Cookie Magic by Lazlo Zalezac

Author's Description:
Mark O'Toole and Molly Andrews are enrolled in a very special culinary school. There is lots of cooking going on in the kitchen and not all of it deals with food.
Size: 89 KB ( ~ 16,877 words)
Genre: Humor
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic

Review by The Black Knight   [other reviews by The Black Knight]

Reviewed: 2009-10-06

There are really very few stories by Lazlo that I wouldn't recommend. This story definitely isn't one of those. In this, the latest in a number of stories revolving around a member of the Anders/O'Toole/etc... clan, the writing is again superb, the characters interesting, and the wit very much in evidence.

Read this story. You'll like it. If you don't, go try and find your sense of humor.

Seriously, unless you're just looking for pure stroke, this is a great story, as is true of most of Lazlo's work.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10