Boundless Energy

by Alexa Leash

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tyler and Amber were looking to spice up their sex life. They found that spice in Jake and Daphne, a couple half their age. These two will be left exhausted by this encounter.

Tyler and Amber pulled up to the club, a big sign said 'Couple's Night'. Tyler tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, hoping Amber wouldn't notice how nervous he was. The flashing neon lights of Vegas filled their car with a pool of orange and red light.

"I hope they're are not like the last couple." She whispered, her voice wavering.

"Me too." He replied. Their last attempt at meeting with another couple failed spectacularly when the other couple was busted by the police just as the two of them drove down their street.

Tyler took a deep breath. "Remember. I am an accountant and you were my secretary." Neither of them wanted to admit that they met over Craigslist, or that they had boring jobs.

The two left the safety of their car and entered the club. Amber jabbed his side and whispered, "No one here's older than twenty five. They stood us up."

"Relax. We must just be early." He said honing in on a table big enough for four and claimed it before any of the rowdy youth on the dance-floor could steal it.

The two ordered drinks and watched the dancers. They were all young and wore shorts that revealed their thighs and hips. Tyler would be a lying man if he said he didn't like what he saw, even if it forced him to notice his age.

Amber was watching the men on the dance-floor. Her eyes locked onto the bulges on their arms and the one in their pants. She saw them dancing with girls who could be her daughters. The jealousy stung slightly.

They had answered an ad they found online. It was strange and unique. "Dance with us. Winner takes all. All of us, or all of YOU!" They had never gotten a picture of the couple or even a lot of info on them. It was a spur of the moment crap-shoot that neither of them expected to pan out, and it looked like it wasn't going to happen.

"You must be Amber." A smooth voice said from the crowd. A young man materialized through the bodies. He wore a button down shirt that conformed to the muscles barely hidden underneath. A small necklace held a rusted, ancient coin. His blond hair was just long enough to give him the distinct look of a Californian surfer. He strutted towards Amber with a feral grin on his face.

He was young. So very young. Couldn't be older than twenty two.

"And you must be Tyler." Two suntanned arms snaked over his shoulders and slid down his chest. He could see blue nail polish fast approaching his zipper fly. Her voice was coquettish with a hint of something devious waiting to spring. Before her fingers could intrude, they stopped.

When the young man took a seat in front of Amber, his associate slid off Tyler and took a seat beside him. She had the same grin currently plastered on the young man's face. She wore a thin turtleneck sweater with a pattern along the fabric that swelled and stretched across her generous breasts. Her ice blue eyes undressed him, and she bounced in her seat with a disturbing level of energy.

Tyler and Amber, both blindsided by the millisecond that this took place, recovered and tried to act nonplussed. "And you two must be Jake and Daphne."

Jake leaned across the table, getting closer to Amber. "That's my name girly." She felt his shoe rub against her leg.

Daphne crossed her arms, the act intentionally lifted her breasts up and stretching the fabric further around them. Tyler's eyes kept dancing from her bosom to her eyes. She noticed this and winked.

Jake took charge and broke the ice. "It's so glad you agreed to show up. We didn't get any other responses to our ad. You Amber are quite the treat."

Tyler spoke up. "We weren't expecting you to so young. I hope the age difference isn't a problem."

Daphne laughed, "Relax, if we cared about age we would have said so. I've been with a man your age before. They are so much more mature, and most importantly, they've learned to care about their wants and give orders. I love that." With her crossed arms she pushed her breasts up just enough for everyone at the table to notice.

Amber noticed too, and shifted in her seat. She should have felt envy, but instead she felt a hunger creep through her mind. Daphne caught her staring and she giggled.

The older woman blushed.

Jake stood up, "I am going back to dancing. Join us you two."

"Yes, please." Daphne added, following after Jake with a swaying of her hips.

Tyler caught sight of the tight material straining against her hips and butt. Dazed by her behind he muttered, "I think we're in luck."

Amber was strangely aware of her own body heat when she replied, "Yeah, me too."

The two followed them onto the dancefloor, getting enveloped in the pulsing mob of younger dancers. They started to dance and soon lost sight of the younger couple.

Amber felt a strong hand glide across her rear. The touch was gentle, smooth, and sent a worried shock until she felt Jake's bulky frame behind her. His other hand came up, took hold of her breast during a beat of the song and then vanished on the next beat.

The music was too loud to hear her gasp. As the music continued, he kept pressed against her and pushing her buttons in fast, taunting motions that left her hungry for more.

As this was happening, Tyler had found Daphne and was dancing with her. She was pressing her back against him with a force that surprised him. Her body conformed to his as song after song played. Her hands moved with all the intent of serpents after a field mouse. They snuck between their bodies to press the stiffness in his pants. Soon after she took his hands and forced one against a breast and the other between her legs.

He shot glances around, worried about getting caught and getting thrown out, but none of the crowd seemed to care. As his fingers tightened around her breast, he looked and found Amber off in the distance, mingled together with Jake. He smiled, it looked like she was having just as much fun as he was.

No one was having as much fun as Daphne was. Tyler felt hard plastic under her panties. It was vibrating with the force of a car motor. If the music wasn't playing everyone in the room would hear it. He looked over at Jake and Amber.

Something was in Ambers hand.

"Wow, dirty little girl." Jake whispered through the pulsing music. He had handed Amber the little remote and told her to play with it after getting her as turned on as his skilled hands could manage. The mynx cranked the remote to its highest setting immediately without even asking what it was or who it would affect.

The dancing continued until Amber and Tyler excused themselves to take a short break. Amber's hair was a mess and her face was red. "Let's do this. Please. Those two are perfect!"

He pointed his glass at her with a wink, "You mean HE is perfect?"

She blushed, "She's also very attractive." Her words were so soft they were nearly drowned out by the music.

He took a sip of his drink, "Looks like we found our match."

The younger couple materialized from the crowd just as hot and sweaty as they were. Tyler thought he could hear buzzing of a tiny motor over the deafening roar of the music "Our place is only a short drive away, you two earned an invitation." Jake said oozing confidence.

They left the club and were led to an convertable with an emerald sheen that caught Tyler's eye. His inner child taking note of its model and immaculate paint job. Jake arranged them so he was driving and Amber sat beside him. Tyler sat behind Amber with Daphne to his left. They drove off into the lit streets of Vegas.

The first red light they stopped at Dandelle pounced. She dove down and started unzipping his pants. He hurried scanned the sidewalk and nearby cars to make sure he wasn't being watched.

Her wet hot mouth surrounded the head of his cock as he suppressed a moan. Her tongue swirled around the tip in tiny practised motions that left him amazed. Around and around her tongue went without ever taking any more than his head in her mouth. He watched her play with her breasts as that buzzing noise grew louder.

Amber had turned around in her seat and was watching the two of them. The controller was in her hand and she played with it with a glimmer in her eyes that told him she knew exactly what it was and what she was doing with it.

Daphne let go of Tyler's cock with a slight popping sound and looked up at Amber, "Oh you're getting me wetter than he is right now. Don't stop."

Jake piped up with a laugh, "No fair guys I want some fun too." He gave Amber a smokey look. "Get to work." And with that order he pointed to his pants.

The light turned green.

She dove down, still fumbling with the remote in one hand she managed to open his jeans and pull out the cock that was poorly hidden by his boxers. With her face right up against it, the already impressive cock looked titanic in size. It bulged just before the head, giving it the appearance of a primitive weapon of war, and the thick vein running along its length told her just how powerful it was.

Her tongue glided up the length, savoring the taste of another person's flesh. When she reached the head she could taste the tinest hint of precum coating her whole mouth in its unmistakable flavour. All that hunger that had been building up over the night was finally let loose and she devoured it. An animalistic moan left her mouth, only to be muffled by the cock ramming in to plug her lips.

It wasn't as stiff as Tyler's, but it was thicker and filled her mouth with heat like a stove element. She hoped Tyler was watching her bob her head up and down on Jake's cock.

She toyed with the remote, feeling herself get aroused by the sudden moan Daphne made in the backseat.

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