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Computer issues... but now fixed

July 14, 2018
Posted at 2:18 pm

I've had very little writing time so far this year... and then things got much worse when my pc's power supply flaked out and surged/scrambled my boot SSD. That was an omen that I couldn't put off doing some long overdue upgrades. I had a bit of Paypal money from my eBay sideline business and that covered most of the upgrades. (Wife and I are both still otherwise unemployed :(

I upgraded from an i5-2500k to a Ryzen 2700X, perfect for multitasking, and did a clean install of Win10.... bang, Black Screen of Death. Repeat about 300 times over the next two weeks :(

BSD causes can be... well, just about anything :/
Google search shows 100's of 'how to fix' pages at dozens of different tech sites - none fixed the problem.

So I spent two full weeks troubleshooting every new component. Memory? Nope. Bad DirectX/MS C++ Redistr? Nope. Bad Win10 system or swap file partitions? Nope. CPU overheating? Added a water-cooled radiator, no change. Bad GPU? Nope... replaced it too with a new graphics card (ouch... F^%$ you crypto-miners!) and the problem only got worse :(

That left only the new case power supply to diagnose... and it was partially to blame. I replaced the PSU cable to the video card with another brand new cable = problem gone!

My Stultus files were all safe on a different drive (and I had two good sets of current backups) so nothing lost there other than time.

My old writing keyboard (Logitech G105) was flaking out too (space bar didn't work half the time) so it has just now been replaced with a Rosewill. It was nearly impossible to find Cherry MX Blue keys, which are about the hardest to hit keys on the market... but essential, if you learned to type old-school on an IBM Selectric and need to key-bash.

Anyway... poor(er) now, but back in business!

Finally, I finished the edits for Arc Deco #4 - Ch.11

April 20, 2018
Posted at 12:51 am

I've had them for a month... but didn't have the time to review all of the edits and do the final rewrite. I stayed up late tonight to finish it - and did.

This chapter kind of closes the door to the recent exposition bits concerning previous events and gets the story ready for the next and final phase of this adventure. It's rough, wild and crazy here-on out.

I've had no writing time to work on anything new, so everything in the pipeline is still where it was last month, incomplete. I hope to work on this next week, RL permitting.

New Arc Deco chapter 10 posted + typos fixed

March 10, 2018
Posted at 10:25 am

I posted up the new Arc Deco chapter yesterday and saw that it had a weird editing artifact embedded in it, but I've just reedited it and fixed it.

In a surprising spurt of late evening creativity, I have also mostly finished the next chapter too, Chapter 11. It needs about two more pages of content and then it will go off to editing. I've also made partial progress on the next Baleful Sky and I"m Going to Make It All the Way chapters. I'll finish those before I give in to the growing urge to work on a new project.

I'm Going to Make It... Chapter 3 typos fixed

March 1, 2018
Posted at 10:18 am

While rereading Chapter 3 of "I'm going to make it all the way", late last night to mentally refresh myself as to where the story ended, I found several annoying typos (I was writing last year under serious pain drugs) - so I've just completed an edit of this chapter (posting now on SOL) -and- I have written the first three pages of Chapter 4! It won't be posted soon... but it's a start.

I'm having some concentration issues this week, not to mention orthopedic ones, so I can't sit and type for 10+ hours at a time anymore (at least not yet). So, I'm time-slicing this week. As I find bits of time, I'll do one hour on one story, then next another hour on another one. The score so far:
Dragons of the Night Ch.11 - 1 pg
I"m Going to Make It Ch.4 - 3 pgs
Under a Baleful Sky Ch.14 - 4 pgs
Across the River Ch.4 - .2 pg (won't really start it until one of the above is done)
*New* story - 1 pg (same, but outline finished)

Reminder - the new Chapter 10 of Arc Deco is off at editing and should be posted here next weekend.

New Arc Deco chapter 10 off at editing!

February 28, 2018
Posted at 2:17 am

I just finished it off and have sent it off for the advance readers and editors. I'm hoping to have it back by next weekend and I don't think it will require too many rewrites.

My writing time is extremely limited at present (due to the factors I listed earlier) but I'm splitting time on the next Arc Deco chapter (11), the next Baleful Sky, and tinkering with the notes for my next big story (still untitled). Other things will get attention... eventually.