Early 80's Excitement
Chapter 1: Brent Remembers

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Brent Remembers - This is the story of innocent flirtation that grew into the first sexual experience between two step cousins over one amazing three-day weekend. If you're looking purely for sex, there's more to it. It does get hot and steamy, but there's more than just that. This elaborates on all the emotions that related to this first sexual encounter. Therefore the intimate details also included are that much better. I hope you enjoy.

Sherry was his first crush. Brent had been attracted to her since they were kids. Unfortunately, they only saw each other once a year at "Grandma and Grandpa's" house. But that all changed during the extended weekend her family visited his family's house during spring break.

Although Sherry came into his life when they both were 11 years old, that was five years ago. They both were now sixteen. Spring break was just starting and Brent was standing in his driveway waiting for her and her family to arrive. It was 1981, nearly 5 years since he had first met Sherry. As he stood there, he reminisced about their "relationship" the past five years. He remembered how he felt the first summer they met just before sixth grade. It was a wonderful time. At that time he had just started to find an interest in girls. The fact that this coincided with when he met Sherry could be considered a good thing, or perhaps a bad thing

As he continued to think back five years, he remembered everything leading up to the first time he met her at his grandparents' house. He had just climbed out of the station wagon following an 8 Hour drive from Chicago to Columbus. He gave his grandmother a hug and she started to talk about what was for dinner. Of course, food always dominated her conversations. That wasn't so bad as far as he was concerned. Of course he loved his grandmother to death; but the meals he ate while visiting was one of many things that he appreciated about visiting.

It looked like his family was the first to arrive this time. His dad had two younger brothers. The first behind him, Dale, was happily married to his aunt Patty and had a one-year-old daughter. His other uncle, Wayne, had been happily married a few years ago. Now however, he was divorced and always dating different women. So it was no surprise when his grandmother said that Wayne was bringing Vicki & Sherry at around five o'clock.

"He's dating two women now?" Brent said with a smile, even though there was perhaps a chance his joke was not a joke at all. But Grandma quickly laughed and he realized his uncle had not gone that far.

"The woman he's dating has a daughter," she corrected him, "her name is Sherry." Brent did not think much of it. In fact his first question was related to her mother.

"What's his girlfriend's name?" Brent asked.

"Vicki", his grandmother replied.

As he was thinking back to that specific day, he could not remember what happened leading up to five o'clock. However, he remembered when he saw Sherry for the first time. He could remember what she looked like as she got out of the car his uncle drove up the driveway. She was cute. At that age he had just recently started to make those judgments in his mind about girls. Many new phrases had come into his head. "She is cute", "I like her smile", even "Wow! Those jeans are tight". As Sherry got out of the car that first time five years ago, "she is cute" was just about the right sentiment. I mean, this was his "cousin", right?

Many of the details related to that first meeting were somewhat foggy at this point. Nevertheless, he remembered vividly that by the end of that visit the statement "she is cute" would no longer suffice. He knew there was something special about Sherry. Even that soon, he started to make those distinctions in his own mind.

"Should I be thinking this way about her?" He thought to himself. It just wasn't fair. Feelings like this about girls were completely new no matter whom they related to. Now he was experiencing them about his new "cousin". He quickly eased his nervousness by correcting himself in his mind. She was not his cousin. They were not related at all. If, and that's a big "if", her mom and Wayne ever get married, then she would become his STEP cousin. To him, this justified the crush that he already had on this girl. He did not want to admit it was a crush. But at the very least she had a hold of at least a piece of his heart.

Over the last three years, it was obvious how much different their relationship was in relation to the rest of the cousins. Brent knew he shouldn't be feeling this way about her -- she was his cousin. But yet he spent most of his time justifying in his mind the fact that she was not his cousin. Wayne & Vicki never did get married yet. She would only be his cousin if his uncle actually married Vicki. That was highly unlikely. And even then, she would still only be his STEP cousin. Yes, he had this completely justified in his mind for the last five years.

He remembered this every time they visited his grandmother's and the two of them were together. His mind was constantly worrying. She was only the daughter of his uncle's girlfriend. Nevertheless, he couldn't help the fact that his heart beat fast and there was always that sense of excitement when they were together. It was always innocent he kept telling himself. There was flirting. Of course, it could barely be called flirting early on. But as they grew older, it definitely was flirting.

The two of them constantly tried to find time to be alone. Conversations with her were wonderful. Now he had even more to worry about. Not only was he finding himself physically attracted to her, but the relationship that had developed now made him feel closer than a cousin even emotionally. He took comfort in the fact that it was painfully obvious she was feeling the same way. Both in the fact that he was flattered she had a crush on him, and even more so because he was glad someone else was also struggling with this moral dilemma. Despite all the attraction and chemistry that a boy and girl can have between the ages of 11 and 16, nothing ever happened. He had always been able to lie to himself that he had no feelings "like that" for Sherry.

It now was late summer before his Junior year. As he stood in the driveway waiting for them to arrive he was more anxious than ever this time around. They had never visited his house. For some reason, his Uncle Wayne and dad had planned this trip where Wayne, Vicki & Sherry would come and stay for three days.

It was Friday morning and he was shooting hoops in the driveway. Every year, the anticipation leading up to seeing her was getting more and more difficult. They usually get to see each other once a year; but it had almost been two years since the last time they saw each other this time around. He barely could remember everything about what she looked like. He knew she looked great, but the details in his mind were fuzzy. He couldn't wait to be reminded in just a little bit.

Although they only got to see each other approximately once a year, their brief times together were amazing. To make things even more exciting, they never talked or corresponded any other time throughout the year. Why? He didn't know. Perhaps it was because they were supposedly "cousins". Any other girl and he would be writing her every day. But it seemed they both knew they had to limit their contact to "maintain appearances" and hide the feelings they both knew were deep down inside.

The car pulled up. Wayne opened the driver side door and was quickly out. As his hand went up, a big "Well, Howdy!" came out of his mouth. Brent didn't answer. He saw her figure in the back seat on the left. It could have been a purple gorilla that got out of the driver seat and Brent would not have been aware. His eyes were focused on the back door. At that point, it opened. Sherry stepped out. There no longer was any way he was going to be able to lie to himself from this point on.

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