by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: (For a young temptress named Emily) A girl earns her way as an archer in a mercenary company. Along the way she learns about sex. She takes a lover and acquires a protégé, a surf and a mistress.

I followed William with the rest of the lads. I wasn't a lad though and kept getting looks from the others. My name is Emily and I was orphaned when I was ten. William was the one to take me in and he was the one to begin my training. Some said he was old but never to his face. The bow I carried was new, William had given it to me for my sixteenth birthday.

I glanced at the others, they were all older than me. They had learned as had Sir Dawson. I was the only one to beat William with the bow and I was the only one to throw Sir Dawson in combat. I was also the only one to match the Arms master with my new short sword. I smiled, the women at the keep had slipped me a large supply of herbs that were meant to prevent pregnancy.

I glanced at William again, he was going to be my first. There would be others and William and I both knew it. Not because I wanted it but that was the only way he would have me. I sighed and looked ahead of us at the foot soldiers with their long pikes. Tomorrow we would fight so tonight I would bed William, willing or not.

It was late afternoon when we marched into the large camp full of men and he pointed to the left, "Set up on the edge and post a watch."

I glanced across the field to see the enemy's camp and shook my head. Kenneth, an older archer marching beside me smiled, "They're an unkept lot."

I glanced at him and wondered again why William had partnered me with him. His equipment looked old, well except for the longbow over his shoulder. He was also the only one that didn't show what he could do for Sir Dawson.

Setting up camp was routine, pitch the two man tents, dig a latrine, set up the commissary for the cooks, dig a trench on the side facing the enemy ... After we finished and had eaten I saw William go into his larger tent. Kenneth bumped my shoulder, "Are you going to bed him or not?"

I looked at him in surprise, "How did you..."

He smiled, "The look girl."

He looked across the camp, "Go do it now or forget about it."

I grinned and slapped his shoulder, "I think I will."

I walked across the camp nervously and slipped through his tent flap and he looked up from the map he was studying, "Emily? What are you doing here?"

I started undressing, setting my equipment aside, "You need to finish my training."

He smiled and leaned back, "and just what training are you lacking?"

I growled as I stalked towards him, "I need to be a woman and you are going to teach me."

William turned and stood, putting his big hands on my hips, "Are you sure about this Emily?"

I reached for his shirt, "I'm sure."

He turned me until I was beside his bed and pushed my hands away, "lay down."

I grinned and laid back on his bed waiting. My pussy was wet and my body almost tingled with the need I felt. William finished undressing and knelt before pushing my legs wider and leaning down to lick through my pussy. I gasped as my world seemed to shatter and shocks raced through my body. He teased my clit and gently bit it as I thrust up, "YES!"

William continued to lick and suck as my body jerked and shook. It was a life time before he lifted his wet face and moved up my body. I was breathing hard as I reached for him and gasped at his huge cock. I was almost afraid to try it but it made my pussy even wetter. He pushed the fat head of his cock back and forth through my pussy and I groaned and spasmed hard. While I was still spasming he thrust into me in one long thrust. I bit back a screamed and tightened my hold on him, "shit!"

He laughed and kissed me as I rode the searing pain in my groin. His cock felt like it was splitting me in two and I knew he hadn't put it all inside me. He just held me and kept kissing me and finally the pain went away and I shuddered as my pussy squeezed his monster. He groaned and began to fuck me slowly.

At first I winced at the sharp bitting pain. It wasn't long before that was gone and my body was tingling in pleasure. William kept fucking and I grunted as he hit my womb but didn't say anything. He was still stretching me and sparks flashed through my body as my pussy spasmed and tightened.

I was shaking and jerked as I squirted a little and William grunted as he pressed deeper. I gasped and clung to him as I felt his cock swell and begin throbbing. The huge stream of warm sperm exploded in my belly and I lost control. I was incoherent as I bucked and thrashed around while he pumped and spewed gallons of his seed into me.

When he sighed and the gushing warmth stopped, I was still shaking and shuddered as my pussy milked his wonderful monster. He slowly pulled out of my pussy and I groaned and shuddered before turning to follow him with a growl, "We aren't finished."

He laughed as I straddled him and he caressed my slim body. I lifted up and reached for his huge cock and put it back against my leaking pussy. I pushed back and down and gasped as once more it stretched my pussy and sank to my womb. I shuddered and leaned on him as he reached up to cup my breasts. I started to slowly rock back and forth and jerked in surprise when he squeezed my nipples.

Sparks swept through my body and exploded in my pussy. I jerked and spasmed as my pussy tightened and William groaned, "Damn you're a tight wench."

I laughed and rocked back and forth hard and winched slightly as his thick cock kept pushing into my womb. The stretched, full feeling was amazing and it wasn't long before I was shaking. He was caressing my body, sending shocks everywhere. The feel of his hand on my breast was the best and every time he tugged or pinched the nipple it was like lightning that went through my body.

It was a life time before he groaned and grunted as I continued to spasm. He grabbed my hips and yanked me down and forced his huge cock into me as it began spewing huge spurts of cum. I jerked and shook with each fountain of cum as it exploded inside of me and then leaned on him as I panted and shivered.

I slowly laid on him and for the first time in my life I kissed him. He caressed my body and hips, "You need to return to your tent Emily."

I smiled and slowly sat up and then stood. I looked between my legs at my red puffy pussy. There was blood as I expected but there was also a lot of white cum leaking down one leg. I grinned as I walked to my clothes. When I was dressed again I turned to William, "Just wait until we are done tomorrow."

He smiled, "I gave a condition Emily."

I frowned and he shook his head, "After you have been with another man I will fuck your tight pussy again."

I grinned, "I that case I will see you after I find someone."

I left with my body still tingling and my mind whirling. I wanted to do that again and soon. I slipped into our tent and heard Kenneth shift on his bedroll, "Get what you wanted lass?"

I laughed as it struck me and began undressing, "Some old man."

I heard his chuckle and pulled the last of my clothes off. I moved to his blanket and pulled it back, "I hope you are naked."

His hands reached for my body and pulled me against him, "Are you sure about this Em?"

I sighed at the feel of naked skin against mine, "He said I need experience with others."

Kenneth's hands caressed down to my hips, "And then what lass? What do you want?"

I put my head on his shoulder, "I want William but I already know that may be impossible."

He caressed my butt and turned to spill me onto the bed before caressing my body. His hand moved over my pelvis and seemed to leave a tingling shock that made my pussy tighten. He leaned over me and sucked on one of my nipples and I stiffened and spasming as lightning and sparks shot through me and exploded in my belly. He switched to my other breast and I began moaning as his hand found my wet, slimy pussy.

The pleasure seemed to race through me and my heart beat faster as he started to rub my pussy and slide a finger into me and pressed against my engorged clit. I jerked my hips up and I shuddered hard, "OOOHHH!"

Kenneth chuckled and moved up to kiss me and I thought he would cover me now. Instead he moved down my body and pushed my legs wide open. I groaned as I realized what he would see and knew he would stop. I jerked in surprise and shock as his mouth covered my clit and then lighting exploded as he sucked and moved his wonderful tongue against my clit.

It felt like small jolts and sparks shooting into my belly and spreading through my body as he began nibbling and gently bitting my clit. I was shaking as I finally reached for him, "Enough!"

He moved up my body and I kissed his wet face. I felt his cock press against my pussy and lifted my hips. I shuddered as it pushed into me and sank deep. It wasn't as big as William's but it still stretched my pussy and pushed against my womb. I put my arms around him and held him. He started to fuck me with long thrusts and I jerked as he thrust in against my groin, "yes!"

He moved up slightly but kept fucking me and I gasped and spasmed as his cock fucked in and out and rubbed along my sensitive clit. I was jerking and shaking as he continued to fuck me, my hips seemed to lift and thrust towards him on their own as my body felt like it was on fire. It was a little while before I felt Kenneth shudder and press into me nice and deep.

My body stiffened and suddenly there was the feeling of warmth as he began spewing his seed against and into my womb. The feeling flooded my senses and I clutched him, "OOOOOOHHHHHH!"

He seemed to pump his seed into me forever as my body spasmed and was racked with pleasure. When he stopped spending himself, he shifted and carefully rolled until I was on top. He caressed my body, "Sleep Em."

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