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Looking for high fantasy stories


I'm looking for stories that have the old style fantasy stories in a medieval setting with magic, heroes/farm boys, elves, demons, and etc (but god please no more vampires or werewolves). Would appreciate both storiesonline.net source or published novels.

I've enjoyed There and Back by Aquea (https://storiesonline.net/a/Aquea) and Justice Resurrected by Celtic Bard (https://storiesonline.net/universe/617/justice-resurrected).

Some examples aside from storiesonline that I have in mind are somewhere between A Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings, except without the excessive info dumps like LotR or insufferable tangents like AWoT.

David Eddings' books are fun to read but too repetitive and predictable throughout all of his series.

I've been having a difficult time finding stories that are adult, fun to read with complex and enticing plots but preferably in the medieval setting, with magic, elves and demons. It's really hard to find this when the market is saturated with vampires and werewolves and tstl hero/heroines with insta love.

Thanks everyone.

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look at this thread: many good recs

my own recommendation and fav high fantasy story:


a groundhog-day-style story about a young mage who attends mage college and gets sucked into a timeloop on the day his school and the surrounding town is invaded. So he relives the month leading up to the invasion every time the time runs out, he gets killed or the original time looper gets killed.

First it is just a what-the-hell-is-going-on story, than about getting stronger and then the political side about the happenings around the world gets more fleshed out.

My favorite Fantasy story of the last 3 years.

Currently reading Tarrin Kael Firestaff series. it's really good but very furry heavy. (were- creatures and animal-people)

L Westron

Try the "A Break from Destiny" series by Robberhands




You could look at Raymond E Feist's Midkemia novels starting with Magician

Regards G_R

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David Gemmell also has a lot of books in this genre.



Not exactly "high fantasy", but a good read nonetheless.

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(hardly any magic involved, just the psychic link)

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Raymond E Feist's Midkemia novels starting with Magician

I'll second that - Magician:Apprentice, then Magician:Master. At least he finally finished the series, after a huge number of books.

As for a high fantasy book on here with lots of swords and sorcery, as well as dungeons and dragons ...


Aquea based her novel in Dragon's Age, mine is based in Skyrim. Because this is based upon a video game, there are some vampires and were-creatures, but not the sparkly kind. And it definitely gets adult ...



Agreed, but its still medieval.


Another idea:
Universe "World of Battlemages"



old style fantasy stories in a medieval setting with magic...published novels

Try C.J.Cherryh's Fortress series
She also has a short Russian Folklore/Magic series Rusalka also normally available from her website


Just wanted to thank you for reminding of this story that I had completely forgotten about.


I really enjoyed and recommend R22CoolGuy's series: The Bards Tales, about sentinent magical rune swords. https://storiesonline.net/series/899/the-bards-tales


try some of Argons stories

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