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Reviews by rlfj
About rlfj:
Readability is the most important immediate aspect of a
story. It always astonishes me when a writer won't even use a simple spell
checker and grammar checker. The same goes for html conversion. Any modern word
processing program offers these elements. Then, following html conversion, the
story needs to be double-checked, to ensure the conversion was done properly. A
decent text editor can handle this. These tasks need to be done and there is no
short cut to readability. If I can’t read a story without cringing at the
spelling and grammar and basic junior high school errors, I won’t go further,
even if the story was written by Hemingway!

Plot is critical, as is believability. In some ways the sex
is secondary. If I can't believe in the overall premise and the characters, the
hottest sex won't save the story. Further, as in all other literature, the best
stories are those with an element of conflict and struggle.

If you examine the highest rated stories, you find these
elements all predominate. They are literately written, with plot, character,
and conflict. The sex is an added element, not the only element.

I have been an author on this site for several years. As a
database administrator I can easily say that this site has the best database
system for reading and administering stories I have ever seen.
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Magestic gwresearch 2010-07-22 10 10 10
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