Back To Bristol by GaryAPB

Author's Description:
Chris Bennett is sent back to the city of his birth, marriage, divorce and where his ex-wife still lives with her new husband and Chris's two sons.
Size: 1136 KB ( ~ 215,419 words)
Genre: Drama
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker

Review by Andrew Johns   [other reviews by Andrew Johns]

Reviewed: 2007-08-01 - (Review Updated: 2007-08-15)

In "Back to Bristol", we have the story of a down-to-earth but rising business executive named Chris. He has just been sent back to his home town to take over a new acquisition that his company just made. His ex-wife still lives there with his two sons, but she remarried shortly after their divorce. Can Chris get back into the lives of his sons, and have an agreeable relationship with is ex-wife, her parents, and her new husband? Can Chris handle the stress of being so close to them without getting revenge on the man that stole his wife? Read along and find out.

There is some sex in this story, but don't read it looking for stroke. The author is kind enough to warn readers about this, and he meant what he said. The sex in the story fits the plot perfectly, and isn't written in exquisite detail that you might want for stroke value. I liked what was present, since it fit the story telling so well.

The plot itself was excellent. Without ruining the story, the interpersonal relationships, both new and old, were dynamic and often felt very realistic. Only the mother-in-law was over the top, and the story needed her to be that way.

Technically, the story got off to a rough start in the first chapter, but smoothed out quite a bit after that point. Be warned that the author is British, and is using British spellings. I noticed no spelling errors, but some of the comma use early on was not well done. Either it got smoother as the story went on, or I was so immersed that I stopped noticing.

Overall, I really liked this story, and I am quickly becoming a fan of GaryAPB's. This story kept me reading well past my normal bedtime, and I didn't feel tired until I was done. If you aren't looking for stroke, but want a dramatic and emotional story about relationships and the strong bonds of family, this one will really make you happy.

I recommend this one highly.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9