Why Don't Boys Understand?

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The simple truth was that Girls Just Want to Have Fun. After careful experimentation, she was ready to forget about boys and concentrate on men.

Kaylie carefully stuffed the bikini top with some of the rolled-up sponge she had found under the sink in the master bathroom. She wasn't quite sure what it was used for but it worked like a charm to make her chest look a little more filled out than she actually was. Her dreadful braces were due to be removed last week but her appointment was cancelled because the dentist's wife was having a baby. Life seemed so unfair when something as important as brace removal was bumped because of a routine birthing.

A quick check in the mirror in front of her showed that the top was definitely much more appealing with the added padding and it made her look a lot more mature than her recently obtained eighteen years. She slapped her face with her hand growled in studied contempt.

"You silly bitch! Tiny tits are more than enough for the silly boys who would get an erection at the sight of a tongue or a single pubic hair."

The petite figured young student considered her slender form and was equally as discouraged about her abbreviated rear cheeks that would barely fill the palms of passion-driven males in heat. There was no way to stick in any of the sponge inside her bikini bottoms without them looking extremely odd and suspicious.

The last four years in high school had seemed like an eternity because she was so self-conscious about the metal in her mouth that she seldom smiled for fear her braces would be seen. She had concentrated on her studies maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average and played soccer with a ferocity far beyond the limits of a five foot one female under one hundred pounds. She had gotten the nickname "Tiger" because she would pounce on much larger opponents with arms and feet flying in all directions at the same time.

Her strategy was to keep so busy that she had no time for foolishness like necking in the back seat with inquisitive fingered boys trying to explore as much secret female territory as possible before they went on to college or some other job in life. Her only close scrapes with male contact of an "up close and personal" category was with horny married teachers or some of her father's has-been buddies already divorced or in permanent bachelorhood status. She was tempted several times to get hot and heavy with the older men but had limited her submission to the occasional "on her knees" relationship just to experiment with logistics like size and taste.

She had even skipped the senior prom because it was reputed to be the primary reason girls failed to come to the marriage bed with their maidenhood intact. Kaylie was not entirely opposed to that sort of scenario; it was just that most of the boys who would be prone to ask her to the prom were not her ideal choice for a "designated cherry picker".

Now the summer was here and she had plans to find some acceptable swinging dicks to stuff all her holes with serious intent and with little or no recriminations or entanglements to kill the buzz. She just had to keep a smile off her face for the next couple of weeks and not let a boy get to greedy with her tits finding her cheating sponges and she was certain she could get some one on one action with a little friendly attitude on her part.

Her older sister Diane was already under the steady cock-hold of a college boy called Mac and she had often bragged to Kaylie that his "thing" was so big they had decided to only use about half of it to exercise her happy twat. He would be at the pool with them this afternoon and she planned to get some ringside viewing of it sitting inside his speedos just to make sure her sister was not exaggerating about his size.

The young female student had come into contact with a couple of fairly large penises in her recent adventures and she felt adequately prepared to take on anything offered for her pleasure. Mr. Holloway the music teacher let her play with his shaft and she marveled that even after she had wrapped both hands around the thick thing, there were still several inches remaining for her to slide her lips up and down. It didn't seem possible that the entire monster could be gobbled up by girls of her age and size.

He was a very considerate man and gave her ample warning of the approaching deluge by shouting out,

"There she blows!"

It was far more preferable to wipe up the evidence than to be swallowing it down into her tummy like some erotic yogurt of sugarless content. It was probably because he had been married for over twenty years and had a daughter almost her same age and general looks. He always patted her on top of her head and told her,

"You've done very well, Kaylie!"

For some strange reason, she wanted to blurt out to her parents about her fellating success but on second thought deemed it inappropriate to share with them her sinful urges. She was glad Mr. Holloway didn't think placing her on her knees to take him off was in any way sex because his lack of guilt made her feel the same way and did a lot to help maintain her self-respect. She had only one sucking incident with a "jock" and vowed "never again" because of his misogynistic treatment of her after he shot his load all over her face and chin. He told her she looked like a slut with the cum dripping off her face even thought it was his cum that he was talking about. Then, he told her that her silly braces were why most of the other boys didn't even want a blowjob from her because they were afraid of her scratching their dick.

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