The Cure by QM

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What if you can cure the incurable, including restoring the dead flesh of a re-attached severed limb? How? Well, that's the rub, isn't it? The secret is in your sexual emanations and only works when reacting to the environment of a vagina. Yes, you have to fuck someone to cure them. Welcome to your brave new world, one where you're a stranger in a strange land. Then you learn that someone wants to kill you... Part 1) chapters 1-8) Part 2) chapters 9-16) Part 3) chapters 17-24)
Size: 515 KB ( ~ 97,659 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mystery, Science Fiction

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Reviewed: 2019-01-21 - (Review Updated: 2019-03-03)

EDITED: Please note that at the time I reviewed this story I missed the part where it said it was a work in progress. This in no way takes away from my review, but I’m looking forward to reviewing it again when it’s complete.

I have always liked science fiction stories, and this one definitely pushed my buttons. In a fairly short story, QM created a stratified society on a far distant planet that is ruled by aristocracy, policed by Guardians, and has artificial intelligence overseeing everything.

Follow our hero, Dave. He is actually from Earth, a world that is so distant and is so hard to find information on that it’s almost a myth. Dave’s gift is that he can cure anything that ails a person up to and including death with a simple injection of his sperm into a woman’s vagina. Tough work if you can get it. (If a man needs to be cured, a woman is used as a go-between, and thus cures the man.)

The men who have this ability, are called Cures. They are mostly arrogant, and sometimes very abusive and enjoy the privilege of being able to screw a variety of women. Even better for them, the recipient’s memory is wiped and so they have no idea what happened to them. Dave has a conscience, and he truly respects, admires, and has affection for the women he is curing.

Now Dave is on the receiving end of palace intrigue and has a target on his back. Read this story and find out how he deals with the situation and gain a little bit of insight into a fictitious society.

The story constitutes a very pleasant couple hours of reading, and I predict you will be captivated and entertained as well as I was.

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