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Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard anything from Colt45? He writes some dynamite stories, some of which are primed for some really good sequels, but I haven't been able to contact him. I surely hope he's still in the land of the living.


His last blog entry is almost 5 years old. He had some health issues then that did not sound really bad, but having a bout with cancer can change your outlook dramatically. While chances are he's not going to write and post here again after all this time, I sincerely hope he's still with us and enjoying his life. Perhaps his editor and fellow writer Morgan knows more?

Crumbly Writer

If he ended up in home, especially one with medical facilities, not all offer internet access. Even if they did, it's WAY down on their list of priorities, so he may not be able to communicate with the outside, online world.

Replies:   REP  Capt. Zapp

@Crumbly Writer

Hell on Earth for an author.

Capt. Zapp

@Crumbly Writer

... not all offer internet access.

And some even block the use of wi-fi (other than their own secure network) and cellular devices inside the facility.


I find myself reading through some of his stories from time to time and hoping for new ones. Hope he is doing well.

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