The Chair

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2012 by Shoeslayer

Horror Story: Larry, a rotten, no good, ne'er do well comitts his first murder at 22 yrs old, and thinks he has it made when his lawyer keeps his ass out of the chair. But his mean and stupid ways cause a chain of events that land him where he thought he would never be and is pissed 3 men take his gruesome death as a joke when they flip for who throws the switch.

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Larry must have been partly raised by Lucifer, the prince of darkness, thought anyone who knew him. He had to be the meanest kid going. Those who had even the most casual acquaintance figured he would fry in the chair of whatever state used that means of execution.

Larry had this attitude he could do as he damn well pleased, he often said, "If they were not smart enough to stay away from me or do as I told'em, too bad." Somehow he had gotten hold of a 38 revolver and that became his best friend, knowing that it had the power to eliminate someone. Larry was not even man enough to go after another man his age but went after the elderly, older men and women, knowing he could harass them and get what he wanted.

He was twenty-two when he committed his first murder. An old guy in his seventies who would have lived another twenty had he not the bad luck of coming across a dirtbag. Larry needed some bucks and hung out around the bank one day when he saw a man in his upper years leave the bank and he followed the old gent to his home and demanded the man's billfold. The old gent refused and started to put up a fight and Larry caved in his skull with a piece of gaspipe.

A cloud no bigger than a man's hand cast a shadow over Larry and that was the harbinger of bad days to come. It just so happened that someone who knew Larry saw him running from the crime scene. She knew Larry, so she went to see what he was running from and was deeply shocked to see the old gentleman crouched on the ground with his head split open. This neighbor was a longtime friend of hers and she was livid with anger. She called the police and told them what happened, who did it and where Larry lived.

Larry was not only mean he was friggin stupid as well. Larry even had the man's wallet with I.D. and cash on his person and the bank stated the cash was from his S.S. check, so it proved Larry's plan to "Lie in wait"

Not one inmate at Sing-Sing could figure Larry out. They heard he was mean and rotten, they could deal with that. What they could not figure was his apparent stupidity. I mean it's like he went out of his way to piss people off and not think about the result of having done so.

Larry was assigned to work in the kitchen and he resented that very much. "I am not here to work." he told someone. So he walks by the soup kettle and spits in it. Of course the head chef saw that and walked over to Larry. Now Jim weighed in at three hundred and fifty pounds all muscle and no fat. He grabbed Larry by the collar and dragged him to the steam table where food was kept quite warm and stuffed Larry's head in it. People say you could hear the scream over in the Bronx. Larry shook like a screen door in a hurricane.

Larry seemed to smarten up but just a little. A few months later he was working in laundry, he had to pee like a cow on a flat stone but was told he had to wait half an hour. No one was going to tell Larry he had to wait half an hour to empty his bladder so he pulled out his hog an peed allover a pile of fresh laundry, dried an folded even.

Tim O'Reiley was a pretty good boss to work for, he was about sixty and weighing in at three hundred. If you did a good days work he would give you a good report for the day. But don't ever think you could give him any muck like Larry did. So O'Reiley walked over to Larry and asked, "What the hells the idea of pissing allover fresh clean, dried and folded laundry?

"What the hell d' you care? Um only gettin forty cents an hour." Somehow Larry got the idea there was danger lurking. "Wha'sat in your hand?" Faster than greased lightnin' did that steel flat iron meet Larrys nose. "Its a flat iron!" Larry was hurting. A month ago his face met the steam table, this month his nose got pushed in like the face of a bulldog...

A week later Larry heard Gus talking to Hank and Steve about Larry's stupidity. Well Larry heard about this and started to harass Gus. Not too smart. Bug Off! Naturally Larry was not going to and the last he remembered as he said later, "It was like a ten pound hamhock flyin' at me at ninety miles an hour."

"Well Larry what the hell didja expect? Gussy's three hundred an' fifty pounds of muscle lean as 93/7 burger, very little fat an' he says things once ya don't listen, well as you see, you don't pull the mask offa the ol' lone ranger an ya don't mess aroun' with him!"

A riot in prison makes every warden have nightmares and Larry was the cause of this one. The warden had the weekend off and as was his custom he flicked on the television for the night's news. It was a bloody mess, three guards seriously injured and a big fire in the laundry dept. When the warden John Hicks returned to work Monday morning he immediately started an investigation. The general attitude was Larry had a large part in starting the riot and the warden said he was very sorry Larry was not sentenced to death by electrocution in the state's chair. Just about everyone with any say who worked there felt the same.

Well things cooled off after a while, then Larry starts talkin about how he did in an old guy with a piece of gas pipe cuz as he put it, "The ol' guy had a nerve ta put up a fight over handing over his wallet, so I did what I hadda do." Gus was steaming when he heard that and told Larry "If I have my way, you would get the chair for that." Larry seemed to think the chair was a relic and never used that lethal injection was the new means of ending a prisoners life.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course the chair is still in operation."

"How much volts? 220 like the stove circuit in a house?"

"Two twenty?! My red fuzzy balls! Try twenty two hundred an' fifteen amps.".

That was the one thing Larry was deathly afraid of, dying by means of electrocution.

"Just keep your eyes over your shoulder at all times asshole, cuz if I have my way you will fry like an egg, your blood will get to a hundred an' thirty eight degrees, massive headache an your eyes will pop." Gussy was laughing as Larry turned white.

Larry did not know it but a plan was being formed to have him fry in the chair while painting would be done in the death-house, it would be nicely arranged as there would not be any guards way beyond earshot...

Two weeks later, the warden called for Gussy, Hank and Steve to be brought to his office. "Good afternoon gentlemen." "Good afternoon warden." "Gentlemen, I have called you here because I want to talk to you about getting rid of that pain in the ass Larry. I know I have sworn to uphold the law but I am a warden who is in charge of a great many men and keeping them safe. Prisoners here are to be kept from society when they have grievously erred and there are times I feel when alternating current can be the great leveler of justice.

So here is my plan, the three of you if interested would be assigned to cleaning up the death-house as well as butthole Larry. should any of you gents feel like meting out justice in the name of the ol' man he so mercilessly killed ... well there's the chair. Are you interested?"

"Yes warden, we are interested."

"Good, now the control for the chair is a big green box, has a voltmeter and ampmeter, a big black knob for adjusting the volts, we keep it at 2,200. The switch is a knife blade type. when it's up, there's no juice on it till it is down in the contact, make damn sure your hands are dry. Shave his head and left leg or ankle, you'll see where the ground is. wet the head with brine or seawater solution, then throw the switch for 1/2 a minute or so, turn off juice check pulse if he's still breathin' hit'em again for a minute or two. Do this till he is not breathin' or his eyes bulge, it is up to you. But once you begin this you had better finish it or I'll see that the three of you will be in serious trouble, you don't want to know." Gus spoke up.

"Don't worry warden, we start it he will definitely be finished, sort of a golden brown." Gus laughed, and the warden handed out three cigars

Of course there is something in this for you, Gus, what's your interest?

"Well warden I would like to get behind a piano again, do some real classical music."

"Well that sounds pretty good. We have a nice Baldwin grand in the chapel, I don't imagine anyone is going to have a problem keeping the chapel unlocked."

"Steve, what are you into?

"Baseball sir."

"Well its getting closer to spring. Every day I can pick up some mitts, balls an bats, give you guys an extra few hours a day."

"Thanks a lot warden."

"Hank, what can I do for you?"

"Well I don't mind workin' but if I could help the electrician with maint work, I would be quite pleased."

"Fine, I'll talk to him an get something set up."

"Guss, whats your weight? asked the warden.

"Three hundred sir."


"325 pounds warden.



"Hmmmmmmmmmmm 905 pounds of man, Larry won't have a chance.

Larry started having bad dreams, about a week before the day he did not know he would fry like an egg. But he was not gonna let anyone know, what would they care anyways? So he decided to keep on acting tough, which may have caused the plan against him to be carried out with a definite certainty. Well one morning two guards come to him with Gus, Steve an Hank. "Larry you are assigned to a clean-up an paint detail in the death-house" So the six of'em walked down to the death-house. Part of the way you were outside and could see where the power-lines entered the death-house, there was an outside area with a large gas engine generator set that worked the chair, surrounded by a woven steel fence. The state law was commercial power could not be used to work the chair, something about the means and ethics law or some b.s.

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