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Guy takes revenge on ex-wife and her lover/new husband


I tried the past two days to find this story on my own, but I can't. Let's hope one of you read this story.

The main character is manager of a chain of supermarkets or something like that. His ex-wife cheated on him and is married to her lover who runs a couple of sandwich shops. They had a daughter which the ex-wife tried to keep away from him while she grew up (I believe there is mention of some sports and camps so that the father couldn't spend time with her).
The main character was rather timid/took all his ex-wife dished out until his daughter told him she is going to get married and wants (or rather her mother wants) her stepfather to give her away.
That leads to the main character realizing he is due some revenge. He starts his own chain of sandwich shops in direct competition with the new husband of his ex-wife.
He also discovers that the soon-to-be husband of his daughter is cheating and intimidates and bribes him to not show up for the wedding.
I also remember that the other sandwich shops were closed by health inspectors while the lover is stuck with jury duty.
Meanwhile the main character sues his wife for alienating the daughter. And he starts dating a cashier from one of his stores that was in an abusibe relationship.

While I can remember a lot of details, all my searches turn up nothing. I don't know wether that's because I am misremembering some things or because the story is no longer on SOL. I know that I read it on here in the last six months or so.

I would really appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance!


Well, that is embarassing. I was sure I read it on SOL. At least that explains why I coulnd't find it after two days of searching.

Thank you very much for your precise and quick response. You saved me from becoming mad.

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Well, you did describe the plot very well. Someone was looking for a story a few days ago and they mangled the description so badly that I decided it could not be *that* particular story because so much did not match. It was.

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That was what was so frustrating and infuriating.

I remembered so much I tried so many different combinations in my search and nothing came up.

Now thanks to you I know it was because I was looking in the wrong place. It was like taking every piece of hay in search of the needle only to find out it was in anothern barn the entire time.

//EDIT: I have to admit I still am somewhat perturbed that I was so sure the story was on SOL that I checked the forums. And sure enough, I found that story because of a similar request in another thread: https://storiesonline.net/d/s4/t1604/good-btb-stories#po69343
Finally my mind is at ease.


It wasn't that Royce was timid, it was that he knew he'd have a hard enough time getting any time with his daughter, if he made a fuss he wouldn't see her at all.

That all changed once she hit eighteen. But, still, it wasn't quite worth the possible damage to what remained of the relationship with his daughter to go after the ex-wife.

Until his ex insisted that he not be at his daughter's wedding, but instead her current husband walk her down the aisle.

Clearly, there wasn't any relationship left to worry about, so all he had left was a thirst for revenge, to at least get some payback at the ex who had destroyed his relationship with his daughter.

As I said in the previous thread, Royce was damn lucky he came out of it with his soul intact. But, thanks to a bunch of really nifty stuff, he actually wound up ahead on the deal in the end.

It's a damn shame Wes died recently, and there are only an additional eight books in the queue after the current one finishes posting.

Thankfully, his daughter and son-in-law are maintaining the site, and will post all that Wes had finished writing; the proceeds from the site will go to assist his widow.

Which just goes to show that Wes had succeeded in his life with what his characters mostly attempted, to buld a family/community that would look after each other.

That's a pretty good legacy, in my book.

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Amen, Brother!


There's another cheating wife story out there with essentially the same plot except they're flower shops instead of sandwich shops. No clue as to the name or author.

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