. The woolen office chair felt comfortable and familiar against her bare buttocks and thighs.

"Oh, is that what day it is today? I thought maybe you just forgot to get dressed this morning!"

Monica rolled her eyes and faked a laugh.

"You never cease to amuse, Albert," Monica chirped facetiously.

"Hey, it keeps you entertained," Albert said, resting his hand on Monica's shoulder.

"Just like I keep you entertained," Monica said, loading up the start menu on her computer.

Albert laughed.

"You sure do."

Albert stepped into his office, as Monica read through the emails in her inbox. There was an inter-office memo wishing the entire staff a happy Nude Secretaries Day, as well as several emails regarding the Schwartzbauer project. As Monica began typing a reply to one of them, Albert stepped back into her office.

"I need you to do me a favor," Albert said.

"What's up?" Monica asked, turning in her chair to face him.

"Mr. Schwartzbauer and his associates will be here in an hour. I want to provide him with some refreshments," Albert said. "Would you mind running to the bakery next door and picking up some bagels, danish, and some juice?"

Monica paused.

"Next door?" she asked.

"Yes. Downstairs, the building south of us. We're connected to them with a sky walk, so you won't need your coat."

Monica froze. She had never left the building in the nude before. She wondered how neighboring businesses would react to seeing a naked woman in public.

"You- you want me to leave the building- naked?" Monica stammered.

Albert nodded.

"I thought it might be good PR. Nude Secretaries Day is catching on in this city. I hope it will draw more attention to our business."

Albert placed a company credit card on Monica's desk. Monica looked at the card in shock.

"Well, hurry up. We want to have the conference room set up in time," Albert said.

He stepped back into his office.

Monica picked up the card. She imagined all of the faces she would get, walking through the lobby of the Loughridge Building, completely nude. Being naked here was one thing, everyone in this office was expecting to see her without her clothing. But out in public?

Monica scurried out of her office and fled down the hall into the ladies room. She stood at the sink and splashed cold water on her face.

Albert wasn't joking. It wasn't enough for the secretaries to be naked in the office, he wanted to expose them to the world.

And yet- the thought excited Monica at the same time. She'd grown somewhat used to walking around and being seen by her coworkers in the buff, so why not take it to the next level?

Monica grabbed a paper towel and dried off her face. No sense waiting this out any longer.

Grabbing the credit card from her office, Monica headed to the elevator, pushed the down button, and let it carry her down to the second floor lobby.

Monica was correct in her assumption that she would draw attention. When she stepped off the elevator, a number of gasps echoed throughout the lobby. A male desk clerk did a double take as she walked past, casually striding through the crowded room towards the sky walk.

Her trek through the sky walk was no less awkward. As she strode across the bridge, looking down at the cars passing underneath her, she noticed traffic slowing while drivers looked up at her through the large glass windows, admiring the beautiful naked babe walking above.

Monica paid them no mind, and continued until she reached the neighboring building.

The lobby of the Loughridge building was even more crowded. Among the many stares she got, one was a policeman.

"Morning, officer," Monica said nervously as she passed. She paused, and turned to face the public official. "It's for my job- I'm a secretary."

The policeman nodded in understanding.

"It's no problem, ma'am. Our receptionist back at the station is dressed just like you today."

Monica nodded back. Somehow that reassured her.

When she got in line at the bakery, Monica soon realized she wasn't the only person in the establishment who was missing clothing.

A young African American woman got in line behind her, and Monica was surprised to see the woman was nude.

"First time?" the woman asked.

"Second," Monica said.

"Me too," the woman said. "But I'm an exotic dancer on weekends, so this is nothing new to me."

Monica chuckled.

"I didn't know they worked day jobs," Monica said. She was now second in line. The young male cashier looked up at Monica nervously as he waited on the female customer in front of her.

"Oh yes, it's great money. I work at the Booby Bunk on Friday and Saturday nights, and Spalding and Smith on weekdays," she said.

"Spalding and Smith, we've done business with you before," Monica said. She tried to remember if she'd ever heard this woman's voice on any of her calls to them. "Can't say I've heard of the 'Booby Bunk' though."

"It's an all-nude gentleman's club just off route nine by the fourteen. I've been working there three years; there's really nice people there."

The woman tossed her long hair behind her shoulder and smiled.

"All that dancing must keep you in good shape."

"Oh, it does," the woman said. "I had my first child six months ago and I danced that fat right off!"

Monica and the woman both laughed.

When it was her turn, Monica placed her order to the cashier.

"Uh, what?" the cashier said, staring at Monica with unbroken eye contact.

Monica repeated her order.

"Oh, okay," the cashier said. With his hands shaking, he tapped Monica's order into the keypad. "Sixty-seven fifty-five."

Monica handed him the company credit card. He quickly slid the card through the reader, and noticing it didn't scan, he slid it again. After three attempts he handed the card back to her.

"You know, the Booby Bunk is always hiring," the woman said. "A cute white girl with a tight little butt like yours could make serious cash working there. You want to apply? No experience necessary."

Monica shook her head.

"No thanks, this is all the nudity I need in my life," Monica laughed.

The woman shrugged.

"Can I give you my number? In case you change your mind?"

"Sure, why not?" Monica said.

The woman turned to the cashier.

"Can I borrow that pen for one second?" the woman asked.

The cashier handed the woman a black felt-tip pen. She wrote her name "Rochelle" and her number on Monica's breast.

"That's me. Call any time, day or night," Rochelle said. She handed the pen back to the cashier.

"I'm Monica. Thanks," Monica said, extending her hand. The two nude secretaries shook hands, and Monica stepped out of line so Rochelle could place her order.

As she waited for her order, Monica admired Rochelle's long legs and beautiful round bottom. She considered Rochelle's generous offer, and while she doubted she would ever pursue a career as an exotic dancer, she did consider keeping Rochelle's number, for the possibility of pursuing a friendship. Rochelle seemed like a very nice girl.

When Monica's order was ready, she waved goodbye to Rochelle, and made her way back to the office.

"Just show it to Rich when you get a chance," Lori said.

Heidi nodded, first at her computer monitor, where the video feed of Lori was showing, and then to her web cam, when she realized she wasn't looking at Lori when she was nodding. Using a web cam took some getting used to.

"He should be off the phone in a couple minutes," Heidi said.

"Okay, it's no rush," Lori smiled.

Lori ended the session, leaving the corner of Heidi's screen blank. Heidi was just about to get back to the report Rich was having her type, when she got another web cam request to chat. She didn't recognize the sender, but clicked accept anyway.

"Well hello, little sister."

Heidi almost fell out of her chair when she saw the face of her older brother, who looked to be contacting her from his bedroom at their parents' house, on her computer screen.

"Andy! I'm at work! What are you doing at home?" Heidi hissed.

"I got fired," Andy said smugly. Heidi found it odd that Andy seemed to enjoy bragging about things that most people would consider to be negative.

"Andy, I'm very busy, so unless this is important-"

"Wow, what are you wearing?" Andy asked.

Heidi suddenly realized her bare shoulders were visible in her web cam feed. To her relief, she realized the camera showed nothing below her cleavage.

"A strapless dress! Now what do you want?"

Andy folded his arms behind his head.

"A strapless dress? To work? Huh." Andy said facetiously. "I didn't know you had a dress like that. Can I see it?"

"No!" Heidi snapped, moving papers on her desk around unnecessarily. "Now go away! I have a lot of work to do!"

Andy smirked.

"Heidi, Heidi, Heidi! Is that any way to talk to your beloved big brother?"

As he had since their childhood, Andy was thoroughly enjoying tormenting his sister.

"Yeah, Andy, I have to go, goodbye."

Heidi was about to end the call, when Andy interrupted.

"Wait, I have news. You know that modeling agency you mailed those bikini pictures to last month?"

Heidi stopped.

"What? They didn't write back, did they?"

"Well, they-"

Suddenly, Andy's video feed went black. Heidi tapped her mouse furiously. She'd been anxiously waiting the past five weeks for a reply from them.

"Hey, I can't see you," Andy said.

"I can't see you either," Heidi said, confused. She could hear Andy's voice, but the screen was black.

"This happens sometimes," Andy said. "Let's check our connections, maybe the cord came out."

Heidi stood up, and checked her web cam cord. It was hooked in securely.

"I'm fine," Heidi said. Suddenly, the feed returned.

"Yeah, I just shut mine off for a second. Sorry!"

Heidi looked at her screen, and realized that with her standing, her entire naked body was now visible on her cam feed. Heidi gasped, and quickly covered her breasts and labia with her arms as she returned to her seat. Andy broke out laughing.

"That was a dirty trick, Andy!" Heidi shouted.

"Yeah, nice strapless dress! Wow, I KNEW it! Nude Secretaries Day is real!"

"Do NOT tell Mom and Dad about this!"

Andy leaned back in his chair, relaxing.

"Well, that depends. How willing are you to negotiate?"

Heidi fumed.

"Andy I swear, if you tell Mom and Dad, my life is ruined! They'll stop paying for my college, not front me money for my new car-"

"Then you should be very much willing to negotiate then, I would hope," Andy said, tapping his fingers in his desk

Heidi looked around the room. Rich was still in his office with his door shut. Nobody was in the hallway. Heidi prayed she could keep her manipulative brother at bay without disrupting her work day much further.

No sooner was Heidi about to respond, when Shari popped in through her office door.

"Hey, Sweetie!" Shari said.

"I have to go!" Heidi quipped, and ended the call.

"What's up?" Heidi asked quickly, looking up at Shari. It was a bit surprising seeing Shari in the nude, but Heidi did feel a bit better that she was not the only person in the office without clothing.

"Albert was wondering if you could help Monica set up the conference room. Lay out refreshments, prepare the slides, you know?"

Heidi nodded enthusiastically.

"Sure. Be up in just a sec," Heidi said.

Shari turned to leave. Heidi quickly sent an email to her brother telling him she would return momentarily, with a desperate plea not to talk to their parents. After setting an out-of-office message on her desk phone, Heidi hurried upstairs.

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