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How do I download stories to my computer?

The site provides easy-to-download files for premier level users. With a premier membership, each story listing shows five buttons that allows downloads with a single click:


Zip Zip downloads an HTML copy of a story. If the story is in progress still, then this button will allow you to download parts of the story if you wish.

TXT Downloads a plain text file for reading or using in a text editor.

PDB (stands for Palm Database) an old format supported by some e-readers. Deprecated and will be removed from the site eventually.

Kindle (delivers .mobi files) The common format for Amazon Kindles. The site can be configured to email the kindle file when the kindle button is clicked.

EPUB (stands fo Electronic Publication) is the most widely supported ebook format. You can use it on any iOS device (with iBooks etc...) Android device (many ebook readers), Mac, Windows, Linux etc...

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