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Chapter 13 is in the queue

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Today I went through being poked and prodded. No, I'm not saying I was fucked or fornicated. I'm saying I spent a day with doctors who seemingly wanted 18 gallons of my blood to do billions of tests, so they could rule out every known disease on the face of the earth. (except Lupus, House taught us it's never Lupus)

But, Chapter 13 is in the queue.

I'm hoping to work on RR tonight, and get FTMD 14 started.

Until next time


(Postscript: I still hope Fidelem mortis Imperium is not horrible latin. No one speaks it these days, but should you use it, all of a sudden, everyone's a latin expert. For example, the phrase illegitimi non carborundum. (supposedly meaning Don't Let the Bastards wear you down). I have said that to four different friends, each time someone had to poke their head in and say "You know that's not a real Latin phrase")


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God, I feel like a gambler at the table who's had bad luck forever and now is on a streak of wins. KEEP ROLLING THEM BONES..

So, this takes place from Mary's Point of View.

Chapter 13 is apparently NOT an unlucky number, it's already off tot he pre-readers.

FTMD Chapter 12 first draft complete

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When it rains, it pours.

I'm glad that's talking about my muse, and not my health for once.

Chapter 12 is out at the pre-readers. This returns the story to Mary's Point of View, as she goes through the results of the last chapter, and things get escalated to the point that she may not be safe, even in her own home. (or in Mary's case, in her House's tower suite high above the ground).

If all goes well, you'll see it in the next day or two.

I don't know how it's happened. I just want it to continue.

FTMD Chapter 11 is in the queue: Time to discuss it.

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A while ago, I said that I didn't want to waste people's time with sub-standard work. I don't think that it's sub-standard. That's why I am hitting post on Chapter 11.

However, I felt the content probably needed a blog post because, well, up to now, Free Trader Mary's Dream has been.. for lack of a better word, a bit more light and fluffy, tone wise. Not that horrible things are not discussed, but in the end, there is always a way for heroes to win through.

That is DEFINITELY not the theme of Chapter 11. It is dark, dissonant, and almost nihilist in a way. It features a character resourceful enough in his way to have been a hero under other circumstances. He was trapped by a choice he made without knowing the true cost of what he had done, and the spiral that followed.

It came down to doing the things he needed to stay alive and useful to a Universe. And then what happens when one cannot live with what they have done to take that Universe and change it utterly.

This is NOT going to be how the rest of the series operates. Trust me on that. What it is, is a reminder that no system is perfect. There are people out there who will exploit your Cause to further their unrelated cause. or even use your cause to promote their inherently inimical cause at the expense of yours

There's a saying widely attributed to Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that good men do nothing".

In short, I wanted this chapter to say that "yes, there are people that are disadvantaged by the system. That yearn to change the system. They may fall to evil, because in their case, good men did nothing." Tomas falls into that category.

No system is perfect.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep striving for it.

edit: A TL'DR summary: This chapter is very dark, true. But that is to highlight the light in the other chapters.

Free Trader Mary's Dream Chapter 11- First draft complete

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This will be the first chapter of FTMD in some time. It's off to the pre-readers, and I'll give you a bit of a tease.

It's current working title is "Prometheus+Slinger=Ozymandias", and now, it has nothing to do with Breaking Bad.

it also is a very discordant tonal shift from the other chapters. It is the beginning of events that will change the Universe that Mary, Alex and Melissa thought they understood. This chapter does not involve them directly in any way, but it will affect them profoundly.

In a universe where one's belief in the righteousness of one's Cause can justify anything, can one live with what one must do to advance the Cause? And when one's Cause is all consuming, how easy is it for others to manipulate that cause to their own benefit.

As always, I am open to pre-reader requests.