Fun With Ron and Others: Dogging and Gangfucked
Chapter 1

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Visiting Ron and meeting his brother. Then dogging fun and a great gangbang at the house, with my first lezzie encounter!

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A few weeks back I was invited to go on a short break to visit Ron.

He had been on the phone to Frank and had mentioned the idea of me paying him a visit and asked if I would consider it.

After much chatting and deliberating it was decided that I would go down to Dorset for a visit for a long weekend, Friday to Monday.

I made the travel arrangements and booked a train journey for myself to Edinburgh and then I had a flight to catch to get to Bournemouth.

As far as Ron was concerned I had lied to Mike about going away with a friend for the weekend.

Ron still is under the impression that I am a 'cheating' wife, and that Mike is oblivious to me fucking around with him, Frank, Bill and the lads from the LIDLS store.

This adds some spice to it all as Ron likes me to act the dirty unfaithful whore wife, and we all get a thrill from him being in the dark.

It was arranged for Ron to organise me getting from Bournemouth to his home.

The night before the journey Mike and I had a lovely meal out with Frank and the two of them mercilessly ribbed me over the fun I was going to have down south. I have to admit at being almost permanently horny for the preceding three days and Mike and I had a few ferocious fucks thinking of the fun I would be having at Ron's.

He's probably the naughtiest of the three regular senior 'lovers' I have and definitely has the biggest cock of the three of them, and boy does he know how to fucking use it.

The last time he had screwed me I had been creaming for Scotland on his monster thick prick, and I was hoping for more of the same on my visit.

He had fucked me with Frank, Bill and two of the LIDLS shop workers ... My cunt had taken a proper serious fucking that night, as had my arse as well!

I was left completely drained and totally covered in spunk from them all.

I hoped I wasn't to be disappointed on my trip and as things transpired need not have worried at all!

The train journey was a bit boring, so to relieve some of the tedium I drafted some replies to emails I had received, something that always gets me horny!

By the time my train pulled into Edinburgh I was actually pretty turned on and my pantie gusset was already a little moist. Thankfully I had the seats in my section all to myself or heavens knows what anyone seeing what I was replying to would have thought!

Once I had reached Edinburgh it was a short taxi ride to the airport, time for a couple of G&Ts in the bar area and then onto the flight.

I was feeling quite nervous, oddly, as I had only met Ron on the occasions he had travelled up to Scotland to visit Frank and Bill.

Bill was a bit 'peeved' that I wasn't taking him and Frank down with me, but Ron assured me he wanted to see me and had a few surprises in store for me on my English trip!

I was hoping for a good session with his big, hard, old cock and secretly hoped he would be getting me some new cock to enjoy as well

The flight wasn't a long one and I was soon relaxing thinking of the fun times I had previously had and was sure I would be enjoying with Ron over the course of the weekend.

On arriving at Bournemouth airport I was met at the terminal by a man holding a placard with my name on it, this transpired to be Ron's youngest brother (Sam) who runs a taxi firm down in Dorset.

After brief introductions he was soon whisking me off in the cab to Ron's home.

The chat was quite light and I wasn't sure what Ron had or hadn't told his brother relating to me and how we met, why I was visiting etc.

I quickly text messaged Mike once I was safe and sound in the taxi and also sent a message to Frank and Bill, teasing them that I was now in England and was going to be trying my best to represent Scotland in the upcoming antics.

'I won't let the country down, I promise ... I will drain Ron's English cock for the pride of Scotland, ' I messaged them both.

Ron's brother asked me who I was texting and I told him I was sending my husband a message to say I was safe and sound.

He asked if he knew where I was and I continued with the lie about me being away with a girlfriend.

Ron's brother laughed at this and was soon quizzing me on why I was being so naughty and lying, saying that my poor husband must be oblivious to me being a bit of a naughty girl.

We chatted and I could sense he was certainly paying my tits some attention in the mirror of his car.

I had worn a tight white top. Fairly low cut, a black skirt, a matching white panty and bra set and my high black heels.

I made sure he was getting a good eyeful of my legs and tits.

I was already feeling so fucking turned on!

The journey took a good half an hour and as we trundled along some nice leafy lanes and areas Ron's brother began chatting and as I say I wasn't too sure what he knew.

I was soon to find out!

Once we arrived at Ron's cottage his brother unloaded my bags from the boot as Ron and I went inside.

I wasn't even half way into the door before he had me against the wall and was planting a long kiss on me as he fondled my heaving tits.

I responded by shoving my tongue down his throat and we started some serious heavy petting.

"Your fucking husband is such a dozy twat eh love!" he said to me as I spread my legs for him.

"Away with your friend shopping! Ha! You're going to have more cock than you have had in ages this weekend love. I promise you. Your cheating married pussy will be fucked over and over again pet."

"Oh Ron you turn me on so much," I dirtily said in reply. "Mike has no idea how much I love fucking cock."

My skirt rucked up and his hands were soon pawing all over my legs and found their way up to my knicks.

"Fuck me your wet already!" he turned and said.

I replied, telling him I had been gagging to get at him for hours.

At this point Sam entered the door and saw us both.

Ron had his right hand inside my panties as his left worked under my top on my tits.

My skirt was fully up by this point so Sam got a view of me leaning against the full length mirror in the hall, legs spread wide as his brother finger fucked me.

Two of his fingers expertly worked up my cunny as I fondled his cock through his trousers.

"Hmm the famous Scottish tart is just as dirty you said bruv," Sam said as he put my bags down.

"Cop a feel of the slut then," Ron said back.

"She's fucking hot n wet for us already."

I simply smiled a Sam took his place beside me and his brother.

Within seconds he was kissing me hard, our tongues flapping in and out of each others mouths and he soon had his left hand beside his brothers and slipped two of his fingers up my wet, splayed cunt alongside Rons.

"Married fucking slut!" he spat at me as we continued our petting session...

Sam was now snogging me hard as both his fingers and those of his older brother fucked me furiously.

"Oh go on please make me fucking cum," I basically begged.

"Don't worry we will," Ron interjected as he slipped my tits out of the tight top I was wearing, he roughly began kneading my aching nipples.

With four fingers mashing up my cunny I was soon squirting like fuck all over the hands of my brother lovers.

"Oh fucking hell," I screamed as my orgasm lashed over me. I was spraying my pussy juice all over their hands, my bare legs and the floor.

Ron had his tongue rammed into my ear as his brother resumed french kissing me deeply. Once my climax began to subside and my legs stopped shaking and trembling I dropped to my knees. Within seconds I had two massive, red throbbing fucking cocks at my face.

"Go on then Anna. let me see how good you suck cock. Ron has said you're fantastic to all of us down here. Prove it."

His brother was loving our first meeting it was clear.

This had me so turned on. I had guessed that Ron would have informed some of his male friends about me and that maybe they would discuss me in terms of being a 'married slut wife, ' the thought had me so turned on again.

I slowly double wanked them both. Ron's cock was still the biggest but Sam's was a really gnarly and thick prick.

I just knew it would feel fucking immense up my fanny later.

Within seconds I was slurping and slobbering all over Sam's cock as I wanked ferociously on Ron. Then I eagerly swapped over and repeated the actions. I had the two brothers sweating heavily, their language becoming more coarse and filthy as their cum-shots neared.

"You fucking married slut. get my cum all over your face," Ron swore at me as he pulled his rock solid prick out of my mouth. As he began to cream all over the side of my face I had his brothers delicious knob deep in my throat.

"Oh shit!" he cried as he spat spurt after spurt, splattering my face and hair from the side.

"Oh you dirty fucking whore," Sam joined in as he was now face fucking me vigorously. "The guys are gonna fucking love you tonight."

"What you got planned?" I asked as I took him out of my mouth and wanked him off directly in front of my face. "I want fucking cock and lots of it. I'm feeling so turned on," I added as I fisted away at his thick, vein covered prick.

"Oh we're going out dogging you slut. Taking you out for a right good knobbing. The lads from the club have been dying to get their hands and cocks on and up you love!"

This was what I had hoped for. I knew Ron would have bragged about the married tart he was banging, and so it proved.

Sam quickly began to spunk up as I told them both how I wanted so many fucking cocks up me, how I wanted spunk up me and all over me.

His first spurt splashed my nose, I then took him into my mouth and he spunked up down my throat for the last three or four spurts, flooding my mouth with his salty goo.

The weekend had started as I had dreamt.

I knew I was going to be in for some fun times and that Sam was as filthy and sexy as his brother!

The rest of the day was spent with me settling into the house, we had a lovely tea and a bit of more snogging between the three of us. Me alternating between Ron and Sam as I enjoyed the attention of their hands, tongues and we all got terrifically turned on again. Readying ourselves for the evening's entertainment.

Ron confessed at having bragged about me and the fun times we had had on his visits north. A few of his friends form the local servicemen's club had been eager to see if I matched their curiosity, and tonight was to be one of the first meetings.

Ron had planned for some of them to meet us all in a local woods, with a secluded car park for some impromptu dogging fun.

I was virtually dripping juice as I got ready at about 8pm. My cunt was sopping as I fully and willingly dressed the part for my two English admirers.

Sam wanted me fully 'slutted up' as he called it, I of course was only too keen to oblige.

The outfit they chose for me was: a tiny black mini skirt, white blouse with no bra underneath, a pair of black, silk seamed stockings and suspender set, matching black high heels and of course no knickers.

As we got into Sam's car in his driveway, if anyone saw me getting in they would have been shocked! I looked like a street walking prostitute from a red light district!

As we drove to the sight Sam gave me an explanation of dogging, altough I knew what it entailed.

He seemed to enjoy telling me so I let him continue.

"Dogging is where you park your car and you stay in the car and strip naked or flash and people can watch you through the car windows, some times you can roll the window down and they will touch you or you can give them blow jobs."

"Wow sounds real naughty, lets go," I said as Sam keenly started the engine and we left the estate.

They didn't even get out of the neighborhood and I had my tits on display, my blouse open and my skirt rode up and it was only because I had crossed my legs that my pussy was not showing.

As we got closer, about a ten minute ride, I spread my legs and encouraged Sam to drive faster. I was on fire and started to finger my pussy as they pulled into the parking lot. He found a spot and parked, in a matter of moments two old guys came over to the car from out of the bushes.

Ron got out, opened my door slightly and tipped the seat back. I put one leg on the seat next to Sam and the other on the dash board. Hooking my high heels up and giving a good show. My legs were spread and my freshly shaved, bald cunt was on total display. I felt so wicked displayed like this.

Disgusting and sexy as hell at the same time!

I then pulled my pussy open and fingered myself while the two guys watched.

I then turned to Sam and told him to finger my pussy and told the guys watching they could play with my tits. Sam roughly jammed two fingers into my hot, wet pussy.

My juices were flowing out of my cunt all over my stocking clad legs. Sam fingered my pussy and squeezed it and shook it all the while one of the guys pulled and pinched my nipples.

I was soon racked with a series of climaxes, coming one after another. So many they seem to be one long steady climax. The inside of the car smelled of sweat, pussy juice and cum.

"I am so horny, I want them to fuck me, I have to get out of the car and let them screw me," I said as Ron wanked on his hard cock as he watched the unfolding scene.

Sam then got out and placed a blanket next to the car, he opened my door fully and led me to the blanket. I lay down on my back and spread my legs. Reaching for Ron I pulled him to me, "Fuck me, fuck me in front of everyone."

The guys were now chatting and I could hear them telling Ron and Sam that I was all he had said and more.

We had been joined by another couple of cars at this point.

Ron fully dropped his trousers and pulled off his tee shirt, his cock was long and hard, so hard it hurt, he jammed his cock into me forgetting the crowd around him. He slammed into me as hard as he could, this was not making love this was pure fucking, he pounded as hard as he could at the last moment he picked me up by the ass and slammed into me one last time and came, he came so much it oozed out of my sloppy cunt and all over himself.

He pulled out of me and I virtually screamed, "More I want more someone fuck me, come on fuck me like a slut."

Without missing a beat one of the watchers dropped his pants and took Ron's place almost before he could move out of the way.

He watched as the old stranger fucked me hard and fast. No foreplay here, straight up my cunt and pounding away at me. Slamming and pushing and grunting he watched the stranger fuck me. The first guy did not last long. He pulled out of my wet, red, cum filled cunt and shot his load all over my sweat soaked body. Blasting my stomach, tits and even hitting my face with ropes of his spunk.

Sam was now pulling hard on my nipples. I again spread my legs letting every one see right up my well fucked cunt. I slapped it with the other hand. I was moaning and rolling on the blanket working myelf into a frenzy.

"Some one fuck me, quick someone fuck me again!"

The second stranger dropped his pants and he took a giant cock out and it slammed it into my fuck hole.

I was going crazy screaming and telling the stranger to fuck me, fuck me hard. He rammed his cock into my cunny repeatedly and then without warning slammed his cock deep into my pussy and emptied his balls into my waiting cunt. He pulled out and rubbed his slimy cock on my body. He moved his wet dripping cock to my mouth to let me lick it clean.

I took it in my hands and rubbed it all over my face spreading the first strangers cum and the cum soaked cock together. I gobbled on his cock and licked it clean all the time telling some one to fuck me, please someone fuck me.

Another guy with a girl beside him, looked at his girlfriend and she told him, "Go on Simon fuck her, fuck her good I want to watch."

He dropped his pants and slipped his cock into my snatch it was so wet and dripping so he pulled out and rolled me over onto all fours and spread my legs and lined his cock up with my arsehole and shoved it home.

I screamed with surprise and when I was in the right position told him to fuck me.

"Fuck me in the ass, fuck me in the ass," I virtually begged.

He pulled out showing his girlfriend his cock then slammed it into my arse. He found a rhythm and began pistoning into my ass. Pounding me so hard Ron said he could hear his balls slapping against my ass, the harder he fucked the more I wanted him to fuck me even harder.

By this point one of my high heels had come off and the girlfriend had picked it up. One of my stockings had come adrift from the suspender belt, rolling down to my knee. My mini skirt had been discarded and lay to my side. My white blouse was now on top of the car bonnet!

As the guy grunted he came, he came deep in my bum hole. His girlfriend now kneeling beside me and kissing me passionately as her boyfriend spunked up my gaping arse.

I fell to the blanket and rolled onto my back, spreading my legs I pounded on my pussy with the flat of my hand. I slapped and spanked my pussy pushing my hips up and moaning.

This was so erotic, the others all stood around, stroking their cocks, masturbating hard including the girl who was now finger fucking herself as her tits were sucked at the same time.

I opened my eyes and moaned at the other men now watching. "Come on guys. Cover me with cum, shoot your fucking hot cum all over me!"

Three other men stood around wanking furiously.

The girl was now bent over being fucked hard in a standing position as she begged for hard cock up her young cunt.Her denim mini skirt had been discarded and her white knickers hubg around one leg, dangling beside the white high heel she was wearing.

"Is that good?" I asked as she continued to be screwed hard.

"It's fucking fantastic," she said as the guy pulled out and sent ribbons of cum flying over her backside and legs.

At the same time the guys wanking started to cum off.

Spurt after spurt of cum shot out their cocks covering my stockings, face, tits and legs with ropes of cum.

As the cum hit. I slapped my pussy as hard as I could.

Pounding some fingers up my frothing gash, squirting spunk out of my cunt hole.

I lifted my hips spreading my legs wide again. My pussy was hot, red, swollen, the cum from the strangers and Ron dripping from my cunt and arse.

Slapping my cunt harder and harder, I exploded in another body shaking climax.

Cum squirted out of my fanny. Streams and streams of cunt juices flowed out of my totally fucked snatch, flat milky stream after stream of cum shot out.

I virtually screamed with each shot of cum, slapping my cunt between streams.

The young girlfriend and I then exchanged a lingering snog as she lapped at the spunk on my face and lips.

The evening was not finished.

Once we had all recovered and spoke properly, another session of fun was to happen. This time me and the young girlfriend being fucked side by side.

I will add all of the rest of the evening's fun as soon as I can.

More will follow of my horny weekend with Ron and his brother!

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