A New Life by Hastings

Author's Description:
Alien transports retired NCO to 1867 Arizona
Size: 109 KB ( ~ 20,670 words)
In Progress
Genre: Western
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Western, Aliens, Time Travel

Review by pj   [other reviews by pj]

Reviewed: 2018-01-20 - (Review Updated: 2018-01-20)

YAY! Yet another 'dying geezer sent back in time, by aliens, to the wild west' story.

Some of you may say that this is an old, tired concept and getting boring. I say, there's always room for more. 'Hastings' is new to SOL and writing without an editor, but he's certainly literate enough for my taste. He's a good writer/storyteller and I want to read good stories.

I'm giving the plot a '9' because the storyline never gets old unless it's totally plagiarized. Tech rating of '8' .. because I can't be bothered with looking up details on historical firearms.. and a 'replicator' cover a multitude of sins, anyway.

And, as I say, adventure stories really appeal to me.

- The downside being the protagonist Olsen's revamped body apparently has no Libido or he'd easily find some admiring and willing girls, straightaway.
Ah well, the story's not over yet.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9