Lone Pirate

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Incest, Sister, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man becomes a pirate to help his family but it turns into a whole lot more.

My name is Michael Brent Mason and I was born on a large farm. The problem was it was on Barburas, which is a pirate world. So my dad taught me how to fight and shoot, he also taught me about piloting and engineering which was what he had been. He had a secret that he shared with me when I was eighteen and ready to leave.

When he was a pirate many years before there had been an old alien space wreck. They had checked it more because they were bored than anything else. Anyway dad had found a device in engineering that he did not understand. They were waiting for any ship to pass so he took the time to scan the device and carefully take it apart.

Dad pulled out a holo of a set of blue prints and looked at me as he sipped his whisky, "It took a couple of years but I found out what it does. It cloaks the ship using the particle shield."

My eyes had widened, "That would make taking a ship a lot easier."

He sighed, "By then I had lost my leg and understood what being a pirate meant."

I nodded because he talked about this a lot. He shut the holo off and tossed it to me, "take your tools too. Go to the bone yard and find something small."

The bone yard was where ships ended up that were damaged to bad to fix or had never been sold. Dad drove me towards port city the next day and remained quiet the whole time. He pulled up on the back side of the bone yard and turned to look at me, "If you join a crew, watch your back. There is very little honor in other men that become pirates now a days."

I nodded and swallowed before climbing out and going to the back for my float. Dad didn't even hesitate after I pulled it off, he just drove away. I took a breath and started walking into the huge field of abandoned ships. I parked my float while I explored and just before it got dark I found her.

Her name was Dawana and she was a large Ketch. She was almost as large as a small yacht which was probably why she was here. I had to override the hatch code and found the power a bare minimum. I moved to the engineering section and checked everything before leaving. The next month was full of hard work as I salvaged parts and power from other ships.

I used dad's stealth emitter plans and checked it. I used every scan technology I knew and none could even see the ship or detect anything. The inside of the ketch was almost spacious. A single owners cabin that was huge. The other crew rooms were large and I stripped them to furnish them with better stuff from some of the other ships.

I ran extra controls from engineering to the bridge and updated a class one AI that I salvaged before installing it. I was able to take a few things into port city to sell to pay for supplies. I also registered the ship as active and picked up new star charts. One month and one day after dad dropped me off I lifted.

After I jumped out of the system I went to stealth and set course. I used the auto pilot and the AI to fly the ship while I rested. It took almost a week and I barely reached the star lines out of Kirk when the AI warned me of a large cargo ship on scan. I checked it carefully as I changed course and it stayed on course as I closed.

When our particle shields merged I used a trick dad had taught me to blend mine with theirs so they never even knew I was there. I put out the hatch cushions and activated the four single mooring lines to hold my ship in place. I left the bridge running and extended the boarding tube when I reached the hatch.

I pressurized it and dumped oxygen in before opening my outer hatch. The next part was tricky, at their exterior hatch I used an override and bypass to open the hatch without it sounding an alarm. I slid into their ship and crossed the airlock after locking the outer hatch. I used the override and bypass again and opened the inner hatch.

I pulled my two stunners and stepped into the passageway. I turned to head to engineering and stepped in to shoot the three men sitting at the control boards. I crossed and knelt beside them to use the small med inducer to keep them asleep. I made a careful check and started back through the ship.

I stunned everyone I found including a mother and three daughters in a passenger cabin. I walked onto the bridge calmly and shot all three men there. Now came the fun part, I moved everyone to a life globe and loaded it. I hesitated at the three girls and pulled the one that was fourteen back. I set the emergency beacon and kicked the globe free.

I put the girl in my cabin and transferred the second stealth emitter device to the cargo ship. It only took a short time to hook up and then I turned it on. I moved to my ship and changed course to Barburas before setting the auto pilot. I went back to check the mooring beams on both ships before heading to my cabin.

I stripped and crossed to the bed with the girl. She was stunning with reddish blonde hair that was long and nice firm breasts with a trimmed fuzzy pussy. I checked while she was out and found her hymen missing. I played with her pussy and she began moaning. She even shuddered and came in her sleep.

I finally used the med inducer to wake her and sat beside her fingering her pussy. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered an her pussy squeezed my finger. She opened her green eyes and looked at me for a moment before suddenly jerking away, "WHO ARE YOU!"

I smiled and licked my fingers which made her blush, "I am Michael Brent Mason. I am your owner now young bitch."

She looked around, "Where is my mother."

I smiled, "In a life globe with all the other people that were in the ship."

She bit her lip, "You are a pirate."

I nodded, "and you are my bitch. Be nice and I keep you. Fight or try anything and I will sell you to a doss house."

She nodded and looked down. She smiled a moment later, "does that mean I can ask you to fuck me too?"

I laughed and moved onto the bed, "yes."

She looked at my hard cock and her eyes widened, "Your cock is very large."

I reached out to pull her closer, "Your pussy is wet and it will fit."

She reached out as if in a trance and stroked my cock before laying back and pulling. I moved over her and spread her legs with my knees. I positioned my cock as she looked between our bodies. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her and she groaned and shuddered. I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pressed my cock against and then into her womb.

She clutched at me as her hips began to meet mine. Her tight pussy was squeezing and milking my cock. I buried my cock and started pressing and grinding and she began to wail as she bucked and thrashed around. Her pussy was squeezing and letting my cock go as she lifted her legs into the air.

It was only a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and jerked as I started pumping cum. She screamed and jerked as if to get away but kept thrusting her pussy up. I spewed and spurted and pumped until her womb was flooded and leaking. I kept holding her and she shuddered one last time, "you should not cum in me."

I laughed, "That is where I want to cum."

I pulled out and lay beside her and she turned to caress my chest, "The other boys did not feel that good."

She looked into my face, "I am Jenna and I do not have an inhibitor."

I tugged on a nipple, "Then you are going to get pregnant."

Her eyes lite up, "Really?"

I fingered her leaking pussy and Jenna jerked and shuddered. I rolled her onto her stomach and moved behind her before lifting her hips. I pushed into her slimy pussy slowly and then held her hips as I began to fuck her. It wasn't long before I was fucking into her womb and she was convulsing. Her tight pussy kept spasming around my cock and she was howling as she thrust back harder.

I continued to fuck her and within a few minutes she was incoherent and thrusting back erratically. I pulled out of her and rolled her over before pushing back into her. I fucked her hard as she lifted and spread her legs while wailing. It was five minutes before I buried my jerking cock in her womb.

I kissed her hard as my cock erupted and began flooding her again. She jerked hard and then grabbed me and held on as her body spasmed out of control. When I stopped pumping sperm into her, I kissed her and pulled out, "Come with me Jenna bitch."

She groaned as she closed her legs and moved out of bed. By the door I stopped and picked up the cheap silver filigree collar. (I had found a couple of dozen in one of the abandoned ships). I put the collar on her and then clipped a thin silver leash chain on. I looked into her eyes, "On the ship we could do without the leash but you need to get used to it."

She caressed it with her fingertips and nodded. I led her out and began showing her the ship and her new home. She was grinning the whole time and hung on my arm. On the bridge I introduced her to the AI and told it what access she was granted. I took her to the small mess and sat her down before pulling out two basic meal packs, "I will look in the cargo ship mess later to stock up on better supplies and get your belongings."

She looked up from opening her meal, "I can keep my stuff?"

I smiled at her, "on the ship you will remain naked. If we have to go off the ship you dress."

She nodded and I gestured to her meal, "Tell me about not having an inhibitor."

Jenna looked at me, "I am earth engineered and require a license to get pregnant. My mother removed my inhibitor because I am going to be breed to another earth genie."

I shook my head, I had heard of some places where a license to have children was required, "well now you are being bred by me. After the baby is born we can get an inhibitor."

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