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NymphWriter: Favorites

1: Sales Team by Cat5
Who doesn't love a great fairy tale? And this time, the story is told from the man's POV instead of the woman's. I laughed, I cried, and I loved every word. It's a simple tale that reminds us that sometimes fate steps in we are at our lowest and brings us who or what we need when we need it... we just have to open our eyes & see it.
2: Anticipation by Jesse1369
It's so hard for a writer to do a 2nd person POV, and Jesse1369 has done it so well that you find yourself in the story, as the character being seduced, being ravished, being loved.
3: Her Night Out Alone by Jesse1369
Might be her night, but it's written like my night... 2nd person POV is a challenge, and this story is written so well that you feel like you are the girl at the club. At least, you want to be... or I want to be.
4: Any Soldier by Lubrican
Once again Lubrican doesn't fail to deliver a wonderful story of love, lust, sex, passion, romance, and so much more.
5: The Last Wish Blues by Lubrican
A beautiful love story that reminds us all, be careful what you wish for.
6: A Four-night Education in Bangkok by Privates1stClass
There is such a gentleness to this story that you can't help but enjoy it. How much is real & how much is fictional is irrelevant. In talking with real American GI's, I have heard stories of women like the one in this tale, and I know that it's a mixture of truth and male sexual fantasy exaggeration. But when those are told in such a beautiful manner as it is in this story, you can't help but enjoy it thoroughly.
7: The Secretary Regrets by Patricia51
A heartbreaking tale that could be true... and reminds us all that we are human.
8: BAM by Patricia51
It's fun, sexy, and well worth the read!
9: The Chair by Shoeslayer
Because Karma is a bitch... and sometimes you just need a little jail house justice.
10: Neglected Black Housewife by SamSlam
It was hard to predict where this amazing story was going to go aside from some serious fucking & cheating, but then it takes an amazing twist that makes the reader actually want to read on and find out how it all works out in the end.
11: Pumping Heat by Privates1stClass
A fun story about young love, and how we all learn from our mistakes.