Dick and Jane - a Cautionary Tale

by price26

Copyright© 2014 by price26

Funny Sex Story: It's not all sweetness and light growing up with your childhood sweetheart.....

Caution: This Funny Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   School   .


See Dick run!

See Jane catch the ball!

Dick and Jane are neighbours. They have been friends since Dick's family moved in two years ago. They play together in their back yards most every day - and if the weather is bad, then with their toys in the basement.

Look! See Jane's Mom call them in for cookies!

She knows that eight-year-old kids use up a lot of energy.

See Dick and Jane do their homework together!

They are both in Mrs Lawler's class in their freshman year at High School.

See Dick's Mom make them a sandwich. These fourteen-year-olds are always hungry!

See Dick in bed! He is playing with his penis. He is jacking off.

Look out, Dick! Keep that Kleenex ready!

See Jane in bed! She is stroking her pussy. She is jilling off.

Ooh Jane! That looked fun! You'll sleep well tonight!

Look! See Dick! He is jacking off again! It's okay, though, that is perfectly normal behaviour for a teenage boy.

See Dick and Jane! They are listening to music in Dick's bedroom. They are kissing. They are making out!

See Dick put his hand under Jane's blouse. He is feeling her breasts.

Ooh Jane! Does that feel nice?

Oh dear, Dick's Mom is calling them for supper. They will have to stop making out. What a shame!

When you are fifteen, eating and making out are your favourite activities!

See Dick and Jane!

It is the school holidays and they are alone at home.

See them hurry to finish the chores!

See them go upstairs to Jane's room!

See them take off their clothes!

My, my, Dick and Jane, you HAVE grown!

Both sixteen and almost adults!

Look! See Jane put her mouth on Dick's penis! She is giving him a blowjob.

Where did you learn to do that, Jane?

Ooh Dick! You certainly enjoyed that! Are you going to eat Jane's pussy in return?

Good! It's only fair!

See Dick eat Jane's pussy!

Jane has a great big smile on her face!

Look! See what Dick has bought from the store! He has a packet of Trojans!

Look! See Dick roll a Trojan onto his penis!

Well done, Dick! You don't want to knock Jane up!

See Dick push his penis into Jane's pussy for the very first time!

They are having sex!

Ooh! They both like having sex!

Look! See! They are doing it again!

See Dick and Jane at the Senior Prom!

Didn't those four years at High School go quickly?

They make a lovely couple, don't they?

Their parents took lots of photos of them in tuxedo and gown. Dick looks very handsome in his tux, and Jane looks gorgeous in her long dress, with her hair flying as they dance together.

They have been going steady for two years now, ever since Jane's Dad allowed them to date at weekends. They have been friends for twelve years now, two-thirds of their lives!

They are both going off to College in the Fall. Sadly they are going to different schools, but they will see each other as often as possible.

Won't you, Dick?

Quite right, Jane! Every weekend you can!

Look! See Dick's car by the lake! It is moving up and down! Let's look closer!

Oh my! Dick and Jane are in the back seat together. No wonder the car is rocking on its springs! Dick is giving it to Jane good and hard!

Dick and Jane are certainly making the most of being on vacation!

Are you still using condoms, Dick? No? Isn't that risky? What if Jane gets knocked up?

Oh, Jane has gone on the Pill? That's good!

Look! Dick and Jane and their families are in a restaurant having a farewell meal before Dick and Jane go off to College.

See the maitre'd carefully not noticing that they are drinking wine! In this state, they should be 21 to consume alcohol, but he can see that it is a family celebration.

See their Moms crying, as they realise their children are leaving the nest.

See Dick give Jane a friendship ring before the dessert is served!

Dick and Jane really wanted to get engaged, but their parents said that they were still too young to make that commitment.

Never mind, Dick and Jane, the years will soon pass! Then you can marry your childhood sweetheart!

See Dick in his dorm room! He is talking to Jane on Skype.


That's not Jane's face on the screen now - she has moved the camera to her pussy!

Oh my! I think we are intruding!

Let's hope that the guys from the National Security Agency aren't intercepting this communication! It looks like Jane is giving Dick a real thrill!

No, DON'T look any more! It's private!

See Dick and Jane in Jane's dorm room!

They are certainly making up for lost time! Isn't it lucky that Jane's roomie has gone home for the weekend, so soon after commencement?

Wow! Do you think they are actually going to get out of that bed at all?

Eeeeeew! See all that icky stuff running down Jane's leg? That's Dick's semen! Isn't there a lot of it?

Oh dear! See Dick oversleeping on Monday morning! He can't have got much rest over the weekend!

Look! See Dick in class! See Dick studying! See him write in his notebook!

Dick has some new friends from class. See them all go out for a coffee and a pancake for lunch!

Look! See Jane in class! She is sitting near the back with a boy on each side. She is making friends with her classmates too.

Look! See Dick coming out of class! He is walking with a girl. Her name is Bonnie.

See Dick and Bonnie go for a burger and soda. See them go to the library and study together. See Dick walk Bonnie back to her dorm.

That's the right thing to do, Dick. A gentleman always sees a lady safely home to her door!

See Jane walking back to her dorm. She is walking with a boy. His name is Jason. He plays football.

Look! See Dick in class! He and Bonnie have been partnered for a project. See them arrange to meet up to plan the work.

Look! See Jane in class! She is sitting next to Jason again. They are looking at each other more than they are looking at the professor!

See Dick in Bonnie's room. They have been working on their project. Bonnie has offered Dick a glass of wine.

See Jane and Jason having a beer at a bar. See Jason's driving licence! It is fake! It says that he is over 21!

See Jane and Jason dancing! See Jason holding Jane tight!

Oh dear Jane! Dick would not be pleased if he saw you dancing with Jason. The way you are rubbing your breasts against Jason would not pass the boyfriend test.

See Bonnie and Dick kissing!

Oh dear, Dick, that kiss would definitely not pass the girlfriend test! Jane would not be at all pleased with you!

Look! See Dick! He is going to morning classes. He is walking with Bonnie. He spent the night with her. Oh dear!

Look! See Jane! She is going to morning classes. She is walking with Jason. She spent the night with him. Oh dear!

Look! See Dick! He is talking to Jane on Skype! He is telling her how much he loves her and how he is missing her!

Look! See Jane! She is telling Dick that she loves him! She is saying that she has a project this weekend, so won't be able to drive over to see him.

She is telling Dick a lie! Jason has booked a motel room for the Saturday!

See Dick say how sorry he is! Dick is lying too!

Dick is hoping to go to a kegger at a frat house party.

Oh dear! They are both lying to each other.

Remember, children, that lying is bad. The truth will catch them out one day.

Look! See Dick! Dick is telling Bonnie that he has to work that night. Bonnie had hoped to go to the movies with Dick.

See Bonnie sitting alone in her room! Bonnie is not happy to be on her own on a Saturday night!

Look! See Dick go to the frat house! See him pay ten bucks at the door! See him get a beer.

Look! See Dick finish that beer and have another! Dick is trying to get his money's worth.

Look! See Jane! Jane has had several drinks at a bar, and Jason has taken her to the motel.

Look! See Jane! Jason has fucked her twice, and she loves it!

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