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All is well

August 28, 2018
Posted at 2:41 pm

For those who inquired thank you. I am well. Very busy right now with another project and writing has taken a back seat. Will probably be early November before I am back at it. Chapters 14-18 to go.

Chapter 12 updated

July 16, 2018
Posted at 4:26 pm

Corrections for Chapter 12 have been posted.


July 11, 2018
Posted at 3:15 pm

Re-repost. Got the over par issued corrected and eliminated the backseat from the corvette. I really upset some Vette lovers and apologize. I think Rick will be in line to rescue the only four seater Corvette made, it was a one off prototype made in 1963. In RL went to the crusher.


July 11, 2018
Posted at 11:41 am

Chapter 11 has been reposted with errors found by my eagle eyed readers corrected. Someone caught a typo "Par 74." when it should have been "Par 71." I can't find it and have deleted the email. If you see it let me know please.

Chapter 12 is in editing right now, should post by tomorrow. There was a major continuity issue that required a rewrite.

Starting on Chapter 13 today.


July 2, 2018
Posted at 5:19 pm

The Corvette racer love my little story, those they call the Waxers hate it with a passion. So much fun to take a very short break from Rick. Have written a thousand words of his today so not goofing off too much