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Reader complaints and an information update

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For those who are complaining that they can't find my work on ASSTR, it is at:

For those of you who are demanding I just update the stories here and come back to SOL, allow me to explain again what I have explained here before.

SOL does not permit the format needed in my stories. These include footnotes, links to (non-sexual and non-infringing) material (text and photos), various fonts, margins and colors (used in reference to textual content of included emails, and SMS text conversation). I understand the nature of how this site works. It is simply not compatible with my needs. This is NOT a compliant on my part. I am only acknowledging the fact.

SOL does not permit any sexual content related to individuals younger than 14 years of age. (Some of my work here is grandfathered in but new stories of that type are not allowed.) I understand and respect the Webmasters need to adhere to the laws where he functions. This is NOT a complaint on my part. I am only acknowledging the fact.

And so, no, I cannot update the stuff that is here because the updates include the newer format requirements I have. And, no, I cannot post anything new here, for all the reasons above.