Universes Series Writing Events
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  Series Author Story Count Updated Change
1 Uncle Bob Lubrican 44 2016-04-11 Added 'Buck Fever'
2 Uncle Dan RonBo 2
3 Uncle George: Adventures in the Philippines George Foxx 8 2018-04-08 Added 'Two for the Price of One'
4 Uncle Walter Sly Dog 3 2012-02-13 Added 'My Valentine'
5 Undiscovered Countries hammingbyrd7 3
6 Unfinished On Purpose autoeroticrobot 4 2016-04-30 Added 'Grandpa's Edge'
7 Unit Taffy 3/Detroit Paige Turner 4 2015-07-27 Added 'Taffy 3 Part One, Scene 1: "Jack's Having a Bad Morning'