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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Science Fiction, Harem, First, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A former soldier is captured with a race of feline aliens. Another race hunts them but he turns the tables.

My name is Casper Saint and I had been part of the Cav Scouts, Recon team five to be exact. I was twenty five and headed home or the closest bar I could find to help me forget some of the things I had seen. I was in a small system called Joy, well in a bar in a automated transhipment station.

I barely glanced at the bejeweled Slith when she walked in. Slith were reptilian in nature and believed the only real sentient species was them. I do not remember anything after that, I woke naked and in pain, it was a sharp stabbing pain in my balls. There was blackness again and slowly I became aware again.

I could see the open cargo hatch at the back of a small cargo shuttle. From what I saw the shuttle was Slith which was bad. I looked around the small cage I was in and then at the other cages with male Maury. (Maury were descended from felines.) That explained the pain in my balls. I knew the Slith had altered me so my balls would produce sperm with Maury DNA.

That was to attract me to females in heat, they were very good with the bio stuff. The Slith loved to hunt and now we were their prey. The female Slith were the aggressive ones and the dominate of their species. The males were always submissive and normally there were anywhere from three to six males for every female.

I glanced at the male moving through the cages with a shock stick. He was wearing a long shirt with a belt and a thigh sheath for what I knew would be a long bladed carbon fiber knife. I glanced towards the front of the shuttle where two more Slith males were gambling. I knew the sadistic little shit would shock me when he saw me laying down.

They could not help torturing something they considered helpless. I slowly turned my head and looked out the open hatch to see tree tops barely below the shuttle. I knew we must be on the surface of Joy which was bad. Joy was mostly thick forests with large predators like a millasnake or a canind or a type of feline.

I watched the male approach and stop in front of the cage door. I moved as the stick jabbed towards me. My right hand wrapped around his hand and twisted and snapped the wrist back as I flowed up against the door. I thrust the end of the stick up and under the male's chin and into his throat to silence him.

My other hand reached through to pull the knife and I brought it up and around before stabbing through his ear hole. I released the stick and glanced over my shoulder at the other males still gambling. I held the dead male up and removed a key. I held him with my left hand and unlocked the cage. I slipped out of the cage before lowering the male.

I quickly stripped him and put the shirt on followed by the belt and sheath. I wiped the knife blade on the male before slipping it into the sheath. I glanced at the other prisoners and they were looking at me closely. The Maury were not really hostile towards humans but they were an arrogant race.

I quietly slipped to the next cage and unlocked it, "quietly."

He nodded as I moved to the next cage. When I finished with the last one I headed towards the open hatch. I looked at the Maury, "they have pistols by the bridge hatch. I am going out the back."

They sneered but I ignored them as I walked to the hatch and glanced at the trees passing not even a dozen meters below. I crouched and a moment later heard the Slith yell. The shuttle slowed and I dove and turned as I reached for leaves. I smashed through the top layer as I heard plasma shots. I grabbed a small branch and my body slowed as it snapped around.

I let the branch go as it snapped and spun to reach out for another small branch. This one slowed me more but broke too. I let it go and spun to grab a thicker one as I dropped past it. I slowed and almost stopped before the branch cracked and started to break. I glanced below and released the branch to drop down and grab a much larger branch that stopped me.

I hung from the branch before taking a second to look around. I moved hand over hand towards the tree trunk. I climbed down slowly and kept looking around until I dropped the last five meters. I stood and glanced up at the tree before turning to walk towards what I thought was west. I knew this was not the only uninhabited continent.

The inhabitants had left most of the other continents to the predators and only lived on one small one. I was in a newly burned area in the forest when I heard the caninds. I glanced around quickly before moving to a slim tree. I started climbing and barely a minute later they rushed through the brush.

I climbed high and started looking around before glancing down as one of the beasts began climbing the tree below me. I grinned and glanced at another tree not to far away and started the tree swaying towards it. The animal was almost to me when the tree I was in got close enough for me to grab the other and I let the one I was in go.

I smiled as the canind flew off the tree, a moment later the others went after it. I glanced around before starting to make the tree sway. I was trying to reach a large fully grown thick branched tree that was easily a hundred meters tall. The caninds were tearing the injured one apart as I finally reached out to grab a branch.

I was about fifteen meters off the ground, the branch I grabbed was a secondary one. I released the tree and swung before grabbing another small branch and used both to move towards the larger branch. I pulled myself up and glanced at the caninds as they trotted back. I glanced at the thick branch I stood on and grinned before pulling the knife.

The branch was wide and thick with several smaller branches growing straight up. I moved towards the trunk after cutting one off. I sharpened the end as the animals moved to the trunk and started climbing. At the closest small branch to the trunk I stopped and pulled it back and down like a bow.

I glanced at the others behind me but waited. The first canind struggled onto the branch and moved towards me quickly. It was almost over the base of the smaller branch when I let it go. The branch whipped up and slammed into the beast and it jumped before scrambling and falling. I moved to grab the branch again as the next one reached the branch.

It was the last one, the one that had fallen was not moving much. The trick worked again and the canind fell, thirty minutes later I was eating roast canind and watching the forest as I cleaned one of the skins to make crude moccasins. I climbed back into the tree before it got dark and in the upper branches I made a nest.

I slept through the night and woke as the sun began to rise above the horizon. I was careful and alert when I climbed down and started walking again. I was really thirsty as I started down into a wide valley with a rushing river going through the middle, north to south. I risked walking out onto the smooth river rocks to get a drink.

I glanced around before slipping into the water and washing quickly. I climbed out shivered and then slipped back into the forest and started walking north just inside the forest. The quiet warned me and I dropped to the ground. I slowly looked around through the fern like undergrowth.

To the east was movement and I almost snarled as a Slith male moved towards me slowly. Right behind him was a bejeweled female followed by two more males. I stayed on my stomach and started crawling. I came to my feet behind a thick tree and put my back to the trunk. As they stalked past the tree I moved around and came out behind the last male.

I slipped the knife out and stabbed up through his spine and into his brain. I kept moving as I yanked the knife out. I sliced across as the next male turned and cut his throat. I lunged as he staggered back grabbing his throat. I took the bigger female through her earhole and yanked out her jeweled energy knife.

I turned as the last male yelled and charged. I rolled back with him as he hit me and let his momentum roll us until I was on top of him and stabbed up under his jaw with the energy knife as I flicked it on. I slowly looked around at the convulsing bodies and stripped them and took the plasma pistol and the large bore rail rifle the female carried.

I removed the small packs the males were carrying and found water bottles and meal packs. I knew the meal packs would not do me much good and tossed them. I put the long green gown like dress from the female on after cutting another shirt and making a type of kilt. I placed the plasma pistol on my thigh.

I filled one pack with all the water bottles, knives, belts and some cord one male had before leaving. I walked north and about three hours later I sniffed. I shook my head at a haunting smell before glancing around. To the northeast was an area that seemed lighter. It was also upwind which meant the smell was coming from there.

I moved east a few hundred meters before carefully and silently stalking north. Through the thinning brush I could see a clearing with a single large tent. I could hear Slith talking and went to my stomach and crawled closer to look out. What I saw sickened me but it was not like I had not seen it before.

In front of the tent was a large heating pit and above it was a metal spit with the remains of a Maury. In a cage to the left was a teenage Maury female that was grey with black spots. I sniffed and knew the smell came from her. I looked at the male Slith before pulling the energy knife and slipping the pack off.

I pulled a carbon fiber knife and wormed my way up beside the tent. I waited for the moment and came to my feet as I moved. The energy knife came on as I went past the first male and stabbed up into his brain from under the earhole. I kept going and sliced across the next male's throat as he turned.

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