by Ann Douglas

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Desc: Romantic Lesbian Sex Story: Kathryn Gray didn't care what kind of rumors the other women in the office were speading about her friend Yolanda being a lesbian. After all, they were just rumors, or were they?

For perhaps the tenth time in as many minutes, Kathryn Gray glanced up at the large clock on the office wall. It had been one of those days that seemed like it would never end. She had a theory that the three-day weekend that waited beyond five o'clock caused time to move much more slowly. A silly theory, she admitted to herself, but as good an explanation as any as to why the day was dragging on forever.

Kathryn had been working at Moore and Ryan for nine months now. It had been the twenty-three year old redhead's third job since graduating from college some two years before. All things considered, she was glad to have it. Even if it meant that she had to travel almost an extra half-hour from her parents' house out in Queens. At least on this job she had a chance of being promoted into a position where she could use the business degree she had worked so hard for.

"Another twenty minutes to go," she said silently to herself as she looked down from the clock to her near empty desk.

Normally Kathryn wasn't a clock-watcher, but today she had finished all of her assignments early and was feeling a little bored. In fact, she had already set up a few things for Tuesday morning to get a head start on them. It was just her nature to be constantly active.

"Looks like Miss Perfect's all done for the day already." Said a quiet laughing voice from behind Kathryn.

"Hi Angela," Kathryn smiled as she spun around in her chair in response to the comment.

Angela D'Martino was both a year older and three inches taller than Kathryn. The 'Miss Perfect' nickname dated back to their days at the local high school in Queens. It was a term that annoyed her, but Angela usually got away with using it. After all, if it weren't for Angela, she wouldn't have this job.

Kathryn was working in a neighborhood store as a management trainee when Angela came walking in to buy something. They hadn't seen each other much since high school graduation. Not that unusual since Kathryn went away to college and Angela stayed home and went to City University. Still they still considered themselves friends and Angela mentioned that the company she was working for in Manhattan was looking for some new staff people. If Kathryn were interested, she'd be happy to put in a good word for her.

Although skeptical at how much Angela's good word would be worth, seeing as she had only been working for the company a year herself, Kathryn got her resume together and went down for an interview. To her surprise, she got the job, despite there being more than a dozen other people applying for it. What surprised her even more was that the department head had casually mentioned that she had a sterling recommendation from one of the firm's vice-presidents. He had even stopped in after the interview to welcome her aboard.

Thanking the man whom she would now be working for, Kathryn was more than a little confused about the recommendation. That was until she learned later that Angela worked as some sort of assistant for that vice-president. Somehow she had convinced him to write that recommendation.

Exactly how Angela had accomplished that was something they hadn't exactly covered in any of the business courses back in school. One night a few months ago, there had been an office party to celebrate the end of a major project. About half past nine, Kathryn had gone looking for Angela to let her know she was leaving and see if she wanted to share a cab ride home. She couldn't find her at the party, but knowing her friend's habit of taking a nap after she'd had a little too much to drink starting to check the now deserted offices that had couches.

It took a while to find Angela, but once she did, everything fell into place. Partially opening the door to a small conference room, the first thing she saw was her old friend. The second was that she wasn't alone.

Having doubled dated with Angela a few times back in high school, the image in front of her wasn't exactly new. It was just the setting that took her back for a moment.

Angela was kneeling on the carpet, the low cut blue dress she had worn to the party now down around her waist. Back in school, the brunette had stirred the envy of many of the other girls when she became the first girl to develop - and then continued to do so after many of the other girls had stopped. From shared shopping trips, Kathryn knew the black bra on the floor beside her was a 38D cup.

Standing in front of the large breasted twenty-four year old was that same officer who had lent his name to Kathryn's job application. Like Angela, he was only partially dressed, although in the case of the fifty-nine year old, it was his pants and briefs that rested around his ankles. From where she stood, Kathryn would've been able to get a really good look at the silver haired man's cock - that is if it hadn't been buried deep in Angela's mouth.

Back in their school days, Angela had a reputation among the guys as a first class cocksucker. It was very obvious that she had, if anything, improved in the years since.

Her tongue seemed to be almost everywhere at once. Licking under the crown, tickling the sensitive area beneath his balls, massaging the sides of his cock as she again took him all the way into her throat.

"Oh Angela..." the vice-president moaned.

Angela gripped the base of his cock tightly, preventing from reaching a climax. She could feel the pressure against her slender fingers, she knew how badly her boss wanted to cum.

"I have to cum..." he pleaded, giving voice to that which her touch had already told her. "Please Angela, I want to cum."

The brunette continued to suck and stroke him for another few seconds. The she released the pressure against the base of his cock, sending a stream of hot whiteness into her mouth.

Angela slurped the creamy liquid, letting it splash across her face. It dripped from her lips and down her chin. Letting the now softening cock slip from her mouth, she reached out with her tongue and licked it from her lips. It was a satisfying treat.

Kathryn only stood there a few brief moments more before stepping back into the outer corridor, least she be noticed now that they were done. She never mentioned what she'd seen to Angela or anyone else.

For a while, it had bothered her that she'd gotten her job because Angela was blowing and perhaps even screwing her boss. Then after a while she decided that however she got her foot in the door, she was proving every day that she was the right person for the job. The proof of that had come with her very first raise and increased responsibilities two months before.

"What's up Angie?" Kathryn asked, using the nickname that Angela hated as much as she hated hers.

"A couple of the girls are going out for drinks after work," Angela said, her tone acknowledging that she had crossed over the line with the 'Miss Perfect' crack. "And I was wondering if you wanted to come along. We going over to the Baron Dekalb and there are usually a lot of great guys there on Friday nights."

"That sounds like fun," Kathryn said. "But I already promised Yolanda that I'd meet her after work. Would you mind if she came along?"

Instead of the quick agreement Kathryn expected, Angela paused a few moments, a look of hesitation on her face.

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea." Angela finally replied. "A lot of the girls are a little uncomfortable around Yolanda."

"Why in the world would any of them be uncomfortable around Yolanda?" Kathryn said, a touch of confusion in her voice. Yolanda Ortega was a computer consultant who'd been working on an upgrade of the firm's mainframe the last four months. Four years older than Kathryn, the black haired Latina had quickly become a good friend. They'd sat next to each other one dark rainy day in the cafeteria and Yolanda had noticed that Kathryn was reading Lord of the Rings. She commented that it was one of her favorite books and by the end of lunch they discovered they shared more than a few interests.

Since then, they'd made it a point to have lunch together whenever they could and usually went out after work at least once a week.

"So what's wrong with Yolanda?" Kathryn asked again.

"Well I'm not really one to spread office gossip," Angela said in a much lower voice as she paused and looked around her to see if anyone else could hear her.

"Yeah right..." Kathryn thought.

"But it seems that your friend isn't exactly a straight arrow." Angela continued.

"What are you talking about?" Kathryn said.

"Well simply put," the brunette went on. "She's gay..."

"Gay?" Kathryn repeated.

"A lesbian, a dyke, whatever you want to call it," Angela said. "She's into other women and that makes some people uncomfortable."

Kathryn had to laugh. "Where did you ever get a asinine idea like that?" she asked.

"Straight from the horses mouth," The taller girl stated. "Or at least from the person she told it to."

"You mean she tried to pick up someone here at the office?" Kathryn asked.

"More like someone tried to pick her up." Angela explained. "To be more specific, John Rosselli asked her out to dinner."

"John Rosselli has hit on every unmarried woman in this office, both you and I included." Kathryn interjected.

"That's true," Angela agreed. "But both you and I know that John doesn't have a fragile ego that would make him come up with a bullshit reason as to why he didn't score with the lady computer genius. He gets turned down a lot, but just goes on to the next possibility."

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