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School/college/university whatever

May 19, 2012
Posted at 12:46 pm

I wonder if anybody can give me the complete rundown on this, once and for all. American educational ages and establishments. As a John Bull, I never seem to quite get it. Just for the record, in case it helps out any of you from across the pond, the English system is...
Nursery (kindergarden): ages 3-4
Primary school: ages 4-11
Middle School (quite rare): ages 7-14
Secondary school: ages 11-18
6th-form College: ages 16-18
'Colleges' of higher education (various, eg Music, performing arts, teacher training): ages 18+
University: traditionally 18-21, but can include 'mature students'
Post-graduate university or college students: 22+

I'm particularly confused on American 'colleges' and High Schools (high school being just one type of secondary school in UK ages 11-18), and what the hell ages your 'grade' systems refers to.