Second Thoughts and Last Chances by Latikia

Author's Description:
An Adventure is defined as 'unpleasant things happening to other people'. These are the further Adventures of Ike Blacktower. Note: Some story tags omitted to avoid spoilers, though none of the omitted tags are a major part of the story.
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Genre: Mind Control
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Torture, Violent

Review by manddscott   [other reviews by manddscott]

Reviewed: 2016-07-04

This is the second book of a duology (so far at least) about a man who finds out he is a projective empath, but at the possible cost of his sanity. His powers continue to grow as he gets older, and this book focuses on the story as he continues to grow. This is a Fantasy/Science Fiction story with paranormal powers thrown in.

For plot, I give the story an A+ (9). In this sequel to the first story, the author does a great job of not only reminding the reader of what happened in the first story, but of filling in the rest of the story quite well. Frankly, the only reason I did not give the story an outstanding 10 is because the author hints at a part of the story still untold, particularly about the MCs children, but there is no further story posted to read.

For technical score, another A+ (9). There were just enough small errors throughout the story to bring the score down from a perfect one.

For personal appeal, a third A+ (9). I really would like to see what happens later, as well as some possible side stories about the children and how their respective talents develop.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9

Review by Myrtus   [other reviews by Myrtus]

Reviewed: 2016-06-18

To the author I say : Damn you ! Damn you for nearly killing me, breaking my heart like it was a worthless piece of trash then healing it from its sufferings ; giving it the second breath it so much deserved after that rollercoaster of painful emotions.

Now that I'm done with that explosion of feelings, let's get to the heart of the matter. First, this is the second book of the Ike Blacktower's stories. Whereas the first (Second that emotion) story was light-hearted (In the good ending kind of way), the second was dark. Over were the growing pains of youth, but that didn't mean Ike's life got any easier ; far from it. After we left Ike happy with his family, our reunion with him is unexpected, lonely and full of hurt. Plus, he has to balance his own position with his ever-growing power/gift/curse (Depending on who you're asking) ; a power attracting more and more enemies by the day.

Sadly, it's not in them that lies the real threat to his sanity but in his own family and their insecurities. Ike Blacktower only ever asked for one thing, and one thing only : to be loved the same way he loves them. The world be damned, he could live as long as they're safe. But they are not. They never really are. Because of that, what other choice is there but to use power ? More and more and more ?

Let's be honest here : Ike is not really a good guy. Accepting that or at least considering that simple thought is a huge part of his mental tribulations. Who can judge him though ? Who can judge a being so remotely human ; closer to a god considering his own abilities ? Such power... it is a burden that changes you, and changes him it did. In front of such might, what left is there of free will ? Of trust ? Not much. Almost nothing at all. The ending is a good example of that.

Since we're talking about the ending, I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with it. While it's not only roses and sun, most of the plot has been resolved. The way it was written is open enough to afford another book if the author would ever want to but it's not necessary to enjoy it as a sequel to "Second that emotion".

All in all, "Second Thoughts and Last Chances" is a good enough conclusion to Ike Blacktower's Iliad and deserves a 8 bordering on a 9. Technical quality is N/A as usual and Appeal is a 9 only due to the fact that I was crushed pretty much from the beginning and yet kept reading until it got better by the time there was less than two chapters left to read. Even so, those last chapters made it worth the ride.

As a side-note, I just want to say it was a shame for such a story not to get a review until now. I feel better knowing it's not the case anymore and hope it will incite other people to read it. Just consider beginning by "Second that emotion" for the full experience and not regret missing on a happier and easier to read story.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: N/A | Appeal to Reviewer: 9