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Reviews by 7steven7seven7
About 7steven7seven7:
"Fiction takes you to places that life can't" according to novelist Philip Hensher.

Where do you want to go in life but can't? Battlefields, or boardrooms, or bedrooms?

I prefer bedrooms. If given a choice as between fighting a battle to the death, or fighting a boardroom competitor to become CEO, or pounding pussy in bed, I'll take the last one every time. In the first two, there are winners and losers. In the last one, there are only winners.

So the stories I am most likely to review here are about sex. Not so much romance, but sex. Yes, yes, it's great when the two can be combined. Each without the other lacks something. But being the man I am, I would rather read about sex than romance. So that's the kind of story I shall focus on most of the time.

I'll not waste your time or mine by reviewing stories that I dislike. Every review I write is intended to introduce you to some gem I've discovered here at Storiesonline. I want to share these little treasures with you.

"Sex stories, yes, but exactly what sort of sex stories?" you may well ask.

Taboo ones. Sex stories that take you to places that life can't, or shouldn't. The stories I find most appealing involve extreme male dominance. In such stories, females exist for the sole purpose of satisfying male desires. Women as pure sex objects. Women as property of men.

I may occasionally delve into other types of stories. I won't exclude that possibility. But honestly, when I look at my online reading habits here at Storiesonline, those are the sorts of stories I gravitate to. So that's what I'm most likely to review.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Russian Trash to Private Toy Andulaslave 2018-01-26 10 10 10
Trailer Park Lessons Fofo Xuxu 2017-07-30 10 10 10
The Pension Fofo Xuxu 2017-07-12 10 10 9
Human Mattress Hungry Guy 2017-02-15 9 10 10
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