Tales From Mist World by Anotherp08

Author's Description:
Mist World, as its name suggests, is a world covered by mist. The only land visible on Mist is the mountains and plateaus that rise out of the never ending gray sea.-- Come follow Jake Harrow as he flies the skies of Mist World harvesting sky eels, dances with pirates, encounters old enemies, runs into old friends and meets some new friends along the way. This story is 218,000 words long and is complete. (There is no Graphic sex.)
Size: 1152 KB ( ~ 218,453 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Fiction, High Fantasy, Military, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Politics, Royalty

Review by Teloz   [other reviews by Teloz]

Reviewed: 2017-11-19

I haven't written a review on SoL for a long time, but I felt I had to lift myself out of my slough of despond for this particular story.

There's good news and bad news, Anotherp08.

First, the good news, unless you're one of those people who like reading your stories one-handed, there's no sex in it. 'Tales From Mist World' is a brilliant story especially for the Steampunk aficionados amongst us! Tales of derring-do in skyships that are a cross between Zeppelins and Spanish galleons, with a side portion of tame sky eels (A bit of Anne McCaffrey's influence maybe?). It's fresh, different, and enthralling.

Now comes the bad news. If there's a mistake to be made, Anotherp08, you've made it, sometimes multiple times. To be frank, I wouldn't post this as a first draft, let alone a finished manuscript! If you've missed a homophone I've never heard of it! Sorry my friend, but you need a good editor in the worst way!

To you, dear reader, don't let the appalling editing prevent you from reading 'Tales From Mist World' it would be worth reading if you had to translate it from Sanskrit to do it! It's hard work but worth it!

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 2 | Appeal to Reviewer: 8