The Honeymoon of Sarah and Greg: Day 1 - the Trip to Hawaii

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: A Sarah and Greg Story (8) Sarah and Greg just got married, and now they begin their honeymoon. This story deals with just the first day - Sunday for those keeping track. For those new to the series, you need to know that Sarah is a pre-op transgender woman - and very passable as a woman. There are references to their "Day of Exploration" in which they made love in an elevator and in the park.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   TransGender   Shemale   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

The morning after the wedding, Greg and Sarah packed, dropped off his tux with Alex, Greg's brother, who would return it to the rental store that afternoon, and left her dress with Greg's parents, who would hold on to it until Sarah could come get it. They then checked out and headed to the airport.

Once they were their departure gate, they found two seats together in the waiting area, sat, and relaxed. While waiting for the flight to Hawaii, they each read a magazine while holding hands. Occasionally, one of them would tell the other something interesting from what he or she was reading, but otherwise they quietly enjoyed each others company. After an hour, it was time for them to board. They moved into the line with the other First Class passengers and after the usual waiting found their seats on the plane, which were down the second aisle of the transcontinental jet. Because Sarah had a mild case of acrophobia, Greg took the window seat, leaving the aisle seat for her. They sat, enjoying the comfort. Sarah leaned over and snuggled against Greg's arm.

The stewardess came over and guessed, "Newlyweds?"

Sarah answered before Greg processed the question, "Yes, how did you know?"

"The glow," she answered. The stewardess smiled and asked, "What can I get you to drink before take-off?"

The newlyweds put in their requests, and the stewardess returned a minute later with their drinks, just before the coach passengers started to board. When the stewardess handed them their drinks, Sarah stopped hugging Greg's arm, and the two of them sat back, enjoyed the free drinks, and watched either the people pass or the typical activity on the tarmac.

After a while, the people passing by became part of the ambiance, giving the newlyweds the illusion of being alone, especially since most of people were concentrating on finding their own seats and not paying much attention to those already seated. Greg was staring out the window when Sarah stretched across the arm rest and kissed him on the cheek. Startled, Greg turned his head and saw his smiling bride a few inches from his face. Taking advantage of this, he leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips. Soon, they were kissing each other passionately, ignoring the people filing by. After a minute, they broke away from the lip embrace. Greg noticed a teenage boy, waiting for the line of passengers in the aisle to move, staring at them. Greg made eye contact and nodded. The teenager quickly looked away. Soon the line of people moved and the boy disappeared farther down the plane.

"At whom were you nodding?" asked Sarah whose back was turned to the boy.

"Just some teenage boy who was staring at us."

"Do you suppose he saw something unusual about me?" she asked self consciously.

"Darling, he was a teenage boy. He saw a beautiful woman about whom he can fantasize. I didn't look, but I assume he was bulging just below the belt line." Sarah was going to have to rely on Greg's analysis of teenage boys, since he had been more of a typical one than she. She smiled at the thought of someone having a fantasy about her. It made her want to fuck Greg right then and there, but she held herself in check knowing that she would have plenty of opportunities over the coming weeks, months, and years.

Sarah's attention came back to her handsome groom when he started to talk. Quietly, Greg said, "Before the elevator and the park, I never would have made out with you like that in public."

Thinking back to that day of adventure, Sarah nodded. "That did free us quite a lot." She thought for a moment more, and with a sly grin and half wink, said. "I think we might be able to find a few locations on the island where we can try it again."

Greg smiled, but worried, and with a whisper said, "We won't have jackets to cover ourselves this time."

"Coward," Sarah teased, and she stuck out her tongue.

"I didn't say I wasn't willing," Greg pointed out. He leaned over, gave her a peck on the lips, and smiled. Taking advantage of the topic, he added, "I'm also hoping to make it into the mile-high club on this trip."

Sarah smiled a huge smile, "It sounds like fun," and then in a sarcastic tone, "Mr. Subtle."

Greg grinned, "As usual when I'm with you, my subtle half was outvoted by my penis." Sarah laughed.

They resumed watching the happenings going on around them, and forty minutes later the jet was in the air, careening toward Hawaii. They could be walking the beaches of paradise in about eleven more hours.

Somewhere over one of the middle states, Greg's thoughts turned again to having sex with Sarah. He had been thinking of sex off and on for almost the entire flight, but wanted to be well into the air before they entered into the club. He had no good reason for this, but it felt right – like it would be too late for the pilot to stop the flight and kick them off. He knew it was silly, but it was his reasoning. He looked over at Sarah, who was reading, and whispered, "Are you game for a trip to the bathroom."

Coming out of the story took her a moment before she realized what he meant. She whispered back, "Give me ten minutes to clean up some." She put her book down, stood, and walked to the bathroom, carrying her purse.

When she got in there and closed the door, she pictured herself and her husband in this small space. When she imagined that it could work, she took her panties off, put them into her purse, and then pulled out a disposable enema, which she had prepared after going through airport security. Although she would not be able to lie down, she felt it would work well enough.

She stood on her toes to raise her ass higher and leaned over. She reached behind, inserted the tip gently into her back hole, and squeezed the tube, feeling the gush of warm liquid inside. She kept the tube inserted firmly and gently to keep the liquid from leaking out. With one hand on the tube and the other on the lower part of the wall of the confined space, she stretched as best as she could. It took longer to work, but eventually she felt the urge to evacuate. She squatted over the toilet, removed the enema, and let her insides clean themselves out. She threw away the tube, cleaned herself with some personal wipes, flushed, and was soon ready for Greg, who timed it perfectly with a knock at that moment on the door. Sarah let him in.

Greg stepped in, and the two maneuvered around each other so that he had his back to the toilet and she had her back to the door. She reached back, closed the door, and then locked it. He was already unbuttoning his shirt when she locked the door. Soon he had his shirt off and neatly placed to the side to keep it clean so he would have some cover afterward. Once his shirt was secure, he unzipped his pants and let his stiffening cock out. As soon as his pants were down around his ankles, he sat down with his cock upright, ready for the love of his life. Sarah stood over his bent legs and like a stripper in a private show, unbuttoned her blouse inches from Greg's face.

Finishing this part of the strip revealed the front-closure white lace bra she was wearing. Greg reached up, unclasped her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts. Greg leaned forward and sucked on the right nipple while his fingers pinched and rolled her left one. When he bit down on the nipple, Sarah gasped as a sensation of pleasure ran to the ends of her body and rebounded back toward her cock. Greg switched sides and lovingly treated her left nipple to the same sensation. Sarah's cock pushed against the inside of her skirt.

Feeling this pressure, she lifted her skirt letting the cool air circulate around her cock. Greg leaned over, and Sarah stood up on her toes, allowing him to take the head of her cock into his mouth. There wasn't enough room for a full fellatio, but he did manage to excite her more by his technique of sucking and tonguing the head.

However, given where they were, they knew that they needed to get to the task at hand. Still standing over his legs, she reached into her purse, removed a small tube of lubricant with her left hand, and put a small amount of the lube on her right index finger. She put the cap back on the tube and put it back in her purse. She sat down on his knees and applied the ointment to his cock head. With her left hand, she lightly grasped his cock and ran her hand up and down the shaft, feeling it get harder with each stroke. She caressed his lubricated glans, causing Greg to close his eyes, to tilt his head back, and to breathe deeply. When he was stiff enough, she positioned her ass over his hard shaft and sat down very slowly, using her hand to reposition his shaft as needed. On the first attempt, his cock was about an inch forward of the mark, so she reached under and pushed his cock back. When it was lined up, she descended a little more, making sure it went in smoothly. Once his head had penetrated, she lowered herself with more confidence. Soon his cock was buried to the hilt inside her.

They leaned toward each other, and Greg put his arms around her as they kissed, letting their tongues glide past each other. Sarah rocked her hips back and forth causing Greg to pause from actively kissing even though his tongue was still in her mouth. Sarah's sucking on his tongue brought Greg back, and he went back to kissing his lovely woman. He reached in between their bodies with one hand and found her cock. He pressed it against his abdomen letting it slide tightly between his palm and stomach. She leaned back to give him better access. He took advantage of it by taking a better hold of her shaft. She transitioned from moving back and forth to up and down, slowly and cautiously, tightening her anal muscles around his cock, stroking it as she moved.

He reached down and stroked her cock in counterpoint to her ascending and descending, and with his other hand massaging her breasts. His fingers found her nipples again which he then proceeded to roll and to pinch in turn. Sarah breathed deeply at the sudden shock to her nerve endings which sent a rippling wave of pleasure through her body once more.

They both moaned quietly, suppressing their natural desires of expressing their feelings loudly.

She continued moving up and down over his cock while he pumped hers. Both of them breathed heavily (and as quietly as they could) as their cocks became incredibly hard. A few more minutes of this and they forgot where they were, although out of immediate habit, they stayed quiet. Lost in the moment, they felt cum swelling. Greg moved his hand up and down her hard cock faster and faster, feeling her cock ready to erupt. As she neared climax, she moved with a little more motion. He held back his cumming as long as he could, wanting to feel this sensation for a few more moments.

Just before she climaxed, she rose off his hard cock and aimed her own at his mouth. Greg's mouth was already wide open in an attempt to keep his breathing quiet, so he easily took her cock in. Soon, thereafter, her cock twitched and cum spurt out of the tip. He was able to swallow most of her first few loads, but as she kept sliding her throbbing cock in and out of his mouth, some jizz seeped out when he needed to breathe. When the throbbing stopped, she lowered herself back onto his waiting shaft.

He used his fingers to wipe up her cum which had dripped out and then lick his fingers clean. But that didn't last long, because Sarah's ass felt way too good. Greg closed his eyes and suppressed his moans. She, while still moving up and down his shaft, dipped a finger down, picking up where he left off and wiped up some of her drops of cum, then placed her finger at Greg's lips. Greg sucked hard as he concentrated on the pleasure of his own cock.

Now she concentrated on his cock, still buried deep in her ass. Her muscle control was incredible as she squeezed in just the right place, bringing him to the edge of ecstasy. With another quick up and down, she sent him over the edge. As her thighs slapped down on his legs, he lost control shooting a load deep in her ass. She moved a little up and down a few more times milking the rest of the cum from his cock. When his throbbing stopped, she sat down, his shrinking cock still inside her, and hugged him.

He put his arms around her, and as they looked into each others eyes, they said at the same time, "I love you."

She kissed him, and with a deep sigh, she rose up slowly. He put some tissue around his cock to catch the fluids which would leak out. She stood, cleaned and primped herself, until she looked only slightly disheveled. When she felt presentable enough, she helped him clean up as well as she could in the cramped area, and then unlocked and hurriedly open the door, stepped out, and closed it. He locked the door after she left to assure a little privacy as he finished getting dressed and cleaning up. He checked to see what else needed cleaning, spent a few more minutes wiping various things, threw the tissues into the toilet, and flushed. After one final check, he left to return to his seat.

Soon after returning, the stewardess came over and gave each of them a bottle of water. She leaned over to hand them the bottles and said quietly with a wink, "You got to keep up your fluids." And just before she turned away, she whispered with a big grin, "Welcome to the club."

Sarah thanked her, and Greg looked at her with an odd expression on his face. Sarah turned to her love and explained, "We chatted briefly before you returned. It seems that we are not the first honeymoon couple to do this. When she saw us go back to the bathroom, she blocked off the area so other people would have to use the other one."

Greg then looked over and caught the stewardess's eye and mouthed, "Thank you."

The stewardess mouthed back, "You're welcome."

Sarah speculated, "I think she's recently married also, so I believe she understands." Greg laughed.

He then stared out the plane window, thinking about what just happened. His mind turned from that to their adventures in the elevator and in the park, and then he remembered something he meant to tell Sarah. He turned to her and said quietly, "Sarah, while I'm thinking about it, I booked us to be part of a party with the SomewhereOver Group Hawaii."

"What's that?" she asked.

In a hushed tone, he answered, "It is an open-minded group into whatever sexual adventure you want. I was thinking how much we enjoyed having sex in public, and I thought this might be fun. We can go and just watch or have sex in front of other people or whatever." He was trying to gauge her reaction. Still unsure, he back peddled slightly, "Or if you don't want to go, we can back out. It's something I have been thinking about off and on for a few months, and I wanted us to have the option." He paused still not able to read her face. "And I still might change my mind."

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