Sharing With Mom

by JetBoy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Lesbian, Mother, Daughter, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bad luck forces sixteen-year-old Jenny and her mother Helen to sell their family home and move into a trailer park, which results in Helen finding a new lover -- and Jenny growing closer to her mom than ever before.

My name is Jenny -- Jen to my friends -- and this is the story of how my world turned upside down, then righted itself in a beautiful way.

When I was a girl of twelve, my father unexpectedly died of a massive cardiac arrest. Mom did her best to keep us going, but we got hit by serious financial setbacks when I was sixteen, and in the end we had to sell our house and move into a trailer.

I'll say this much -- Mom got a really nice mobile home with the money we took in from the sale. Still, I was pretty bummed about swapping the house I'd grown up in for a trailer park in another town, having to say goodbye to the only life I'd ever known. I expected to be miserable.

I wasn't, though. In fact, the park Mom and I moved into was one of the friendliest neighborhoods I'd even been in, much more welcoming than the conservative white-bread suburb we came from. The people were a lot less obsessed with status and keeping up with the Joneses, and the area had a more vibrant mix of races, ethnicities and personal styles than I'd ever experienced before. Within two weeks, I felt right at home.

I'll admit that being squeezed into a much smaller living space was often a pain in the ass, but Mom was a surprisingly good roomie, and we got along fine. The trials we'd both been through had only strengthened our bond as mother and daughter.

Mom quickly made a friend named Victoria, who everyone called Vicky. She was a lot of fun and had a great sense of humor, someone you couldn't help but like. I appreciated the fact that she always treated me like a grownup. As for Mom, she really seemed to blossom with Vicky around.

One night I stayed over at the trailer of my new friend Cindy, this sassy black girl who worked at a piercing and tattoo joint in town. In fact, she'd done a tattoo for me that I was still hiding from Mom, trying to work up the nerve to show it to her.

The next morning, Cindy had planned to take me spelunking in a local cave, but just after we ate an early breakfast, I realized that I'd forgotten my old sneakers. I didn't want to go down in that muddy hole in the shoes I had on, so I went back to our trailer.

When I went inside, I got an unexpected surprise: Mom and Vicky were in bed together, sound asleep and, near as I could tell, completely nude. All their clothes and underthings were strewn about the place, there was a pink vibrator lying between them and the whole end of the trailer smelled like pussy.

I was stunned. Not offended, mind you -- I'd had sex with girls before. Still, I'd never thought of my mother as someone who was into women. The way I figured it, Vicky had to have been the one to make the first move.

I didn't want to wake them up and embarrass anyone, myself included, so I grabbed my sneakers and crept out of there as quickly as I could.

When I got back home later that day, Mom and Victoria were gone. I stripped, tossing my muddy clothes onto the front porch, then showered and put on makeup. The big monthly trailer park party was scheduled for that night, and I wanted to look my best.

My mind drifted away again to think about Vicky, something I'd been doing regularly since seeing her and Mom in bed that morning. She was really something special in a way I couldn't describe, and clearly my mother saw that too. Vicky commanded attention from just about everyone, as much for her boisterous, enthusiastic personality as her looks.

Now she and my mother were having sex. I'd had the whole day to think about that, and it still astonished me.

Then I realized something else: Mom had found a bed partner before I did! We'd been living at the park for six weeks, and I hadn't hooked up with anyone yet. Right then and there, I vowed to step up my game and really show myself off at the party.

I started with a pair of sheer blue panties that displayed my shaved pussy very nicely and a matching push-up bra. On top, I chose a small, white camisole that showed lots of cleavage and then a very short blue skirt, adding my two-inch high heels and some carefully selected accessories.

Appraising myself in the mirror, I liked what I saw. Watch out, Mom, you've got competition ... your little girl's on the prowl tonight!

The party was already in full swing when I got there. I walked in and looked around at the tables full of park residents, quickly finding Cindy, the girl who gave me the tattoo. She was with her gal pal Erica, a feisty, freckly Irish girl who was my other new best friend. They were both looking especially hot, and I decided that wouldn't have minded getting it on with either of them, if I chose to make it with a girl that night. There were a couple of guys I'd had my eye on, but I was feeling far more inclined toward indulging my lesbian side at the moment. I wondered if it was because of Mom and Vicky.

The girls each gave me a quick hug when I joined them, then we watched the band for a little while, dancing together to a couple of the more uptempo numbers. They were a hot local garage-rock group, mostly guys from the park, called the Ninepins.

"Hey, look!" Cindy called above the band's version of "Good Guys Don't Wear White." She pointed to where Vicky was standing with Mom, waving us over to some seats she'd apparently saved for us.

I wasn't certain that I wanted to sit with my mother at the party, but I sure didn't mind seeing Vicky again. In any case, I couldn't very well refuse -- especially since Cindy and Erica seized my arms and led me in that direction.

I sat to the right of Vicky, Mom on her left while Cindy and Erica sat across from us. Cindy introduced Erica to my mother and they began to chat, while I glanced to my side at Vicky every now and then.

She wore a spaghetti-strap top that revealed just enough of her breasts to make it clear that she'd gone without a bra. I peeked down to get a look at the rest of her outfit -- a tight black skirt that really showed off her hips and legs, knee-high stockings and glittery high heels. I found myself hoping to catch a glimpse of her ass. Man alive, was she hot.

"Like what you see?"

I was startled, blushing hotly at Vicky catching me checking her out, but she reassured me with a warm smile.

"Yeah," I shyly replied. "You look great."

"So do you. Glad you made it, Jen."

"Oh, I wouldn't have missed this for anything," I said.

Gazing into her hazel eyes, I felt my pulse throb crazily at something I saw in them, and out of nowhere, remembered what they say about a snake hypnotizing you before it bites. Jesus, was my mother's lover flirting with me?

"So ... you're ready to have a good time tonight?"

"Yeah," I replied, not knowing what else to say. Then, out of nowhere, I blurted, "Who are you?" Then I felt my face go hot again. God damn it, why the fuck did I say that?

She placed her hand at the back of my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze, sending shivers down my spine. "Oh, you'll find out soon enough, honeybunch."

"O-okay," I answered.

I was utterly in awe of her. It sounds stupid, but there it was. Vicky had this certain quality that really hit me where I lived. I couldn't help but find her attractive ... but she'd already gone to bed with my mom! Talk about complicated.

Not good, Jen, I told myself. Not good at all.

At that moment, Cindy showed up with beers for all of us. I hadn't even notice her leaving! Grabbing one, I took a deep swig, glad for an excuse to break away from Vicky's gaze.

I glanced over at Mom, who, I only now noticed, was wearing one of my tops, a Cramps t-shirt that fitted pretty snugly on her. Just like Vicky, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Wow. This was my mother? I couldn't remember ever seeing her look sexy, much less this sexy. Clearly, there were depths to Mom that I hadn't been aware of. I studied her breasts, clearly outlined through my shirt. Her nipples were visibly erect.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" came a voice from next to me. Vicky again.

I was startled again. Shit. "Yeah, b-but..."

"But?" She arched an eyebrow questioningly.

I tried to laugh it off, nervously. "I really have to stop staring at people. That's twice you've caught me at it."

Vicky just smiled. "Oh, I took it as a compliment when you stared at me. I'll bet your mom would feel the same if she saw you look at her like you did. It's nice to be admired, don't you think? Especially by your daughter." She paused to watch Mom. "Did you know that your mother thinks she's boring?"

Suddenly I felt embarrassed. Was that how I thought of her? "Um ... no, I didn't know that."

Her eyes had me transfixed. "Would you say she's boring?"

I glanced at Mom, still chatting happily to my friends. "No. I mean, maybe I used to. Not now."

"See? She'd be happy to know that. Any mother would be."

I couldn't help but grin. "You're sure not boring."

"Neither are you," she said, her gaze drifting down to my chest and hips, then back to my eyes in a heartbeat, making me blush and finally look away, feeling totally awkward.

A couple hours later, we were all feeling pretty good. The whole room was jumping -- a DJ was spinning old soul records, drinks were flowing, there were a few joints making their way from hand to hand and a handful of the women had taken their tops off.

I was taking a slug of beer when Vicky whispered something in Mom's ear.

Mom's eyes went wide and she turned to gape at her new lover. "What?"

"Come on, Helen. It'll be exciting, I promise. Do it for me," Vicky said, caressing Mom's face.

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