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Ice Princess


Looking for a story about an ice princess. Not any specific one but one that isn't a quick read. Also, if possible, one that makes the guy not some super-stud bullshit.

Replies:   Argon

Try 'Oh Teacher, My Teacher' by Coaster2


In this case the ice princess is a fellow teacher known as the 'Ice Queen'. Romance ensues.


You might want to try:

Blackmailing the Queen by Stuart Finkelstein,
"A guy gets the goods on the Prom Queen of his high-school and he gets her to do what ever he wants."

The Cheerleader Blues by Lubrican,
The story focuses on the characters' semi-consensual dates, so we don't really see her acting as the ice princess. Good story, though.



Personally, I like the original version better.

Replies:   jimh67


I agree with Aaron. I prefer the original version also. I applaud RPSuch for keeping the origin up and giving readers a choice.

Replies:   docholladay


I like it when a writer does that. It gives me a chance to see just how much their skill as a storyteller has grown. There is nothing like having one story or more which can be used to display the different skill levels. Funny part is usually both versions are highly enjoyable as well.

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