Mage Pirate

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A young mage coming into his power seeks revenge against the government that hunts him. He collects women along the way to create a new family.

Mages were feared and hunted by the Federation. They were the bogeyman my mom and dad used to scare me with as a child. Now I was staring at the floating weight I had lifted with but a gesture. I was the son of an engineer and a ship designer. Years of school behind me, including those used to design and build ships. I was barely twenty and working for a lousy company, building system racers. I was two meters tall and broad in the shoulders from heavy work.

I gestured and the wreckage moved sideways and dropped to the ground. I look at the crushed body of my childhood friend and companion. She had been a terrain cat brought all the way from Sol by my grandfather. The one my parents refused to talk about or speak his name. I moved forward and carefully moved the remains onto a flattened piece of metal and stood to head home.

Home, that's a joke. A small shack on the edge of the huge debris field the company owned. When I walked out of the huge piles of wrecked ships and rusting metal it was to see a tall, slim old man waiting. I hesitated before continuing, grandfather Glorious frowned and shook his head, "I'm sorry to arrive now Michael."

I knew he was coming because he had sent a message five days ago. I shrugged and then looked at him as I saw a shifting glow around him. He gestured but I shook my head and the glow remained. Grandfather frowned and looked around, "Where are you going to bury her?"

I shrugged and he turned to the bare ground beside my shack and with a single gesture a small deep hole was made. I looked at him and he raised his bushy eyebrow. I knelt and carefully lowered Whiskers into her grave. Grandfather did something when I stood and a small vial rose from her body before earth covered her.

I stood for several minutes before turning to my grandfather, "Your message said you had something to talk to me about?"

He stayed for the next three months and during that time he talked and taught me all about who we were. He also taught me to use my new powers and abilities. It was easier and harder to learn then everything else I had learned. I copied the ancient books grandfather had used and followed him to his small yacht.

He turned at the hatch, "sooner or later they will find out what you are. When they do..."

I nodded, if a mage was caught inside the Federation he was killed. Grandfather sighed, "I have retired Michael and this will be the last time I leave my home. If you ever get out to Somia come see me."

I watched him leave and turned to think about what I was going to do. Three days later I made a decision and went to a rear staging hanger. This was one of the places they built system runners but this hanger had an inoperative crane arm system. I began with the large skeleton and then started adding. The moving and use of my power was almost second nature.

One month later the large shimmering yacht was finished and I was adding supplies and fuel. That was when the Federation investigators arrived. I had just loaded all my belongings when I glanced towards the direction the shack had been. The bloom of an explosion and the growing cloud told me more than I wanted to know.

I turned to gesture towards the rear hanger doors and they slowly began opening. Another gesture as I was walking towards the lift up to the airlock and the fuel, water and power lines separated from the ship. When I walked onto the small bridge I sat in the single chair in the middle of the room.

There were comfortable couches along the back wall of the bridge but this was the only chair. The holographic display images spray up around me. A touch and thought lifted the ship as it blurred and faded into thin air. I started moving the ship towards the open doors as several men ran into the hanger with weapons.

I gestured towards the display and whispered, "sleep."

They all just collapsed as I reached open air. In one display to the rear I saw a tall man walk into the hanger. Unlike the others, his aura glowed. I moved the thrusters forward as he raised his hand. The ship started shaking as it only inched forward. I shook my head, "so that is how they find Mages."

I looked at the man and spoke words that echoed in the small bridge. The man exploded in a tower of flame and my ship was free and accelerating towards the sky. I brought up the particle shield and smiled as my hand touched the interface and I whispered a spell. Even with all the gear the military had they wouldn't be able to detect or see me now.

I went black sky and spun the ship away from a heavy cruiser in my flight path. I glanced at the icons for other ships in orbit and frowned at the Federation council's cruiser. I turned the ship and headed towards the cruiser. I slowed as I reached the cruiser and moved closer as I shifted the particle shield.

I put everything to standby and moved back to the airlock. I closed the inner hatch and made sure the outer was flush against the cruiser. I opened the outer and gestured to the other ship, "sleep."

I pulled the tight skin gloves on and touched the cruisers airlock outer controls, "open."

The outer hatch opened and I stepped into the cruiser. I opened the inner hatch and began my search. As I found men or women, I lifted them and brought them along behind me. In the biggest cabin I found the councilor and two women. Well, a woman and a teenager of maybe sixteen.

The girl drew my attention and I glanced at the councilor, "you want to piss on me? Well lets see how you like the way I react."

I gestured and lifted the girl as everyone else crashed to the deck. I stripped the girl and moved through the cabin collecting jewelry and other valuables. I moved back to my ship knowing other ships may be coming closer. I ignored the cruiser's inner and outer airlock doors as I closed mine. I headed to my bridge, sending the naked girl to a couch as I sat in my chair.

I moved away from the cruiser as I shifted the particle shield back into place. I turned and headed towards the heliopause as I thought about where to go and what to do. I glanced back as the girl shifted and slowly sat up, "where am I?"

She gasped, "what happened to my clothes!"

I looked at her and then back to the course image, "still on the cruiser."

She was silent for several minutes, "You're the emerging mage."

I grinned, "Very good."

She laughed, "Good! My father was always saying mages would never get away after he found them."

I looked at her again, "His tame mage found me, he didn't."

She frowned, "Tame mage?"

I nodded, "That is the only way they could know and find a mage when he emerges. Of course they didn't count on my grandfather finding me first and teaching me."

She stood and walked to the chair, "He's a rogue mage?"

I shook my head, "Just an old man that wants to live in peace."

She was looking at all the images and everything around us, "There isn't any projectors, how..."

I laughed, "Magic."

She grinned, "So what are you going to do with me?"

I looked at her and blushed, "Well, I was planning to use you for sex."

Her eyes widened and then she grinned, "Your blushing. Do you have any experience?"

My face was red and felt hot and I shook my head, "not really."

She laughed and caressed my face, "Well, I have been trying to get fucked but my father was always in the way."

I grinned and reached out to rub an erect nipple, "Go sit down until we jump out of the system and we can take care of each other."

It was a long three hours before I engaged the jump engines. I shut the others down and checked everything before deciding on a course. I set the auto pilot and let the holographic display images disappear before standing. I smiled nervously at the girl, "what's your name?"

She stood and smiled, "Brenda."

I gestured and everything I had taken from the cruiser rose up, "Would you like something to eat?"

Brenda grinned as she stepped closer and caressed my chest, "After."

I blushed as she grabbed my hand, "where's our cabin?"

I grinned and pulled her through the ship and into my stateroom. I stripped and pulled her to a door to one side and it opened at our approach. Inside was a large walk in closet that I sent my loot into. I walked to the other door that opened and Brenda grinned as she saw the huge bathroom, with both a large standing shower and a huge deep bathtub.

She rubbed against me, "let me go to the bathroom first?"

I caressed her naked hips, "Go ahead."

I turned away and walked to the huge bed and moved into the center. It was a minute before she came out biting her lip. I was yawning and she grinned, "Here I am nervous and you yawn."

I smiled, "I have been up a long time."

Brenda crawled onto the bed and caressed my chest, "Did you want to wait?"

I laughed and pulled her down against me as I waved and the lights dimmed, "sleep Brenda."

It took several minute before I fell asleep. My dreams were mostly quiet except one with my grandfather pointing to my old wooden trunk. I woke to hands caressing my body and stroking my growing cock. Brenda whispered, "God your thing is big."

I cupped her firm breasts, "It will fit."

She shuddered and grinned at me, "yeah but I've never had that monster inside me."

I rubbed her nipple, "May I taste you?"

She grinned and rolled onto her back, "Go ahead, a girlfriend and I do this."

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