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Ugly girl to Beauty


Is there any good stories out there that has a girl go from what people think of as ugly to suddenly being beautiful? And she ends up hooking up with the popular guy or should I say a famous guy or something, at least once.

Replies:   Argon  ustourist


The original story was never finished, but another author added his idea of a conclusion.


Not strictly what you were asking for, but,

Regards G_R



Not exactly an sudden change, but Molly and Marilyn and Me by Coaster2 is along those lines. The restriction is more in the 'famous guy' part.


Another that can pass to this category is "Set fire to the rain" from ElSol, where big (fat?) young lady becomes "Uauuuu" :) kind of girl..


How about Lazlo Zalezac's Fat Farm

ETA: No hook-up to close out the story, so not quite what was requested

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