Witchy-Poo, Anarchist and the Nymphs
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam and I get together with friends we met online.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Incest   Sister   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Nudism  

How many of you remember the early, pre-Internet days, of dial up modems and local BBS (Bulletin Board Systems)? I'm giving away my age, but I can remember modems that only ran at 300 bps and required you to put the handset of your phone into a cradle to work. Technology improved, and we went through clunky, boxy 1200 baud modems to 2400 and 4800 and 9600 internal card modems, made a quantum leap to 19.2K and finally 56K with data and fax capability. 56K remained pretty much the standard until things like DSL and cable internet started to come along, years later.

During those days, when all anyone had was a dial-up modem and dialing program like Z-Modem, and about the only national services were Compu-Slow and Amateurs On Line, local BBS systems sprang up, usually on someone's personal computer at home, and generally restricted to a single user at a time. They had shareware files to download at painfully slow speeds, games that used simple ANSI graphics and message boards, or forums, along with private user-to-user messaging. Color monitors were just starting to come into vogue. Bulletin boards ran under shareware DOS programs called PC-Board, or Spitfire, or Wildcat, or Searchlight that you could download and play with for free, but usually required you to purchase a key to allow users to connect via modem.

The really big boards, run by people with money, had multiple "nodes", meaning they paid the phone company a premium for multiple phone lines, and ran their BBS software under Desqview, a pre-Windows program that allowed limited multi-tasking in the DOS environment. Sometimes, they had as many as four or five incoming lines, meaning multiple users could be on at the same time, and chat was possible.

Pam and I got caught up in the craze, and purchased a VERY expensive new computer, along with a full-use copy of the Spitfire BBS software. The computer had an RGB color monitor, the latest operating software, DOS 3.1, extended memory for a remarkable for the day 720K of RAM memory, a 40mb hard drive (split into two 20mb partitions), barely big enough to hold a couple of today's Blu-Ray movies but huge for the day, and best of all, a CD-ROM drive that we used to add a purchased CD full of adult images to the BBS for users to download. We had a dedicated phone line installed, and set up the adults-only "Clothing Optional BBS". We advertised it on the message boards of other area BBS systems, and the phone line began to heat up. We were suddenly getting 20 or 30 users a day.

We had set it up so that unregistered visitors had very limited access. To get full access to downloads and message boards, along with up to 60 minutes of connection time daily, they had to download a form, print and fill it out, and either fax or snail mail it to us with a copy of their drivers license proving they were over 18 years old. It didn't even occur to us to charge for access. If it had, we'd have made a small fortune as the applications flowed in.

I used the online "handle" of "Coptional", short for Clothing Optional. Pam was known as "Wet Dreams". I guess today they call it screen names. Pam and I were now the SysOps, or System Operators, of Clothing Optional Zone BBS. Anyway, I sat down, made sure no one was online (I couldn't use the system other than to chat with the online user or minor maintenance things if they were) and logged in to check for messages. I had several new ones, but the one that caught my eye said:

"Hey Coptional, this is Anarchist (call me Todd), SysOp of Pagan's Playground BBS. Me and Witchy-Poo (her real name is Jennifer) would like to meet you and Wet Dreams in person. Gimme a call." He added a phone number. I recognized the handles and the BBS name. Pam and I were both frequent visitors on their board, and they on ours. I showed the message to Pam.

"Cool," she said. "Give 'em a call! They both seem to be pretty fun from what I've seen on their BBS." With Pam sitting on my lap, I picked up the desk phone, on a separate line from the BBS and dialed.

"Hello?" Low, sultry female voice.

"Um, Jennifer?" I said. "This is Ben ... er ... Coptional from Clothing Optional Zone."

"Oh, hey! Todd told me he had messaged you. We were hoping you guys would call! We were wondering if you guys would like to get together, maybe grill some brats and swim? We've got a pretty decent pool..."

I was sharing the earpiece of the phone with Pam, and she grinned and nodded.

"Uh, sure. When?" I replied.

"Well," she said, drawing it out. "No time like the present. You guys can come on over now if you want! We aren't doing much of anything."

I glanced at Pam. She shrugged and nodded.

"OK, guess we can do that. Need us to bring anything?"

"Um, maybe a bag of ice? I think we have everything else covered."

"Sounds good to me," I replied, and she gave me their address and directions.

"Oh, and Cop?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes ma'am?"

"You won't need swimsuits. We're pretty much "clothing optional" around here all the time!" Jennifer rang off with a giggle.

Pam wiggled her bare bottom against my equally bare lap. "Oh, this sounds like fun," she exclaimed.

Yes, it did! We dressed for the drive. I opted for a pair of loose-fitting cut-off denim shorts and a red tank top. Pam put on one of my favorites of her summer outfits, a skin-tight thin white terrycloth romper with a zipper front. It was almost as legless as a pair of leotards, barely covering her puss and letting a fair amount of her big ass cheeks show in the rear. The zipper on the front would pull down as low as the top of her pubic hair. She had it zipped up to about the level of her nipples, letting her big double D's show off LOTS of cleavage. As usual, her nips were up and tenting the fabric. No panties. She rarely wore them.

We stopped at a liquor store, and I picked up a bag of ice, along with a bottle of Pam's personal favorite when she drank, which was rare, some peach schnapps.

"Are you trying to make me get naughty?" she asked when she saw the bottle. She always joked that alcohol was bad for her legs. "It makes them spread," she claimed.

"Maybe," I grinned, as I drove.

She flashed a tit at me. "OK, it's on you, then. Whatever happens, happens."

I reached over and tweaked her nipple. "Agreed. Vegas rules?"

She paused for a second, then got it. "Whatever happens at Todd and Jennifer's stays at Todd and Jennifer's?"


"You know I've read the stories he writes on his BBS..."

"Yep. And I've read Witchy-Poo's."

"You know they make me horny..."

"Uh huh." As if Witchy-Poo's didn't put lead in my pencil. Pam and I usually wound up in bed after a session on their BBS. Or the floor, or the sofa.

"What if... , " she trailed off.

"What if you want his body? I'll be too busy lusting after his wife to care," I put it out in the open.

"You'd let me?" she asked, incredulous.

"Would you let me?" I countered.

You have to remember that Pam and I had shared a girlfriend, Holly, for a couple of years. But this was completely different. We had never had an experience with another couple. Pam had been a willing participant when I had fucked Holly, her roommate, and later Charli, their neighbor. We had now been married for just over a year.

Both Anarchist (Todd) and Witchy-Poo (Jennifer) had included us in fictional porn stories on their BBS. We'd done the same to them. Truth be known, we'd been wanting to meet them in person for a while. They were both good writers.

Pam sat quietly, thinking, and finally said "Yeah. I'm good with that."

It was too late for further discussion. I was pulling into their driveway. Pam and I took the few steps to the door and it opened before I could reach the doorbell. "Ben, Pam! I'm Jenn. Come on in, guys."

Jennifer was sort of wearing a short blue terry robe. I say sort of because it was unbelted and hung open over her tits, exposing the valley between her smallish breasts, a flat dark-tanned tummy, and a mound that had a thick little patch of black pubic hair with everything below shaved smooth. I'd guess she was in her early 20's, That was about all I could take in before she shrugged the robe off, letting it puddle to the floor as she drew Pam into her arms for a hug and a kiss on the mouth.

The next thing I knew I had my own arms full of firm, tan, naked girl as Jennifer gave me the same treatment, including a little teasing tongue in the kiss. I glanced over at Pam, and saw that she was grinning. She had already unzipped and shrugged out of the top half of her romper, and was peeling it down over her butt.

When in Rome...

I tugged my shirt off, and Jennifer's hands were already undoing my shorts. They were loose and quickly fell to my ankles. I toed my shoes off and stepped out of them, now as naked as the two girls. I got a better look at Jennifer. She was a little taller than Pam, but only by an inch or so. Her long jet-black hair fell to the small of her back, and she was wearing it loose, parted in the center. Her face was gorgeous, with big brown eyes, high cheekbones, a pert little nose and plump, nice-looking lips.

Her tan was deep, dark and all-over. As I said, she had smallish breasts, I'd guess maybe a 34B, with tiny little crinkled-stiff nipples and a tight firm-looking bottom.

Todd swept into the room about that time, laughingly saying, "I see you guys didn't waste any time getting with the program!" He gave me a hearty shake, saying "How ya doing, Cop?" and pulled me into a brief man-hug, then turned to Pam. "Oh my. Wet Dreams in the flesh. C'mere, you!"

Todd was tall and slender, a swimmer's build, about my age, with a darker tan than Jennifer, and as nude as the rest of us. He had close cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, with honest to God six-pack abs. His flaccid penis hung thick and long against his thigh, certainly bigger than I was soft. Bigger when hard, too, I imagined.

Pam flowed into his arms grinning and he bent over so their lips could meet, his hand coming up to cup one of her big boobs like it belonged there.

Jennifer gave them a moment, then laughed and said, "OK, you two. Pool now. You can get a room later," winking at me, and we all trooped through the house and out the back door. Now, I could tell you that we all spent the next couple of hours getting to know each other and playing in the pool and such. I could. And you'd believe me because, after all, this is MY story and I'm telling it.

But the bottom line was we all already knew each other. We just hadn't seen each other in person before. And we all seemed to like what we saw.

Which is why within ten minutes, I was leaning back on a chaise lounge, cupping Jenn's little tits from behind while she bounced on my stiff cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Pam was sprawled tits down up the foot of the chaise between my legs, her face bumping into Jennifer's wide-spread and stuffed pussy as Todd pounded his big cock into her from behind. Pam was trying to lick, but it's hard to lick when you're wailing in non-stop orgasms like she was. Jennifer shuddered into what must have been her third hard cum and leaned back against me, moaning and shaking as I spurted, spurted, spurted up into her hot, slick and tightly convulsing love canal. Todd thrust hard again into my wife and grunted his own release. He sank back onto his heels, panting and the girls shooed me off the chaise, laying it flat and then moving into a 69, Pam on top, hungry mouths seeking out slimy cum-filled cunts.

I sank into the first available chair with a groan as Todd knee-walked over to the ice chest, opened it and tossed me a cold can of beer. I opened it to a spray of white foam as he sat on the chair next to me, both of us watching the girls. "Damn, I could get used to this!" he exclaimed, popping his own beer open.

I had to agree. I was kinda liking it too.

Long story short, Pam and I would up spending the night. There had been plenty of group sex, including both girls getting a chance to experience a double-penetration with Todd and myself, then we parted, Pam with Todd and Jennifer with me, for some private time and sleep and more private time in the morning, finally all gathering together for breakfast. That could be a whole stroke story in itself, and one day, I'll have to write it.

Over breakfast, Jennifer told us, "I should warn you guys, because I suspect we're going to all be spending a lot of time together. My two little sisters, Karen and Lisa, they're twins, are coming to spend a month with us before school starts."

I chuckled. "I guess that will put an end to the swinging nudist lifestyle around here for a while."

"Not at all," Jennifer replied. "They're both excited. They've been here before, and can't wait to get here where they can go naked all the time."

"How old are these girls?" I asked.

"They're fifteen, " Jenn said, and Todd interrupted her.

"They're amazingly mature for their age. We just treat them like adults. You'll be surprised."

"Still," I said, "if they're only 15, do you really think they should be exposed to, well, all this?"

"I was fucking at 15," Pam shot back. "And I was barely 3 years older than that the first time I was 'exposed' to you!"

Todd weighed in again, chuckling. "They were already giving pretty good head at 14," he said, with a knowing look on his face.

Jennifer laughed out loud. "Of course they were, darling. I taught them everything I know!" Pam joined in the laugh as I just sat there and spluttered. Jennifer stood and walked behind my chair, leaning over to press her firm little tits against my back. She reached around, caressing my chest, and breathed in my ear. "Just imagine one of those nubile little hotties doing this to you." Pam reached over and started stroking my growing cock. "Or both of them..."

Alright, I got the picture. I wasn't going to win this argument!

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