Bec2: Thanksgiving by BarBar

Author's Description:
It is the week of Thanksgiving and Bec's family is gathering. But Bec has discovered a mystery - a puzzle she is determined to solve. Just when Bec is starting to come to terms with her own issues, how will she manage when she uncovers this new secret? This is Book 2 of a series. Please read Bec before reading this. <Edited for AmEng by Erik Thread,Denny Wheeler, English diary excerpts edited for BrEng by Dukewell, Moghal>
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Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Teenagers, Slow

Review by manddscott   [other reviews by manddscott]

Reviewed: 2016-03-30

This is book 2 of BarBar's Bec trilogy. It follows a brilliant young teen through a voyage of discovery, both about herself and about others. Like the first book, it has a life lesson or two that we could all learn. It deals with a couple of real-life issues, like child abuse and related topics.

I must warn anyone that wants to read this, however, that it does not stand on its own. In order to understand many of the things going on in this story, it is imperative that the reader have read the first book of the series before embarking on this journey. The reactions of the MC would not make sense otherwise.

This book helps explain some of the interactions seen within the family of the MC, particularly as the MC delves into the hidden past. She is undeterred by her parents' unwillingness to discuss the past, and, like a dog with a bone, keeps digging at the past until it is unearthed. In the process, she uncovers a past filled with the pain of others, both from her grandmother on her mother's side, and from her father and aunt on the other side. The journey of growth leads to an extremely hard fight with her parents, and a bittersweet reconciliation with her mother.

As unusual and messed up as this family seems to be, the colorful interaction and strength displayed by the characters in the family leaves the reader wishing that they could be a part of the family. In a way, the story allows exactly that.

The story has no sex in it, to speak of, other than anecdotally referring to previous events. In this case, that is good, as sex scenes would only distract from the story. For plot, I give this an A (8) only because it relies so heavily on the foreknowledge from the first story. For technical score, an A+ (9), as the story is nearly error-free from that perspective. For appeal, another A+ (9).

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9