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Dank: Favorites

1: Sam by Samantha K.
'Sam' is an amazing character. It was fun watching the author create Sam's abilities one at a time - allowing her to enjoy each new power as it came to her. Her favorite power, of course, is her ability to be completely fuckable - any time, any place, she is ready and more than willing. My favorite kind of girl. DanK
2: Schools by Samantha K.
Sam K's newest story shows development of her main character (also Sam) from schoolgirl to young adult without losing the delicious sexuality in her personality, even though her earlier stories were written when she was but a teenager herself (so she claims, anyway). Fighting baddies, being naked, having lots of mind-bending sex and finding new shapes to shift into make Sam stories a fun read. There's a long gap of time between this story and her last one and I know circumstances change as time goes by, but I hope she writes another Sam story soon. I really love them!
3: Dee Does High School by peregrinf
This is a beautiful, insightful, yet sexy story, well-written and alluring. It was difficult to limit myself to one chapter a day, even though high school, for me, was not a 'fun' part of my life. Dee and her adventures has given me hope that there are more good stories out there.
4: College Slut by Samantha K.
I love stories about adventurous girls exploring interracial sex! Plus, Samantha K is an imaginative writer who enjoys putting her characters in difficult and erotic situations. There are a lot of stories on this site that I bookmark for later reading, but very few ever make it past the first 20 paragraphs. This spicy little tale is much better than most of the mundane stuff people write. I loved it!
5: Laresa's World by Daniellekitten
Laresa's World is a tale (actually, several tales written by several different authors) of a genie and her various adventures through time as her magical ring (to which she is bound) travels back and forth through the ages. Some of these stories are sexy, some are brutal. There is love, bondage (well, she's a genie, so she's bound to the ring), hope and despair as Laresa finds herself owned by both kind, as well as evil, people. Much better than just another sex story.
6: Master P C - Alex's Odyssey by Harry Carton
I just finished reading Alex's Odyssey and I'm glad I didn't quit after the 1st chapter, 'cause the second chapter is when it suddenly got... AMAZING! What might happen if you discovered a computer program that could change reality? What would you do if you discovered others were using this same program to harm and enslave others? That's what this story is all about. I hope the author adds a lot more chapters to this before he's finished!
7: Genie Chronicles by Joe Brolly
I wish weren't marked with the dreaded 'Incomplete and Inactive'! This story is about a guy who discovers a genie and makes her his perfect girlfriend. Too bad the author gave up on this before he finished it...
8: Hell's Housewife by XXXecil
This is a fun little tale of an invasion by a race of 'cunts' (that's how you'd pronounce it) and their plan to exterminate the human race by absorbing it into their own DNA via lots and lots of sex. But humanity isn't the only species who lives here...
9: Remote-Control Wife by DG
This is just a delightful little ditty about a young couple and their new remote-control toy. Short and delicious bit of entertainment. Thanks.
10: My House, My Rules by autofocus
This was already a great story - fantasy about a guy collecting a harem of sexy teenagers, well written and giving interesting personalities to the characters. But then the story took a wicked curve and all the dynamics of the story were changed. Don't really know if I like where the story is now, as - if I was writing this, I'd have no f**king clue where to take this story. I think Autofocus wrote himself into a corner on this one. Still, I voted "Great" and anxiously await the next installment.