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Details for ‘Stellar Drift’ by Rogue_Aquarian

Size: 1018 KB
Word Count: 188,097
Downloads: 52012
Weekly: 167
Votes: 262
Score: 7.45
Voted: No
Jack Coralane and the crew of the Astral Feather conduct drone hunting operations to combat a new breed of space piracy. Seemingly mundane, routine, meant to be a simple task destroying their targets from a safe distance. Their next contract, however, may not be so mundane, and could threaten to throw them into a cauldron of danger far more real than they could have ever imagined.
Genre: Science Fiction
Codes: Fiction, Humor, Workplace, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, Furry, Slow
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: In progress
Updated: (Added Chapter 36)


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